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' ■ ' or tut - '/ • : 1 


Wrote y>n&%r tfyMrt&kn bffht 


v £nd Publijhed by fci Sacrtd Command ; 

'• ; IT BBWO THE « ■ 




,Not Revealed M> any yhtr Perjbn on Earth t - ? 

' I. '. . ' , . v ' 


TO $MUS4L£M, BY THE YEAR QF 1798 ? . 

Under their Revealed 




«794* * •■ • \ 


WHEKI was commanded to write the Chronology of the World, 
I was immediately after infauffqiy by Revelation how ; without 
which I could not, nor could any other Man on the face of the 
Earth wit£,cegtijj^ however eminent for Wifdom and Le+tn&p 
he mighti* 2 ^(ejw'was done, the LORD GOD / md ta\me C in 
a-vtfion dt nighF,^That is the true Age oftbefforld, arid the 
general computed one is erroneous. 

As the SCRIPTURE i# tb^ only grem Fountain of Know- 
ledge, or Book of written Truth*it%J$e Wokd f - as it contains the 
f acred Records of thofe 'things which GOD has predetermined Jhall 
be hereafter — as well as tFojfe wfncf) fiave Fien already ; and as it 
. contains the Hijiory^ of our own. Creation, with that ofeviry living 
thing* be/ides, It aloiic, ih'prefirence to any Man V { opinion, ought 
to he, withou^the/hfiji ehubt, fftejy heilievii and confidently de- 
pended on. * \ * v J - , v - 

Although t I am enabled, from, revealed, Knov^ectge,^ to* write 
confiderably more thah what this Book contains, and "which, in 
Juftice to the Divine Spirit of Truth firgmwhomit flows, tugbt 
to be believed j y?t GQD^ wfio jnftru#Sr *«f in all things, that I 
jmayjheti EJtainpfti)f pr^t^frto theT^edrned, arid it admired 
e for it by thi Jf{i[*;$ that I mp$ give infin^lim ^tAe Pfor, and 
iemonftrate the certainty of what I do write to every Man that has 
- the leaft knowledge tf bis Creator, comlnand&me to additionally 
Seal M s Truth }q that greaf Tejlin%ony ? of Sc^Dtucal .Evidence 
whitft no ' Nation can deny, and 'yihich no hurnan Arguments can 

Vppoft. ' ■"■ • v 'i 

Therefore having Authority, I proceed through the Scripture, 
regularly uncovering, by revealed Knowledge as I go, its f acred 
holding eac^we^ fjor public pew ^ beautiful, and. clear to the r 
open rtiind;* Maf atf Men ma) kehotdand 'examtit them 9 i%at all 
men may perceive iheiYTrutb^ : end i 4^^at {his late Hour of the 
World, not only what was wrote by Daniel at Babylon, EX- 
PLAINED i/X Mffiffifcf b&likekjoije aJ/rmtdffiommunica- 

i< i>;hj to si; it : ;: v : g\ i '■' i-'.'i 


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- - - - , ■ - i -v.- A 

The True Age of the Wd-Rfc'6^ ! '£ 

o _ Years.- :t \ rrYoadL 

Adam v^s Old when Seth- was born.-^&ived in all - g&O 

jpth aos ........ . r , rf^i.;^u 

£nos . - .90 - . . ... rf^.jg* 

C<anian _ ■ - _ 70 - - - . ZTJL 

i^ahalakel ^65 s _ 

Jbred - 462 .... .Wf^e'. ,« ..-"3 

Enoch. - .65 . - .. . . - cl . -iv<;~*<fc 

.tfethufejah 187 ...... & . n -K,;JJ 

Lamech - 182 - - . _ 

«• i ' •rt\«.'59»-' - a v - '* a f ■ , v _ 

. 1656 From the Creation, to the Flood. 

tbexA^A^pbaxed was born to him. 1 1 ,;. .LorsM HvS 

She™ - 02 Lived after the birth of his«<*^l<tfb 
Arphaxed - 35 - , . . 

^ • ■ .0.5- • ... . . ... I i 

...... — • • ~ ' - , . 

x£>.f.h 9 e& K^>d i . Lived in all 205 

r- * 

^ . 292 i^ro 2?W ** M<r birtk-vf-Abraham. 

Abraham top 100 Old when Ifeac was bo*$JU-Lived in all i*e 
lfaac 60 - - w ~ A 

tftubv n*s ?tf fait SaMMrvinfc^g^t **» his children. J 4 ? 

430 The children of Ifrael lived in Egypt 
4*0 From the children of Ifrael leading Egyp t to 
the foundation of the Temple. ****** 



Digitized by 

C 4 1 

tn the 4th year and ♦id month of Stlon** 1 ! Reigp theibun* 
dation of the Temple was laid, 

Years. . ^ • • Y^arf. 

Solomon fdgnti 36 afce* the iTemple begun building: in all 4* 

^ehoboam & 17 

Ala - - 
Jchoram * 

Ahaz> * 
Hczekiah - 
©lanaffeh • 
<AntOn - - - 
fofiah - - 



6 - 
40 1. 


« . - 


*9 - 

55 - - 

gi r - - 

p -3 Months 

11 -o • 

o 8 

Begun to reigit at the age. of 41 









-418 6 TkckginningtfthtRecordUC0ttivity,fatht 
eighth year «f Nebuchadnezzar** feign. 
+ 11 8* From the foundation of the Temple to its 
* dcftru&ien. 

~i**buehadr> r^gn^i $7 After the Rccoviti Csptivity ^H.- in all 
Ivil Merodach 11 ~ «vifrBabyteh 45 

(^aJfhanzar ' • . / a* \ • 

* jo T>k Jiriwt^ Captivity at Babybn : that the 

word of the Lord to. Jeremiah the pro- 
phet might be fulfilled, which was,— 
* . . And all nations (Hall ferve him, his fen* 

,v "\ and his ion's fon.—rChap. xxvii. f* 

fa Weeks, or 483 Years, from the command of Cyttis toreftore 
~* - the Jews to the birth of ClMriftjlheM^ffiah 

c ~ and King. 

• - 41 19 The age of the World when Chrift wasborn* 

Qz t 

gji3 The ago of the World, thifprefent y*ar of 
t N§t inciuini in tkt CArta^r. 


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, C ,s 3 

1 HE firft lyjwlqdgfe-of that LAW, whkK was committed 
to writing by MV?s*es, was given to Abraham at the age r of 
doV-of the world 2047. 

; The GOSPEL OF- SALVATION -was firft preached by 
CHRIST, at the age of 30— of the WorW 4149. 
* JERUSALEM was befieged and taken three different times 
by Nebuchadnezzar.— The firft was in the reign of Tehoiakim, 
when feveral of the Princes and Priefts were earfted away'tq 
Babylon; among* the form ir was Daniel/ and among the 
latter Ezekiel both? prophets. The fecond was in the 
reigri x>f Jchoiachim, when the Recorded Captivity ikgap? and 
the third was jn the refgn of Zedeklah, when the TEMPLE 
md City were levelled with the ground. 

/ ? \V f :r ' ' O * THE \ 

^' t '- 1 - M E S S I A Hi ii 

Yb/^ht}DjfmELi CHAP. tX. 

Verte r 25. Know tfiflifoire arid underftand, that from tha 
going 'forth of the commind to reftore (nieaning the Capthit)) 
and to build JerufiOein to MESSIAH TH£ PRJ^CE, (hdi 
be leven weeks, and thfce-fcore and two ( weeks, ; the ftrect 
(hall be built again, and the wall even in troubkfome times. ' 

Seven weeks and three- fcore and two weeks, is meant tor a 
time ot four hundred and eighty -three years : which commenced 
in the firft year oi Cyrus over Babylon, when he iffued the 
Proclamation to feftdre the Captivity, andeonqluded at the 
%fc$;of GMft., ; K 

Two years after the Jews returned from BaJ>ylon,to .Jcrufclem 
they feud the foundation of the fec6nd temple, but were fo much 
interrupted in the building as not to be able to complete it un- 
til ftt efcphtatiori of eighty- vm years- • 

Ard aftarThree-feore and two weeks (which is Four hun- 
dred dHd Thirtj-fouryeartf Ifiearting from the time the Temple 
was fiiiifhtd to the death of Chrift) (hall Mefliah be cut off, but 
not for himfelf ; and the People of the Prince that comes, {tnuM- 
ingthe R/imans) will deftroy the City -and the San&uary ; it will 
be done, like the overflowing of a flood : and to fhe end of \yar^ 
thcirdcfolation is determined. 

^ While waf continues in the world, JERUSALEM, tbeCa* 
pkai pf the KING OF PEACE is decreed tolie tfefohte : the 

«ff&ahson of the J^ws will coftimem»'wkh the defiru&ion of 
war^ to iavour their return and build the City » when all nations 
will ttjfict with them and oo*$ more rccci?c from Jferufalem the 

* The 

Digitized by Google' 

14. .Therefore thi Lordhimfelf will gfare j*** figh 

toSa^el"^ a S0Iir, M * i 41311 c * BJlit mmc 

;u CHRIST^ Wq b*m; of 

the BLESSED VIRGIN called MARY. m . i 

. £ For mto us a child is born, unto us a fm 

u ( $tUn ; : apdthe g<?v£rnment (hall be on Ws ihoulder tarid hb 

>X h ]r ^ T s . thQ L 9 RD JESUS CHRIST, *ho 'wa* [the 

7- ,Qf *?%S6^e of his Gpvernmeat wd$o^;th^$*ll be 
no end, uppn the Throne of David, and upon his King- 
dom, lo order it, and to §ftab^fli *to*ith judgement ar>d with 
juftice, from henceforth even for ever : the zeal of the Lord of 
Hofts will perfotQi th\$s r ^ t <j 

Thf Prophet Z40HMZt#,£iiAp> XII. 
1 10. And I will pour upon,the hoi^fe o£ David, and upo%the 
Inhabitants of JeAfalerf,% fjjntit pfgface and of fuppircatlon^: 
bid they (hall look to me that was pieiced ^arid ftall mburn: 
like him that mourns forhis only' fbn ; afflffiill be in i^ternefs, 
Kkc him that is. ft bitrerttefs for his firft borh.' - v n * 4 w T 
^ This verfe willbe fulfilled by the Jews after Aclr, Ratji^'it 
means the Lord Jefus Chrift who was crucified" at the age of 
Thirty- thrie years arid four months.— Told me by Revelation, 

■ j - - ■<../ , ' ' ' i j , - j 1 ill ',.;J ;*( 


v From the 5TW thou/and Six hurtdwd an^Stvmttxntb ytonjf 
iht, World> which was the third year of Belflaaizar of 
Babylon, when the Vifion was fhewm to Daniel, of JeroifaluWs 
future defolation, the laft difperfido of tfee Jesrs, and, their ibcing 
ttod^nffcr foot in. all Nations, — 10 t fe tiriieof their Retuhi'in 
the Utter days .;— i* TWO THOUSAND THREE HU^ 

To make the vifion of Daniel, Mrhfch wasLeitphdncd »toUnd* 
Revelation fr<?fnfhe Lofd Q&i, to be mow eafily underftooff,— 
Rfead what *follpw$. :..r mm . : -i < . ♦ v , >^,, ; ' ^ IrJj 

1 The Prophet P^i^ 

and Ale^ander^gpea 00 to Re time hrift r the deftsufiipiraf 
Jcrufalem,^d hm long teas ^ lie dtfabtfc ;,the iUfjpftih of 
the Jews, an3 how lon^ they are tA,wto^ttttdl tuu% dboi^dtt 

•Nations. , 


Digitized by Google 

I i 1 

ferfjn*: Vfft: t*; vi Yea, he magjwifi^ fiimfelf* ev*h ,mtho 
FICE was taken away, and the PLACE of his fandhiary waa " 
-caft down, ^ 
t i a. And a Hoft was given againft the daily facriflce by 
reafon of tranfgreflion : and it caft down (he TRJJTH to the" ; 
grouhd, and it [fraftifed and profpered. *. 

13. Then* I hdard one Saint fpeaking, and another Saint 
* fiid to that certain faint which fpake, How long (hall be the" 
. Vifieri concerning^ the v Dfcily facriflce, and the tranfgreflion of 
delolation, to give both the SANCTUARY and the HOST « 
tfe tfbdden underfoot? • - 

One ANGEL was alking another in the pretence of Daniel, 
that he might hear and be informed to write down What was* 

The Sanfihiary meant the fecond Ifcrnple, though not built 
; when this Vifion was (hewn to Daniel ; the Hoft, the multitude: * 
oFtfte pc&ple, or the whole nation. 

How long {hall be the Vifion, means, how long is it from 
this time or year of (hewing the Vifion to Daniel until it is ful- 
filled by the restoration of the Jews, in nhe latter days of thet 
"World, when the CURSE for tranjgrejjion which made the 
city defolate will be removed, and the ground of the San&uaty ' 

fc 14. And he faid to me, unto Two thou/and and three hundred 
days ; then (hall the Sanftuary be cleaned. 

Days are mentioned by the angel inftead of years, to conceal 
the meaning of the prophecy untu the proper time is fulfilled 
and the appointed, perfon made known for it to be revealed to : 
the p^efeot is the time that was then intended ; I am the ap- 
pointed perfon for it to be revealed to, and the Prophet command- 
ed to make it known. 

3617 — The year of the World when the Vifion was (hewn to 
^ Daniel of Jerufalem^s future defolation, and how 
long: : 
ajoo^-From the year of (hewing the Vifidn to the reftoratioh of 

.the Jews, when it will be fulfilled. 
5917— The year of the world ^wherrthe Jews will be reftored 
to Jerufalem, which anfwers to the year of Chrift 
1798. * 
The return of the JEWS to their own Land in the latter time' of 
the , World, recorded by Mofes, and the other Prophets. 
Thrs Song of Mofes, in the Thirty-fecond chapter of Dcute- 
ronfcfrny, is the written teftimony given then, between God as 
Chrift,, and his people^ tiritil their return to Jerufalem in the 
laydays of the World. It begins with defcribing' Chrift 
pre^hig thte OofpeK of the* Kingdom of Heaven, afterwards 
tBe great deftru&ion of the Jews, which was fulfilled by the 
Romans, and their difperfion over the world : the latter part 
* * n means 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

I * 3 

means their reftoraition, which invites til natitns to rejoice >with 
them for the abundant mercy of God, "and his goodnefs to their 

t ,v. Give ear, O ye Heavens, and I will fpeak, and hear, 

earth, the words <tf my mouth. 

2. My doQrinc (hall drop as the rain : my fpeech (hall diftil , 
as the dew, as thefmall rain upoi> the tender herb, and as the ' 
ftiowers upon the grafs. 

3. JBecaufe I will publifli the name of the Lord i afcribe ye 
greatnefs to our God. 

4. He is the ROCK, his work isperfe<$; for all his wiy* : 
aife judgement : a God of truth, and WA&Qut iniq^ty, juQ^nji 
xight is he. . 4 

Compare this part to the preaching of Chrift in the beginning • 
of the fifth chapter of th£ Gofpel by St. Matthew, and fee how 
nearly they agree. k . 

4i. They have moved me to Jealoufy with that which is not 
God ; they have provoker me to anger with their vanities ; arid 

1 will move them to Jealoufy with thofe which are not a people, 
J will provoke them to ^ngcr with; a foolifh nation . 

v 22. For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and fhall burn to thfe 
lo^eft hell, artd fhall confume the earth with her increafc, and 
let on fire the foundations of the mountains. 

23. I will heap ^pifehiefc , upon them, I will fpend my ar- 
rows upon them. 

24. They (hall be burnt with hunger, and devoured with 
burning heat, and with bitter deftrudtion : I will aifo fend ihp 
teeth of beads upon them, with the poifon of ferpents of the . 

25. The fword without, and terror within, (hall deftroy both 
the young man and the virgin, and the fuckling alfo with the. 
nan of grey hairs. , ' 'i 

26. Ifaid, I would fcatter them into corners, I would make * 
the remembrance of them to ceafe from among men. 

27. Were it |iot that I feared the wrath pf ^ie epemy, left 
their adveHaries fhould behave themfelves (irangely^ and left 
they fhould fay, Our hand is high, a^d the ^ord hatj) not done, 

28. For they are a nation void ofcounfel, neither is there 
any underftanding in thepj. 

Had God in his great anger deftroyed the Jews entirely by the 
Romans, they would have afcribed it to their own power, sjxi 
after nations would not believe there ever had been fuch a peo- 
ple on the face of the earth : for which he difperfed them over 
the world to be travelling figns of warning to all nations until the 
determined time of their punifhment is expired, when he will, 


Digitized by 

I 9 3 

trj fulfil the Sdrfpture, recall Ih^m witli ffletty and sveriaftfotg 
love. * ' 

29. O that they were wife, that they imiderftddd klPthis, that 
they would confider their latter end* % 

30. How fliould One chafe athoufand, and two put ten thou* 
fand to flight, except their Rock had fold tKerft, and the Lord 
hard tfjut them up? 

36. For the Lord will judge his people, andr^pent himfelf 
for hisfervanfs, when he fees that their power is gone, and 
there is none (hut up, 6r left. ' 

37. And he (hall fay, where are their gods, their rock- irt 
Whom thejrtrufifed ; 

1 38. Which did eat the fat ,of their facrifices,' and drank the> 
Vrine of their drink offerings ? Let them rife up and help you, 
and be your prdteflion*, 

39. See riow that I, even I am he t (meaning God as ChriuV, 
th« Metfiah) and there is too God with me ; I kill, and I make 
alive ; I wound, and I heal ; neither is there any that can de- 
liver out of my hand. 

40. For I lift up my hand to Heaven/ and fey, t live for 
ever. - - " * 

41 s If I whet my glittering fword* and. my hand take hold 
on judgement ; I will render vengeance to my enemies, and 
%ill reward them that hate me. ■ \ 

42. I will make my arrows drunk with blood, and my fword 
fhall devour fle(h ; and that with the blood of the* (lain and of 
the captives, from the. beginning of revenges upon the enemy. 

43. REJOICE, O ye Nations, with his People, for h* 4 
will avenge the blood of his fervants, and will render vengeance 
to his adver&ries, fcnd will be merciful to his land, and to hi$ 

the Prophet ISAIAH, CHAP. II. 

2. And it (hall come to pafs IN THE X AST DAYS that 
the mountain 6f the Lord's Houfe (hall be eftabltfhed in the top 
of the tnountains, and (hall be etfaltea* above the hills, and all 
nations fiSall flow to it. 

3. And ntfany people (hall go and fay Come ye, and let u$ gfr 
up to the. mountain of the Lord, to the Houfe of the jG6d of 
Jacob : and he will teach us his ways > arid we will walk* in his 
paths : for out of Zion (hall go forth the law> and the uoftf of 
the Lord from Jerufalem. , f \ 

And He ( This Prophecy, as every man tf under/landing in the 
ScrR Sture muft acknowledge) has never been fulfilled yet ; for the time 
alluded to by the Prophet, is, according to his own words in t$e\ 
and and 4th verfes, in the latter days cf tht world: it is a Man 
that is alluded to, corripofed of fle(h and blood, of the tribe of 
Judah, of the family of JDavid, and not the Lord Jefus Chrijl at 
all Europtah nations' fuppofi, that is to fulfil this very exalted 
cfrarafter : -agoing forth by Command and under the migfojf; 

B power 

Digitized by Goode 

C 10 ] 

r , jowcr of GQD* as W# £ty>A> the laiKProphe t and MdTcnget, to 
warn all nations, — to turn the Fathers to the Children ana 1 the 
Children to their Fathers /* prepare them by univerfal Peace to 
receive a fecond tinie CHRIST .their GOD and CREATOR) 
(hall judge among the nations, and (hall rebuke many people ; 
and they (hall )>eat their (words into plowfli^res and their fpears 
into reaping hooks ; nation (hall not lift up (word againft nation, 
neither (hall they learn war any more. 

. All the nations of Europe acknowledge Chrift for the Prince 
of Peace, and that his doctrine prohibits war ; yet to the (hame 
qf all nations^ they refufe to obey his commands,— For which, 
as he beleeched before and no nation would obey, Jis wjll foon. 
command, when all nations muft obey or be burnt , with fire: 

, Chap.xt. i v. And there (hall come forth a ROP out of the 
Stem of J ESSE; and a BRANCH (meaning myfelf; (hail grow, 
out of his Roots : 

* 2. And the SPIRIT of the LORD (hall reft upon him ; th« 
Spirit of Wifdom and Underftanding, the Spirit pfCounfel and 
Might ; the Spirit of knowledge, and of the fear of the Lord : 

3. And ft>all rpake him of quick undemanding in the fear of 
tfie Lord. And he (hall not Judge after the fight of his eyes, 
neither reprove after the hearing of his Ears 1 

4. But with righteouinefs he will judge the POOR, end Re* 
prove with Equity for the MEEK, of the earth* and he (hall 
(mite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath 
of his lips he (hall flay the-wieked. 

5 . And righteoufnefs (hall be the girdle of his loins, and faith* 
fulnefs the girdle of his reins. 

6. The Wolf alfo (hall dwell with the Lamb, and the Leopard 
(hall lie down with the Kid ; and the Calf, and the young Lion, 
and the Fatling together ; and a little Child (hall lead them. 

• 7. And the Cow, and the Bear (hall feed ; their young ones . 
(haU Ire down togethef : and the Lion (fail cat ftraw like the Ox. 

8. And the Sueting Child fhall play on the hole of the Aff), 
and the IVeaned Child (hall put his hand on the Cockatrice den. x 

9. They (hall not deftroy nor hurt in all my holy mountain* 
for the earth (ball be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the 
waters cover the fea. 

to. And in that day there (hall be a ROOT OF JESSE* 
{meaning myfelf) which shall ft;uid for a SIGN to the People 
(meaning the Jew's,) to it (hall the gentiles feek ; and his REST, 
• (meaning- hjs -government at Jerufelch^j) (hall be glorious t 

When I was writing the firft edition of this fcook rbrpublfcv 
information, I (aid to Go^, almofi Jtmilar U what the Prophet 
Samttei faid % when he wastco&pnanded to anoint David to be king of 
If rati during the lift timmifSaul+for iudjedl was fearful of be* 
ing ufedilly I (hall be called a falfe s Prophet, and every body wilt 
fay I sam arrogating to myfelf |he place of Chrift s for the 
Engifth and other European 1 nations protei3ir)g chriftiatiitv, have v 
alw*y$ fuppofed that the ROD out of the STEM OF ' J ESSE 

Digitized by Google 

C " ] 

alluded to In this chaptcMncant the LORD JESUS CHRIST : 
indeed it does not, but a man compofed of fiejh and blood like 
one of themfclves, who is to be the greateft ttnder heaven, arid 
more power given to him from GOP than ever was— or ever 
vri 11 be to any other. 

Like KliSTG DAVID he will be empowered to command, 
and like the PROPHET ELIJAH he will be empowered to. - 
execute. x . 

The LORE}' GOD commands me now to mention thefe 
things, tq afeknow ledge the error '(/hough permitted/* remove my 
unju/t atfpnhetifwns for the conferences) and with (name m* own 
criminality for doubting when he told me, and when I knew 
from his many records in the Scripture arid from, his marty re- 
vealed promifes to my&lf— that he wasbound^by the facrcd 
v truth of Kis WORDS to fulfil his covenant and protect me. 

This writing I fign and <Jate by command of the Lord God,— - 
-tq remove my feeble error, and fubftitnte without difguife.f/ir 
the falfe opinions of men are to be changed) his all juft and power- 
fill truth. "* * ; 


, LONDON, xoth of the Mqftth 

called Jvly, 1794. j 

}l. And it (hall corne to pafs in that day that the Lord will 
fet his hand again the fecoi\d time to recover the remnant of his 
people, whjch are left, from Aflyrja, and from Egypt, and from 
Pathros, and from Cush, apd from Elarn, and from Styinar, and 
from Haipath, and from the iflapds of the fea. 

12. And he will fet up an enfign for the nations, and will at" 
fern ble the outcafts oflfrael, and gather together the difperfed of ; 
Judah from the four corners of the earth. » 

1 he firft captivity of the Jews was by Nebuchadnezzar, and " 
their fecond by the Romans ; their refidcnc$ in Egypt not being 
tfie confequence of conqueft, is not accounted as *a. captivity, be- 
caufe they willingly entered into that country to be rellevecf from* 
the diftrelTes of famine jn their own. The hard bondage they 
were GpprefTed w ith prpceeded fronrthe Egyptian? growing jea- 
lous of their quick multiplication and great numbers : but that 
did not take place until thp Qezth of Jofeph, and until fuch acon- f 
fiderable time after had elapfed, as to wear away aH jettiernbraiice 
of his name and gratitude foj- his kindnefs. 

13. The envy alfb of Ephf^im (hall depart, and the adverla- 
ijes of Judah (tyall be.pu # tofF; J£pJ*raini (hall no; envy Judah, 
and Judah (bajl nqt vex Ephraiip. ' ' ~ ■ 

14. But they (hall fly upon the (houlders. of tbe Philiftines to- << 
wards t\\e welt \. they (Ml fpoil tbenj of the csjft together : th«y 
fliall lay their }iand upon |yloat> ai)d Edom ; and thp children of 
Ammon (hajlobey them. 

, 15 . And the Lord will utterly defttoy the tmg ye of the Egyptian 
f/a { and with his (B^hty r/i^d £e wjir&ake his hind over the* 
•" ' " r "' " liver. 

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[ 1% ] 

rivef^aaff fmitef h h thefeven ftreama that mcr* ro*y go over, 
dry fhod. ' ■ ' 

T t6. And -there fliall be a highway fwm Aflyria for the rem- 
nant of hi* people * which are left ; like ns it , was to Ifrael in the 
day that he came up from the land of Egypt, 

Chvtp. xit. And in that Day thou (halt fay, Q Lord I wiir 
ttf aife thee : though ihou was angry with me, thy anger t is turne4 
away, and thou comforteft me, Behold God is my falyation ; 
T will truft, and not be afraid for the LORD JEHOV/«H is my 
Ur6ngth and myfong4 healfoisbecbm^ my falvation;. 

Therefore with joy he (hall draw fcater out of the wells of 
falvation. . 

And in that day ye (hall fay, pra&fe the Lord, call upon hi* 
rfeme, declarers doings among the people, and make intention 
that his name* be exalted. Sing unto the Lord, for he has dond 
excellent thfog*;* this is known in* aU the earth, Cry outand 
fhout, thou inhabitant of Zion ; far great is the Holy one of. 
Hrael in the midft of thefc. 

Chap. liv. i v. SING, O BARREN, thou that didft not 
bear : break forth into iinging, and cry aloud, thou that didft not 
travail with child ; for more are the Children of the defolate, 
than the children of the married wife, fays the Lord. 

,The married wife means Jferufalem at a former time, yv'hen 
r;ch and full of inhabitants; tM defolate wife means Jerufalem' 
at prefent : although {he is a heap of rqbbim'imd levelled with 
the ground, the Jews will return in fuch great multitudes, that 
•when rebuilt, her extent and 'number of people will be fer greater 
than at any/orrfer period. ; 
* This is the true meaning of the prophecy, and not trie gen- 
tiles deliverance, as is placed at the head of the chapter in the* 

^^ "Enlarge the pl?ce of thy tent, and let them ftretch fortji 
4p curtains of thy habitation : fpare not, lengthen thy cords, and 
ftrengthen thy flakes. ' / t . ' ' ' 

' % For thou Thalt break forth " on the fight hand , and on the 
kfc* and thy feed Hiall inherit the Gentiles, and make the de- 
fclVe cities to be inhabited. . fu 

: :* Fear not, for thou (haU not -be amamed : neither , be 
thou confounded : for thou {halt not be put to fh'ame ; for thou 
fhalt forget the-fliame of thy youth, and Qi all not remember the' 
reproach of thy widowhood any more. * V 

c for thy Maker is thy hu<band ; the Lord of Hofts is his 
name : and thy Redeemer the Holy one of Ifrael, the God ot 
the whole earth (hall* he be called. * . 

,6 For the Lord has called thee as a woman forfaken and^ 
crieved infpirit, and a wife of youth, *hen thou waft refuted, - 
g 7 . Tor a Wall moment I have forfaken. thee, bat witlr great 
mercies 1 w;U ^ther thee. < ■ * '•' ' V- & irt 

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E *3 1 

t. In a little wifctfc I hid my face from tliee, for a moment^ 
but With everlafttng kindijefs I Will havfe meircy on thee, fays the 
Lord my Redeemer. f . 

w 9. For thfs is as the waters of Noah to me : fpra$ Ihav* 
f worn that the waters of Noah (hould not go over the earth any 
more, fo have I fworn that I would not be .wrath withtliee, nor 
irebukc thee. 

x 10* For the mountains (hall depart, and the hills be removed ; 
but my kindnefs (hall not depart frbm thee, neither (hall the co- 
venant of my peace be removed, fays the Lord, that has mercy 
in thee. 4 . 

Chap. lx. ii ARISE, flune : for thy Mght is come, and the 
glorjr of the Lord is rifen' upon thee. / 
' a. For, behold, the darknefs ihall coyer the earth, and grofs 
Aarknefs the people ; but the Lord wijl rife upon thee, and hi^ 
gldfy Will be feen upon thee. 

3* And the' Gentiles (hall come to thy light, and Kings to 
the brightnefs of thy riling. 

* 8. Who are thefe thafcome as a Cloud, and that fly as th<* 
Doves to their windows ? 

' 9. Surely the Ifles fhall wait on me ; but the (hips of Tar- 
fhifh firft, to tying thy fOns froni afar, their gold and filver with 
ihem, to the name of the Lord thy God, and tp the Holy One 
of Ifrael, becaufe he has glorified ttiee. 

' id. And the fons #f ftrangers (hall build up rhv walls, an<^ 
their kings (hall minifler to thee ; for in my wrath I fmote thee* 
but in^my favour I will have mercy on thee. 

it. Therefore ' tfiy' gates (hall be open continually ; they 
(ball not be (hut day or night : that men may bring to thee the 
forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought. 
' 1 a. For the nation and kingdom that will not ferve thee (ball 
perifti ; yea, thofc nations (haH fee utterly wafted • 
1 13. The glory of Lebahoh (hall come to thee, the Fir-tree, 
the rintf-trte, and the Box together, to beautify the place of my; 
San6hiary : for I will make the place of MY FEET glorious. ' 

14. The fons alfo of them that* afflicted, thee (hall come beridr 
ing to thee, , and all they that cfcfpifed thee (hall bow themfelve* 
down to thefoles of thy feet 5; and they (hall call thee— THE 
CITY OF THE LORD, the Zion of the Holy One o£ 

, Ifrael. - - • ; - ' ; * 

15. Whereas thou haft: been for feken and hated, fo that no 
man went through thee ; I will make thee ah eternal excellency, 8 
a joy of many generations. * , 

• Thou (halt alfofuclc the milk of the Gentiles, and (halt 
fuck the breafts of kines : andthouihalt Jcnow that I the Lord 
dm thy Saviour and thy Redeemer; the mighty One of Jacpb. 

17* For brafe I wilt bring gold, and for iron I wiil y bring[ 
filver ; for wood brafs, and for ftones iron : t will ajfo make 
iby officers Peace, and thy cxa&ors Righteoufnefs. " 

4 18. Via- 

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r u r • . 

it. Violence shall, no more be heard in thy land, .wafting not' 
, deftruftion within thy borders} but thou shalt call thy wall* 
Salvation, and thy gates praifc. 

19^ The Sun sh^ll |^e no more thy Ligjit by D^y, neither 
for brightnefc the Moon by Night j but the Lord will he to the<! 
an everlafting li^ht, and thy God thy. glory ? 

20. Thy Sun sha^ll no more go down, neither shall, thy moon 
withdraw i'tfelf : for the J^axd will bfc thy everkfting light, ^nd 
the days of thy mourning *shal| be ended.' 

21. Thy people alfo shall be all righteous, they sjiaj} inherit 
the land for ever ; the branch of my planting, and the work of 
my hands, that I may be glorified, . , 

22. A little one shall become a thoufand* ?nd a great one a 
ftrong nation. I the Lord will haften it in 4\ie time, \ 

Chap. Lxn, For Zjcn's fake I will not hold my peace, and 
for Jerusalem's fake I will not reft # until tjie righteouihiefs. there- 
of go forth' as brightnefs, anflthf falvatipn Jherepf as ^.Upip 
that burns. \ 

4. Thou shalt no more be termed forfaken, neither slytll. thy. 
land any more be termed defolate ; but thou shalt; fe£ S^ie^l 
HEPHZIBAH, and thy land BEULAH. For the Lord de- 
lights in thee, AND THY LAND, SHALL BE; MAR* 

kiEt). v . 1 ■ ' t ';;v : , 

8. The Lord has fworn by hjs Right hand, and by the Arm 
of his ftrengthr; iurely I will no more give thy corn tojae meat 
for thy enemies, . and the fons of the ftranger shjilj no roof? drjnk^ 
file wine for which thou haft laboured, \ . . . i 

Cj f But they that gather it shall eat it, and prajfe tjie Lord ; 
anc} they that bring it together, sball drink it in the soUft^ of 
holinefs. ; , ? 

ft xp. Go^ through, gd through the &q$ci • prepare; ye the way 
or 1 the people ^pft yp, caft up the highway j gather -6m the- 
floras j lift up ^L fta^dard for tjjfjx£>ple. 
, 1 i . 'Behold, the Lord hW proclaimed 50 the end pf the world, 
fay ye to the daughjef of ; ^{pn, b^hpjd tjiy fplyatiQn eomes; 
behold his reward is \vjjh him, 2nd )}is,.work before hipru. 
' 1*. And they fliall qlPfhem. Tti$ flQLY jE>EQPLE, 
the Redeemed of the hor<\ V'ana thou shalt, be called Sought 
Out, A ^ITY NOT ^PH|AK|iN. 

Chap, ijiiv. 17. For, behold, I create new Hcavetis an<J a 
new Earth ! and the (ornaer s^allr^ b£ jen^erobprfd, n^r com* 
info mind. . ' . * v -» v • 

' - j 8. But be ye glad, and rejoice for eyer in $at which I ere* 
ate ; for, behold, I create Jerufaletp ^ rejoicing^ anji hej people 
i* jhy. ; " 

19. And I will rejoice in Jerufalem, and be joyful in fny peq- s 
pie : the *oice of weeping shall Ue no more ihearg h\ her^ nor 
the voice of crying. \ - - . i ' : 

Thp. . 

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I *5 3 

t3. They shall not labour in vain, nor bring forth for nothing ; 
for they are the feed which the Lord has blelfcd, *and their offc 
fpring with them. 

24. And it shall corrte to pafs, that brfore they call I wH! ai>~ 
fwer ; and while they are yet fpeaking, I will hear. 

25. The Wolf and the Lamb shall feed together, an<J the 
Lion shall cat ftraw like the Bullock ; and duft shall be the •fer-' 
pent's meat. They shall not deftroy, nor hurt, in all my holy 
mountain, fays the Lord. 

• This laft verfe is an allufion to the peace and great h^pplnefs ^ 
that ^wili be in the land of Ifrael when the Jews are reftored. 

Chap. lxvi. 10. Rejoice ye with Jerufalem, and be glad 
all ye that love her ; rejoice With joy all ye that have mourned' 

11. That ye may fuck and be fatisfied from the breafts of her 
confolations ; that ye may milk out and be delighted with the 
abundance of her glory. . } 

12. For thus fays the Lord ; Behold I will extend peace to 
her like a river, and the glory of the Gentiles rike a flowing 
flream ; then ye {hall fuck—ye {hall be borne upon her fides, and 
dandled upon her knees. 

1 3. As one whom his mother comforts, fo will I comfort you ; 
and ye (hall be comforted in Jerufalem. , 

14. And when ye fee this, your heart {hall rejoice and your, 
bones {hall fiourtth like an herb ; and the hand of the Lord (hall 
be known toward his fervants, but his indignation toward his 
enemies. ^ 

15. For, behold, the Lord Will come with fire, and with his 
chariots like a whirlwind ; to render his anger with fury, and his 
rebuke with a flame of 6re. 

16. For by his fire, and by his-fword, will the Lord plead 
With all flefti ; and the {lain of the Lord will be many. 

20. And they {hall bring all your Brethren for an, offering to 
the Lord out of all nations, upon Horfes, and in Chariots ; upori' 
Mules, and Upon Swift Bcafts, to my holy mountain Jerufalem,. 
fays the Lord ; as the children of Ifrael bring an offering in 4 a 
clean Veflel into the Houfc of the Lord . 

21. And I will alfo take of them for Priefts and for Lcvites, 
i*I£the Lord. ' * * 

^ 22. For as the n,ew Heavens and the new Earth which I will 
make* fljatt remain before rne, fays -the Lord, fo {hall your feed 
and your n&me remain. 

23. And it {hall come to pafs, that from one new Moon to 
another, and frorn^orie Sabbath to another, all people (hall come 
to worfhip before me, fays the Lord* * 

24. And ttiey shall go forth and look upon the carcafes of the* 
rfien that have tranfgreflfcd againft me ; for their worm shall not, 
die, neither shall their fire be quenched, that they may be an. 
abhpxrcnQc* to all flesh. • 

* .The 

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T i* 1 

: The new Heavens and the new Earth, mean an erttii*%e£&e~ 
ration of man tjirough the power , and knowledge from the Spirit 
of Qod. At prefent, all nations oppofe the GOSPEL OF THE 
KINGDOM OF HEAVEN in the two moft eflential com- 
mands for them to obey, which are, War— and Swearing. Rei 
member that form of praying, called the Lord's , Prayer j which 
feys, Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. There is nO 
war in Heaven, neither is there any jS wearing: how is it then that 
the people of Europe, the moft numerous profeifing ChrifHanrty* 
and 'certainly the moft enlightened with knowledge of any in the 
world, can lerioufly fay to God, Thy will be done on Earth, when 
they are inftru&ed by their public laws and forms of worfhip to 
oppofe it ? 

Although national laws are undefignedly made to oppofe Chnftj 
it is a duty incumbent on the people tatake care that none* of their 
prayer? are: but that every Amplication, and all their forms of 
worfhip are, as they fhould be— in ftrift obedience to his bleffed 
Qofpel of Peace. > 

The Prophet JEREMIAJI^ CiM v« XXIlI. / 

3. And I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all coun-^ 
tries whither I have driven them, and will bring them again to 1 
their folds j and they fhall be fruitful and increafe. 

4. And I will fet fhepherds over them which fhall feed them : 
and they ihall fear no more, nor be difraayed? neither fhall they be 
lacking, fays the Lord. 

5^ Behold the days are coming, fays the Lord) that I will raife 
to I5avid a righteous branch, and a king fhall reign and prosper, 
and fhall execute judgment and juftice in the earth; 

. 6. In his days Judah (hall be faved, and Ifrael (hall dwell fafely ; 
and this is the name wherewith he fhall be called, The Lorai 
Righteoufhefc. {but not the Lord our Righteoufnefs.) 

7. Therefore, behold the days are coming, fays the Lord, when 
they fhall no more (ay, the Lord lives mat brought up the children, 
©f Ifrael out of the land of Egypt. ? 

Si But the Lord lives who brought up and who led the feed of 
the houfe of Ifrael out of the Norm Country, and from all coun-* 
tHes whither I had driven them ; and they fhall dwell in their owa 

\ Chap, xxxi* 1* At the fame time, fays the Lord, I^will be the 
God of all the families of Ifraeel, and they fhall be my people* 

2. Thus fays the Lord, The people which were left from the 
fword found grace in the wildernefs, even Ifrael when I wenttQt 
c^ufe him to reft. 

r 3. The Lord has appeared to me of old, faying* Yes,, I have 
loved thee with- an everlafting love ; therefore with loving-kind- 
nefs I have drawn thee. 

4. Aeain I will build thee, and thou fhalt be built, O VIRGIN, 
OF ISRAEL \ thou fhalt again be adorned with thy tabrcts, and 
lfcall go forth in the darices lie them that make merry. 

5. Thou 

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• [ 17 J 

5» Thou (half yet plant Vines 1 on the mountains of Samarki 
the planters (hall plant, and thou lhalt eat them as common things. 

6. For there {hall be a day when the watchmen on Mount 
Ephrairri (hall cry, Arife ye, and let us go up to Zion to the Lord 
our God. , 

7. For thus fays the Lord ; Sing with gladnefs for Jacob, and 
Ihout among the chief of the nations : publifli, praife ye, and lay, 
O Lord, fave thy people, the remnant of Ifrael. 

8. * BEHOLD, I will bring them from the North country, and 
gather them from the Coafts of the Earth : the blind and the lame, 
the woman with child, and her that travails with child together: 
a great company (hall return hither. 

9. They fliall come with weeping, and with fupplications I will 
lead them : I will caufe them to walk by the rivers of waters, in a 
ftraight way where they fhall not ftumble : for I am a father to 
Urael, and Ephraim is my firft born. 

16. , Hear the word of the Lord, O ye nations, and declare it 
to the iflands afar off; and fav, he that, fcattered Ifrael will ga- 
ther him, and keep him as a fliepherddoes his flock. 

1 1. For the LORD has redeemed Jacob, and ranfomed hiqi 
from f the Hand that was ftronger than he. 

12. Therefore they {hall come and Cng in the height of Zion, 
and fliall flow together to the goodnefs of the Lord ; for wheat, - 
and for wine, and for oil, and for the young of the flock, and of the 
herd : and their foul (hall be as a watered garden, and they Jhall not 
forrtw any more at all. 

13. Then fliall the Virgin rejoice in the dance, with young 
men and old together; for I will turn their mourning into joy, 
and will comfort them, and make-them rejoice from their forrow* 

14. And* I will fatiate -the foul of the priefts with . fatnefs, and 
my people fliall be fatisfied with my goodnefs, lays the Lord. 

1 5. Thus fays the Lord ; A voice was heard in Ramah, la- 
mentation and bitter weeping ; Rachael weeping for her children, 
refufed to be comforted bccaufe they are hot. 

16. Thus fays the Lord ; Refrain thy voice from weeping, and 
thy eyes from tears : for thy work fliall be rewarded, (ays die Lord; 
and they fliall corne .fgain from the land of the enemy. 

1 7. And there is hope in thy end, fays the Lord, that thy chil- 
dren fliall cpme again to their own border. 

21. Set thee up waymarks, make thee high heaps: fet thy 
heart toward the highway, even the way which thou went: turn 
again, O Virgin of Ifrael, turn again to thefe thy Cities. 

22. How long wilt thou go about, O thou backfliding daughter ? 
For the Lord has created a new thing in the Earth, A woman fliall 
compafs a man, (// means Chrijl Icing lorn 1 of \ the bleffed Virgin.) 

.a 3. Thus fays the Lord of Hofts, the God of Ifrael; as yet 
they fliall ufe this fpeech in the land , of Judah, and in the cities 
Aercof, when I bring again their captivity; THE LORD 


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Mountain of Holtnels. . 

24. And there ftiall dwell in Judah kfelf, and in ati {he citiei 
thereof together, hulbandtnen, and they that go* forth with 

2$i For I .will refrefh the weary foul, arid I Will comfort every 
forroWful foul. , / 

31* Beheld tlfe days are dbrhingj %s the Lofi y when I will 
make A NEW COVENANT with the Houfe 6f Ifrael, and 
wi th the .Soiife of Judah- 

3^. Not accorcfing to the cdvenani I made vrtth their fathers - 
in the day that Ttoo'k them by the hand to bring them out of the 
land of Egypt ; which covenant they broke, although I was a huf- 
band to them, fays the Lord. 

33.. But this ftiall be the covenant that I tvill make with the 
Route of Ifrae! ; after thofe days, fays the Lord^ I will put mv laW 
in their inward parts* and write it in their hearts 5 and I will be 
their God, arid they (hall be my pedple. 

' 34* And they mal! teach no more every man his neighbour- 
and every man his brother^ faying, Know the Lord: for they, aS 
ftall know* fne^ from the leaft of them to the greater^ fays the 
Lords For I will forgive their iniquity; and their fin I'll remem- 
ber no more. 

.35. Thus fcfys'thc* Lord; t^lp gives the fun for a light by dayi 
and the ordinances; of the ftars for a light by night ; who divides the 
fca when the fra Ves of it rdar : the Lord of Hofts is his n^rrie. ' r 
1 36. If thofe Ordinances depart from before rrfe, fays the Lonfy 
then the SEED OF ISRAEL, (hall alfo ceafe from being a 
Nation before me for even 

3/i Thus (ays the Ldrl ; If Heaven above can be fhdafurea^ and 
the foundations of the earth fearched ouf beneath, I will alfo ca# 
oft the feed of Ifrael for all that they have done; fays the Lard. 

fhall be buili to*the Lord from the Tower of Hananeet to the Gate 
of the corner. 

39; And the meafuring line {haft yet go forth over againft it on 
th& hill Gareb, and (hall compafs about to' Goath. 

.40. And the whole valley of the dead bodies and of the anSes, and 
ill the fields to the brook of Kidron* to the corner of the horfe gate 
toward thetaft, fliall be Holy to the Lord : // Jkall mi htpluchti 

as thou baft done, which has defpifed the Oath by breaking the 

, 60. Neverthelefs I will remember rriy Covenant with thee iri 
the days of thy youth, but I will cftabiish to thee an cverlafting 

fays the Lord, when the City 

6ii Then 

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t 19 1 

61. Then thou shalt remember thjrwaysarjd be ashamed, r 
when t^oii receive thy fiftejfi thy elder and thy younger : an* 
1 wHl give jhptn tfk thee fox daughters * but not by fonner 
Covenant. > 

62. And I will eftablish iray Covenant with thee ; and thou 
shalt know that I am the Lord. 

, 63. Tha$thou may rptn^m^er and be confounded, and ne-* 
ver open thy mouth any more becaufe of thy shame, when I am 
pacifi^ toward thee (or alj- that thou haft done, fays the Lord 
Qod. . • " * 

Chap. xxxv. ir v. For thu$ fays the J,ord Qod ; Behold, 
\ 9 even I, will both fearch for my sheep, and £04 ^ em ° ut * 

12. As a shepherd gathers h^s flo^k in the day that his sheep, 
are fcattered, to will I feek oq| my sheep, and will deliver 
them from all places where they have been fcattered, before the 
cloudy and dark day. 

13. And I will bring them out from the people, and gather 
them from the countries, and will bringjtfcem to thpir own land 
and I will feed ; them on the mountains of Ifrael by \\xc rivers, 
5md make them inhabit the wait? places^ of die country, 

22. Therefore I will fave my flocik, ai^ they fliall fcerio 
more a, prey ; and I wHl judge between eatjiq arid cattle. 
. 23. And I will let up one shepherd oyer tbsta, and he shall 
feed them eypn my fervaot David : he shall feqdthtfro, antf he 
shall Jafc tMr Shepherd, 

24. And I THE LORD (meaning £HRJST) wiii t$c their- 
God, and my fervant David (mewing bis dejctnd&ht) a. Prince 
a^onfl^tfem : J tbs ^ordhavefpokcto it. 

Chap, xxxvi. 6 v. Prophefy, therefore, concerning the land 
pf Ifra61, and fay to the mountains, to the hills* to '^ie rivers, 
and to the valleys, Thus fays the Lord God ; heboid, I have 
fpoken in my jealoufy and fury, becaufe ye h*ye borne the (hame 
<fcf the heathen. 

7. Therefore thus fays the Lord God ; I have lifted up my 
hand, furely the heathen, that are about you (hall btfar their qwn 
{frame. " : 

8. But ye, Q. mountains of Ifrael, (hall flio6t forth your 
branches, and yield your fruit to my pepjAe of Jfrael : for tjiey 
are at hand to come, 

12. Yea, I will caufe men to w;alk on you even my people 
Ifrael ; ind they (Hall poff^ thee,^ tbckl (halt bt their inheri- 
farice,' and thwftwltno more htnetferth fynaye thqn> i&mtn. ^ 

33. Thus fays the 1*6*4 Qpd ; in the day that I eleaa you 
fronv all your iniquities, I wi}j*alfo caufe you to dwell in th^ci* 
ties, and the wafte places (hall be built.' 

34. And the defolate land shajl be tilted* which la/ defolatp 
in the fight of all that paffed by ; 

35 And 

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35. And they shall fay, This land that was defolate is. become 
like the garden of Eden ; and the wafte, and dcfolate, and ru- 

. ined cities, are fenced, and are full of inhabitants. 

36. Then the heathen that are left round about you shall 
know, that I the Lord build the ruined , places, and plant that 
which was defolate : I the Lord have fpoken it, and will do it* 

37. Thus fays the Lord God - ? I will yet for this be enquired 
of by the Houfe of Ifrael, to do it for them : I will encrea(e, 
them witli men like a flock- 

38. As the holy flock, as the flock of Jerufalem in her folemn 
feafts ; fo sh^ll the wafte cities be filled with flocks of men : and 
they shall know that I am the Lord. ' * \ 

* Chap, xxxvri. 20 v. And the flicks which thou write 011 
shall be in thy hand before their eyes. 

11. And fay to them, Thus lays the Lord God: behold, I 
will take the Children of Ifrael from among the Heathen, 
whither they are gone, and will gather them on every fide, and 
bring them into their own land. 

22. And I will make them One nation in the land upon the 
mountains of Ifrael, and there fhall be One king to them all : they 
fliall be no more two nations, neither fliall they be divided into 
two kingdoms any more at all. 

23. Neither mall they defile themfelves any more with their 
iilols, nor with their deteftable things, nor with any of their tranf- 
greffioflst: but I #ill fave them out of all their dwelling places 
wherein they have finned, and clean them^ fo ftiatl they be my 
people, and 'I will be their God. 

24. And David piy fervant Jhallie King over them ; arid they all 
Ihall have one shepherd : they shall alio walk in my -judgements, 

4 and pbferye my ftatutes to do, them, I . .-. . 

25. And they shaJl dwell in, the l^nd tl^at I have given to Ja- 
cob my fervant, in which your fathers have dwelt ; and they shall 
dwell therein* even they and their children, and children s children 
for ever \ and my Servant David (meaning his vifible descendant), 
shall be 'Ami prince for eve*. , 

The Vifion of Ezekiel relative tp Jerufalem, alludes; to the 
grandeur and extent of it when rebuilt by the Jews after their re- 
, turn in the year* of one thoufand feven hundred and ninety-eight 2 
it will be the CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, and from it 
will go once more to all riations the commands of the LIVING^ 
G9&. - 

27* Prophet HQSEA, CHAP. II. 
18. And in that day I will make a covenant for them with the * 
beafts of the field, with die fowl* of heaven, and with the 
creeping things of the ground : .and I will ht.evk the Bow, the 
Sword, and the Battle out of the Earth ; and they fhall lie do wn 
With fafety, - 

19. And 

Digitized by 

r 3 

xg. And I will betroth thee to me for ever ; yea> I will 
betroth thee to me in righteoufnefs and in truth, in loving 
kindnefs and in mercies. 

20. I will even betroth thee to me with faithfulnefs, and 
thou (halt know the Lord. 

23. And I will fow her to me in the earth, and I will have 
mercy on her that had not obtained mercy {meaning Jerufalem) 1 
and I will thy to them which were not my people {meaning 
the Jews during their difperfton), YE ARE MY PEOPLE j 
and they (hall fay, THOU ART OUR GOD. 

Chap. iii. 4. For the Children of Ifrael (hall be many days 
without a King, and withdut a Prince, and without a Sacri- 
fice, and without an Image, without an Ephod, and without 

5. Afterwards the Children of Ifrael fiiajl return and leek 
the Lord their God, and David their king ; and they (hall fear 
the Lord, and Jhall know his goodnefs in the latter days. 

The Prophet JOEL, CHAP. III. 

1. For behold, in thofe days, and in that time, when I bring 
again the captivity of Judah to Jerufalem. 

2. I will alfo gather all riatidns, and bring them down to the 
valley of Jeholhaphat to plead with themthere for my people, 
for Ifrael my heritage, whom they have fcattered among the ria r 
tions, and for dividing my land. - . 

9. Proclaim ye this among the gentiles: prepare war, wakfciip 
the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near, let them 
corrie up. % 

10. Beat your ploughfliares into fwords, and your reaping- 
hooks into fpears ; let the weak fay, I am flrong. 

11. Affemble yourfelves and come, all ye heathen, gather 
yoUrfelves together round' about \ thither tzhk thy' mighty ones 
to come down, O Lord. 

12. Let the heathen be wakedi to cbme up to the vaHey* of 
Jehofhaphat : for it is 1 there I will fit to judge all the heaven 
roundabout. ' 

14. Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decifion;for 
the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decifion. 

After the reftoration of the Jews, the barbarous nations will 
fend great armies to invade their lands, God will permit them to 
advance, that he may deftroy them with his fire from heaven. 

15. The SUN and MOON (hall be darkened, and the 
STARS (hall withdraw their (hining. 

16. The Lord will roar out from Zion, and utter his voice 
from Jerufalem ; the heavens and the earth shall shake, but the 
Lord will be the hope of his people, and the ftrength of th© 
children of Ifrael. 

17. So ye shall know that I tun the LORD GOD {direSled ta 
all nations) dwelling in Zion my holy mountain ^ then shall 


V Digitized by GOQQle 

Jehi&fcm be holy, ^ tBcrc shall 119 ftr*nge*s gaf s through her 
anymore, " k ^ . , - 

18. And it shaty cdrjie tp pfeifl t&at (Jay that r£e mountains 
' shall drop down new, wine,' and the ; hills sbattflow* with milk, 
and all the rivers .of Jydah $hall5pw 'wkii water*, and a fountain 
shall come forth, from the houfc of f}ie Lord^ and w^ter tfee val- 
ley of Shittim. N * ' ■ 

I 9- EgyP^ sfaW he a defplation, and gdom, avdefofete, wilder-? 
fiefs, for their violence aga^nft the cliil&ep of Judah, and' for 
^bedding their innocent blood in the land. 

ao. But Jfuda|i ; shall dwell forever, andjerufalem from gene- 
ration tp generation. > 

21. Fori wilt cleanfe their bipod that I have not clcanfed j 
for the |^qrd dwells in £ioo. 

/ ThtProfheUMOS. CHAP. 1%. 
% . Behold the eyes of the Lord God are upon the finfql king- 
dom ; and I will deftfoy it from the fa$c of the eafrth ; but I will 
pot utterly deftrpy ,thebo r ufe of Jacob, fays the Lord. 

9. For lo, I will command, and I wiltfift the houfe of Jfrael 
frpm arrjOBg all nations, 1 jke corn fified ib a. fievfc, yet tjae lealt 
grain shall pot fall upon tr^e earth. 
. * 10. All the fibers of my people shall die by the '(word, 
/ which fay the evil snail not overtake nor prevent us. 

II, 1N/THAT DAY, I will rate up the tabernacle of 
jpavid that is fallen, (tnfttfyiog tlpe rejloratiqn of his defendant /$ 
the government of the Children of /frael) qnd clofe up the bjrea^he-s 
( tfereof i apd I will raife bis ruins^and build it as *> thftjays 

r 12,, TJiat^they rply pofle,%the rerjuiant o£ Edom, and of , all 
the heajthen which are not called bjvmy naipe^ fays the Lord, 
who does' this. c " r* ^ • , 

*; 1 13* ^ehq|d th^dayft ^Ul $oir*$* thp Lord, that the Plow-; 
rnan shall pyertake tfye ; Reaper, and t^e ^reader of graces Jrirfi 
that fows the feed ; the mountains shall drop fweet wine, and al| 
$he hills shall flow with milk, 

1 4. And I will bring again the? captivity of my people of If 7 
rael j they fhall build the wafte cities^ and jnjiabit tfyem ; tr^ey (ball 
plant vineyards, and drink the wine of them i thgy ihall alfo make; 
gardens, and ^at the fruit of them, 

1 5. And I wijl ,plai?t them upon their own land ; they fljall no 
more be pulled up out" of their owa larjd which I have given them| 
|ays the J^ord thy Qoi. 

The Prophet OBABlAH x CH AP. L 

8. Shall I not in that day, fays the Lord^ even deflro'y the 
wife men out of fctlom, axjd ufrderftandijjg out of the Mount of 

- ' w * , 9. And 

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f n \ 

. Q; And thy migntjf me% O Ternary Aalj be difinayedj tp *}k* 
ind that ever£ 6nV tfflhe l&OUnt bf^E&U may be cut off by 
llaughter. \ * ( 

ic. For thyvlolenfce agalnft Ay brother Jacob, fhafne fliall 
cover thee$ and thou fllalt be cut 6tt for ever; 

15. For the day of the Lord Is near tfpon all ike rieathbn : as 
thou haft done$ ifc fliaU be done to thee ; thy reward fliall return on 
thy own head: , ' 

: 16. For as ye havo drunk on my holy mountain, {meaning the 
Turks) fo lhail all the heathen drink continually ; yea* they mall 
' drink and fwallow down, and they (hall be as though they had not 
been; ; 

17. But upon MOUNT ZION fhill be deliVeVance, and orl 
it fliall be holinefs i for the houfe of Jacob mail £bnefs all their 
pofleffions; % % - 

18. And the* hou(e of Jacob mall be a fire, and u\z hctife of 
Jofeph a flame, arid the houfe of Efau for fttibble : they fliall kin^ 
ile in the*m_and devour them ; there mall riot be any refnairii^g 
bf the houfe of Efau : for the Lord has fpoken it. / ■ 

19. And they of the South mall poffeTs the Mdunt of Efau ; 
fend they of the Plain, the Philiftihes : they ihall poflefs thetf 
fields, and Ephraim me fields of Sfcmtfna, arid Eenjanlin feafi, 
f>ofiefs Gflead; * . ■ - 

20. And the captivity of this lioft of the children &f Ifraet* 
ihall poflefs that of the Canaanites, even to Zeruphath, £nd th$ 
Captivity of Jef ufalem, winch; is in Sepharad, fliali poflefs the cities 
of the .South; 

21. And Saviours mail Come up On Mount IZion to judge th* 
Mount of Efau; arid then THE KINGDOM SHALL BE 

The Turks are defcended from Efau, the brother of Jacob \ 
but their Emperor, and his family, art defcended frdm Jonathan^ 
ih'i Son of Jtauf, King of Jfraek— Told me by Revelation* 

the Proptet MICAHt GHAP. IV. 

I. But in the kft days it (ball come to pafs ? that the Mountain 
bf the Houfe of the Lord mall be eftablifhed on the top of the' 
mountains j it fliall be exalted above the hi%, "and people fliall 
flow to it. ./ 

- 6. In that day.; fays the Lord, I will afTemfele her that lias Jialri 
$d, and I will gather her that was driven outj aiid her that I have 

7. And I will make the remnant that tialted, and her that was 
fcaft far off,- a ftrang nation, 1 and the Lord will reigh over them, hi 
Mount Zion, from henceforth, even for ever. 

Tfji Prophet itAHUM, GHAt\ I. 
I5 % Bejiold upon the mountains the feet of him that brings goocl 
fidirigSj that publifkes Peace * O Judahy keep thy folenm/ f rafts? 


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f 24 J 

and perform thy vows ; for the, wicked Jbdll no mqrt pafs through 
thee ; they are entirely cut off. 1 
$ The beginning of this verfe means Chrjft preaching the Gol^el 
of peace; the latter part, when the Jews are eftabliflied at Jeru- 
falem after their ne*t reflpration. 


13. The remnant of Ifrael fliall not commit iniquity, nor 
fpeak lies, neither fliall a deceitful tongue be found in their 
mouth; for they fliall feed and lie down, and none fliall make them 

14. Sing, O daughter of Zion 3 ihout, O Ifrael ; be glad and 
rejoice with all thy heart, O daughter of Jerufalem. 

' 15. The Lord has taken away thy Judgments ; he has call out 
*hy Enemy: THE KING OF ISRAEL r ev^n the Lord, is iii 
jthe midft of thee ; thou Jhalt not fee evil any more. 
. 16. In that day it fliall be faid to Jeruialem, Fear thou not; 
and to Zion, Let not thy hands be flack. 

17. The Lord thy God in the midft of thee is mighty ; he 
will fave, and rejoice over thee with joy; he will reft in his 
love, and rejoice over thee with finging. 

18. I will gather them that are forrowful for the folema 
affemblies who are of thee, to whom the reproach of thee was 
a buxthen. 

. 1 9. Behold, at that time I will undo all which affli&s thee ; 
and I will fave her that is flopped, and gather her that was 
driven out V and I wilt get them praife and renown in every land 
where they have been put to flume. 

ao. At the time that I bring you again, even the time when 
I gather you ; f or J will get you a rpame % and make you to be praifed 
among all the people of the earthy when I turn away your capti- 
vity from before your eyes, fays thfe LQrd. 

20. And again the word of the Lord came to Haggai, in the 
four and twentieth day of the month, faying, 

Speak to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, and fay, I 
will fliake the heavens and the earth ; 

11. And I will overthrow the Thrones of Kingdoms, and I 
will deftroy rthe ftrength of the Kingdoms "of the Heathen : I 
will, overthrow their Chariots, arid thofe that ride in them ; 
their Horfes and Riders fliall come doWn, every one by the fword 
§f the other. 

The time alluded tp by the prophet is that which is imme- 
diately before the reftoration of the Jews, in the latter days. of 
the world : the prefent is it, 

23. In that day, fays the Lord of Hofts, I will take thee, 
O ZEJIUBBABEL myJe*vant, the fon of Shealtjcl, and will 


Digitized by 

. , . . t*si . '., 

make ^hee as a fignet; for I have choferi tKec, fays the Lord 

of Softs. ' T 

^The meaning of this.yer/e is*, that when *hp former part of 
this prophecy is fulfilling, Zerubbabel will be revived in his 
defceridant^ whp will be, like him/elf, thevifiHe Prince and Go- 
vernor of the Jews '; the time is nearly corqe for this man to be/ 
openly revealed, and to have in all other refpe£fs this very gra- 
cious, t and very, wonderful promife fremi God fulfilled. 

v The Prophet ZACHARIAH, CHAP. VXJI. ' ' 

7. Thus fays the Lord of Hofts, Behold,' I will fa ve my 
people from the Eaft country, and from the Weft country : 

8 And I will bring them, and they fliall dwell in the midft 
of Jerufalem; they {hall be my people, and I will be [their 
God, in truth and in righteoiifnefs. 

Chap, x. 6. Arjd I will ftrengthen the houfe pf Judah, and 
I will fave the houfe of Jofeph, and I will bring them again 
to-xeplace them > for I wil| have ri^ercy on them, and they fbatt 
be. as if I had not cajl then* off; for I am ihe,I f or4 their'God y and 
I will hear them.. 

5. And they of Ephraim fhall be like a mighty man, and! 
their hearts fliall rejoice as through wir^e ; yea, their children 
/hall fee it and J>e glad; their hearts fliall rejpice in the 
Lord. - , . - 

8. J will hifs for them and gather them ; for I hjay$ redeem- 
ed them, and they lhall increafe as they have increafed- . 

9., And\l will fow them among the people ; and they fhall 
remember me in far countries, and they (hall live with their 
children, and turn again. . ' 

io. I wijl bring them again aifo out of the Und of Egypt, 
and gather them out of Affyria ; and I will bring them-intp 
$he land of Gilead, and Lebanon, and place lhail not be found 
for them. 

Ghap. xii. 1. The burthen of the word of the Lord for If- 
rael, fays the Lord, who ftretches but the heavens, and lays 
the •foundations of the earth, that forms the fpirit of man 
within him. x * ■ - 

2. Behold, t will make Jerufalem a cup of trembling to all 
the people round about, when they {hall oe in the fiege both 
againft Judah and againft Jerufakm. ' 

3. And in that day I will make Jerufalem'a burthenfome 
ftone for all people ; all that burthen themfelves with it fhali 
be cut in piece*, though all the people of the earth be gather- 
ed together againft it. / 

4. In that day, fays the Lard, I will fmite every horfe with 
3^onifhment> and \\\s rider with madnefs : and I will open my 
eyes upon the houfe of Judah, and I wi.U ftrike every hdrfe of 
the people with blindnefs. 

D ; 5- And 

Digitized by 

I * 1 

5* And the governors of Judah fhall fey in thejr heart, the> 
inhabitants of jerufaletn fliall be our ftrength in the Lord q% 
Jlofts, our Godi 

6. In that day-I will ipake the Governors of Judah like % 
hearth of fire aipong wood, like a torch of fire in a flieaf ; 
they fliall devour all the poopie round about, on the right hand 
and on the left, and Jerufalena ftaU bp inhabited again, even 
Jerusalem in her own place. 

7. The Lord alfci will fave the Tents of Judah firft* to pre-* 
ferve the diftinftion of the houfe of David, that the inhabit* 
ants of Jerufelem may not exalt themlelves againft Judah, 

8. In that day the Lord will defend the inhabitants of Je T 
rufaiem; and he that is feeble among them in that day fhal| 
be as Dayid, and the houfe of E^ayid {hall be-as God — as the* 
angel of the Lord before them, 

This prophecy means the fame time and the fame invafioii 
of Judjrfi by the heathen, as that mentioned by the prophet 
Joel in the third chapter, whten is explained already. 

9. And it fhall come to pafs in that day, that I wUVde- 
ftroy the people of all the nations which arc come againft 
Jerufalem. . . / 

10. And I will pour upon the Tioufe of David, and upon 
the inhabitants of Jerufalem, the fpirit of grace and of iup- 
plications ; and they fhall look to me that was pierced, and 
fhall mourn like him that mourns for his only fon; and they 
fliall 'be fa bitternefs like him that is in. bitternefs for his firft 

I r. I n that day there fhall be great mourning in Jerufelera, like 
the mourning of Hadadrimon in die vaHey of Megiddon* 

I2 r And the land fhall mourn, every family ,apart: the family 
of tfcelioufe of David apart, and their wives apart; the family of 
'Nathan apart, and their w^ves apart^ 1 « 

13* The family of the houfe of Levi apart, and their wive* 
-apart; the family of Shimei apart, and their .wives apart; - 

14. All the families tha^ ^em£i% every fanrnly apart, and theix* 
wives apart, v 

When the heathen armies invade the Jand of IfraeJ, it will 
with a refoiution to feize on eveiy moveable thing and dcftrcy tbp 
people; the Jewsthen acknowledging. the MESSIAH as GOD, 
will believe under an excefsof grief that he was crucified ; fcnfi- 
.ble of their perilous condition, arid knowing that it is he only can 
fave i:hem, they will, eveiy man and family implore him for com- 
panion and deliverance. . 4 

The HEBREWS will be delivered, and the HEATHEN en, 
tirely deftroyed. 1 

The Prophet MALACHI, CHAP. IV. 
. . 5. Behold, I will fend you £1 1 JAH the Prophet before the 
coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord ; * 

6. And 

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6. And he fhall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, 
and the heatrt of the children to their fathers; left I come and 
finite the earth with a curfe. 

' The great Prophet alluded to in this chapter, i$ the fame that 
will be reveaied to the Jews to order their return to Jerufalem 
before the expiration of One lhoufand»fe i oen hundred and ninety- 
tight } he will pofTefs the fpirit! of God, and the power hi fire, 
equal to Elijah; he will make "known the judgments of God, 
that all'nations rnay be benefited, and msy endeavour tofurvive 
them when they are commanded to be fulfilled* 

The alterations I have made in copying forrie of the Prophecies* 
is by the direction and command of the Lord^ God* 


The very loud and unufual kind of Thunder that was heard 
in the beginning of January^ 179 I5 was the voice of the Angel 
mentioned in the Eighteenth chapter of the "Revelation, proclaim- 
ing the judgment of God and the fall of Babylon the great 5 it was 
the loudeft that ever was heard fince man was created/and fliook 
the whofe earth every time the angel fpoke ; it roared through the 
ftree's* and made a noife Over London like the falling of 
rnountains of ftones. 

Many buildings were damaged at the time of this 'hunder, 
and many perfons were frigh.ened by it; the great flaflies of 
lightning proceeded alfo from the angel, and was* according 
to the firft verfe, reflefted from the bngh nefs of his glory. 


. 1. And ihefe things I faw aho her Angel come down 
from heaven, having great power: and the Eanh was light- 
ened wi h his glory. 

2. And he cried migh ily wi h a ftrong voice,- [meaning tht 
thunder) faying, BABYLON THE GREAT is fallen, \% 
fallen* &c. 

3. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wra.h df 
her fornication* and the kings of the ear h have committed 
fornica ion wi h her, and the merchants of he earth are waxed 
rich through the abundance of her delicacies'. 

4. And I heard another voice from heaven, .laying* Come out 
of her, my people, that ye be no: partakers t of her fins, and ihat 
yc receive not $f " her plagues. 

« For her fins have reached up to heaven, and God hath 
remembered her iniquities. 

6., Reward her* even as file rewarded you, and double to 
her double, according her works j in ihe Gup which flie 
has filled, fill to her double. 

. .7. How much fhsharh glorified her felf and lived del iciottfly, 
fo much Ormen: and forrowgive her ; for /be fays in her heart, 
l.fka QUEEN, and am no Widow* and fhall fee no fbrrow* 
i* . Therefore fhall her blagues come in orie day, death, and 

Da outturn- 

Digitized by Goode 

C 28 1 

* mourning, and famine, and Jhe Jhall be utterly burnt with fire ; 
for ftrong is he Lord God who judges her. 

The Lord God was fo exceeding angry at the lime of the 
loud thunder I have men ioned in the preceding par;, ihat he * 
de ermined <o leave his o her Judgmens unfulfilled rela.iye x> 
London, and burn hef immediately wi h fire from Heaven,: 
foon aferwards I was informed by Revela ion of whai the 
thunder mean f and was commanded to go from London be->* 
yond ihe diftutice of eigh een miles. I had, fimilar to the pro- 
phet Daniel at Babylon, an attending Angel io explain all ihe, 
Vifions, and fijpport me under the grief I was loaded wi.h for 
i v .s approaching fall. 

The Lord God knowingthat I loved him Wi h all my hear% 
and had of en re fi (led die calls of hunger and diilrjgfs, ra.her 
than comply wi h culioms tha would offend him, pi ied me ; 
for I had befeeched him iO Jet me inform he people of Lon- 
don of .heir danger, and try by all poflible means 10 fave them, 
but was.refufed permiflion, becaufe they would imprifon and 
ufe me very ill for it. ' * 

In, addLion 10 all' that God had promifed and repeat^ hy 
his angel to make me happy, he was now pleafed fo give me' 
another proof of his unal erable regard,^axid convince me by 
i y thac attlxiugh he could not in juftice to his recorded judgment Jpare 
London, yet for my fake he would fhew mercy to fome ; and 
lake care, *ha, by ficknefs and.otfyer caufes, to remove *he per- : 
fons I defired fliould be faVed; to a fufficient dKUnce beyond 
the limi s to be dettroyed and funk. 

Af er thanking the Lord God, I n^en ioned feveral, bo;h 
men and women, and called the remembrance of his mercy to 
others whofe names I did no. know; but poin ed ;hem out in 
my mind. 

* Among thofe I mentioned, was William Pultney, William 
Pitt, Gilbert Elliot, Charles Grey,' the Earl of Buckinghamshire, 
the Marquis of Lanfaown, the Earl of Chatham, Maitland, now 
called Earl of Lauderdale; Henry Phipps, for I rtmerhber his 
brother to have done me an acT: of friendfliip ; John 'Dalrymplej 
J^>t Griffin 'Griffin, Alderman Pickett, becaufe that durihg his 
Mayoralty he oppof'd by a public advertijtment the frequency #f taking ' 
edihs ; in doing fo he honoured that all remembering God, who 
will in due time as publicly honor him far it. Wilberforce, Baf- 
tard,* Sheridan, Philip Stevens, Charles Fox: John Luke, a poor 
Qjjiaker ; Samuel Hood ; the King and his family, for they were 
to be gathered into London ; Ponibiiby, for whom I conceived an r 
effoem, from iobferving in his countenance opennefs and honefty, 
and pofleffiiig as I thought, a heart fimilar to my own, I was led 
to entreat for him : until lair year I could affign no other reafon 
tor mentioning that nam« than what I have given ; but the true 
oue is, that as God had determined not only to keep in London ' 
the.pcople then in it, but likewife to allow great multitudes to be^ 
• , * drawn 

Digitized by Google 

C *9 J 

drawn to it froth all mparts of the country, he would be. found 
among the number to be deftroyed ; for which to prevent his deatii ' 
in fuch a place, the Lord God influenced me to regard hiui, that 
1 might afterwards remember fuch a perfon and be mindful of Ks 

I am not in the leaft acquainted with the man I have mentioned, 
whom God was pleafed to drftinguifh by fo great a teiiimony of 
his regard, but although I am not, and our names are d^ffsrei.*, 
he is— as well as myfil}, defcended from DAVID, KING 0£ 
ISRAEL. The Countefs of Buckinghamihire, whom I. am no 
more acquainted with than the ftranger I have mentioned before, 
is likewife defcended from David, King of Ifrael : the family flie 
is married into arealfo of the Hebrews, and* are defcended from 
JOSEPH the once Prefideitf of Egypt. ' . 

■« There are many families of the fame origin as thofe three 
I have named, made known to nle by revelation, but I am forbid 
to mention any of them at prefent for public knowledge,* 

After entreating for the perfbns I have fet down, and pointing; 
from my mind to numbers befides whofe names I- did hot knoxr^ 
I was, to prepare me fir the deftgnation of Gtd, carried up to hea- 
ven . in a vifion, and faw on my right fide at a fmall dillance, a 
beautiful filver white bird in the fliape of a Dove, but a little lar- 
ger ; it was the |iOLY GHOST, and was the very fame that 
defcended on the head of my BLESSED SAVIOUR, when he 
came up from being baptized in the river Jordan 5 he kept be- 
tween rrie aivi Safari) who was then revealed that I might wiuiefs it* 
arid great power gi ven nim to vifit the Earth, The LORD GOD 
then fpoke to me from the middle of a white mining cloud. 

After this I was in a V ifion, Having the Angel of God near me t 
and faw Satan walking leifurely in.o London, his face had a fmile, 
but under it his looks were fly, crafty, and deceitful. On the 
right fide of his forehead were feven dark fpotsj he was drefi^in 
White and Scarlet Robes. 

Again I was in a Vifion and faw London a fcene of confufion^ 
it was eife<fted on a fudden ; all the People were aimed 'arnf ap -* 
peared quite furious : I was carried through the City in the Spirit 
of G^od to fee all things that were deiigned Ihould come to prks, 
aod be informed how quick they could be accompli filed. 

After this I was in a Vifion, and faw a large fiver run through!- 
London coloured with human Blood. 

Exceedingly unhappy for all that I faw, and which I knew 
would foon be fulfilled, I prayed and entreated the Lord God to* 
gi ve me one more inftance of his mighty regard, by J pa ring Lon- 
don and the great multitude in it. I faid, I acknowledge, O Lord* 
my God, that the People do very Wrong, 6ut it is through cohV- 
pulfion and for want of knowing better. 

The Lord God was fo highly difpleafcd, that I Ihould after aH" 
his former kindnefs ftrain his, affection and entreat him to annul, 
his Recorded Judgment, as to ttop me, and in a voice of great* 
(harpneis and anger lay, They );avs my bkjjed Qofpel, and zi ill not 


C 30 5 

bhey Jr. The Angel that was appointed t6 give hie inftru&ioA 
forfook tne in an inftant on hearing this anfwer. I trembled fot 
my life, and feemed to be another man $ for I was afraid of beings 
deftroyed with the City% It was three days after this before the; 
Lord God wou}d be reconciled to hear tfiy prayers^ and fpeak to 
me with his former kindnefs. 

In ten days after the three I was in a Vifion* and being carried 
up to heaven* the Lord God fpoke to me from the middle of a 
large white cloud, and feid in a ftrong clear voice—-ALL, ALL* 
I pardon London, and all the people in it, for your fake : there is 
no other man On earth that could ftand before me to afk for fo great" 
a thing* 

. For cxhT) Lord my God> I will prdife and thank you for this ^ - 
great infiance of your blefed regard j ail Nations will hear it, and 
may q# Nations honour you by their obedience ; your great mercy is 
over them al{, and by its goodnefs the world is nowfafc. 

Had London been destroyed in the year of 179I, the place, where 
it Hands would have formed a great Bay or Inlet of the channel $ 
all the land between Windfor and the Downs would have been 
funk, including a diftance of eighteen miles each fide, but confi-* 
derably more towards th$ fea coaftj it would be funk to the 
ilepth of feventy fathoms* or four hundred and twenty feet, that 
no traces of the City might he ever found, or even fo much as 
looked for. 

21. And A MIGHTY ANGEL took up a ftone, Kke et 
vreat mill/Ion*, and ca£t it into the Sea, faying, Thus with vio^ 
Tence fhall that great City Babylon be thrown down, and Jfjall hi 
found no more at alL . 

That all men of wifdom and difcernment may underftand, on 
reading the Revelation, that there are Two Cities mentioned in 
it Spiritually under the names of Babylon the Great, I wHl aifift 
theni by clearly marking out the diftinction. 1 

ROME, the SPIRITUAL BABYLON, mentioned in the 
feventeenth chapter, is defcribed in the third verfe, to be away into 
the wildernefs ; meaning by the words into the Wilderness, that 
the City is f ituated Inland. . 

J Bu\ : LONDON, the SPIRITUAL BABYLON alfo, men* 
tioned in the eighteenth chapter, is defcribed by St. John as the 
greateft Sea Port, for Ships, Wealth, and Commerce, in the 

. w.- And the Merchants of the Earth fliall Weep and mourn 
Qverher; for no mail buyeth her merchandize any more* 

.131- The merchandize of Gold, and Silver, and precious Stones, . 
s*nd of Pearls, and fine Linen, and Purple* and Silk, and Scarlet, 
and all Thyine Wood, and all manner of Veffds of Ivory* and 
all manner of- veflels of moft precious Wood, and of Brats^ and 
Iron, and Marble: 

13. And Cinnamon, and Odours, and Ointments, and Frank- 
Lacenfe, and Wine, and Oil, and fine Flour, and Wheat, and 
" Beafts, 

Digitized by 

c 3^ a 

Beads, and Sheep, and Horfes, and Chariots, and Slaves? and 
Souls of Men. * 

1 4. And the Fruits that thy Soul lufted after are departed from 
thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed 
from thee, and thou /halt find them no more at all. 

1 5. The Merchants of thefe things, who were rnade rich by 
her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and 
wailing. 7 

16. And faying, Alas, alas, that GREAT CITY, that was 
cloathedin fine Linen, and Putfple, and Scarlet, and decked with 
gold and precious Stones, and Pearls ! For in one hour, fuch 
great Riches is come to nought. 

17. And every Ship-mafter, and all the company in Ships, 
and Sailors, and as many as trade, by Sea, flood afar off. 

18 . And cried, when they j aw the j moke of her burning, faying, 
What City is like to this great City ! 

1 9. And they caft duft on their heads, and cried, weeping and 
wailing, faying, Alas, alas, that great City ; wherein were made 
rich' all that had Ships in the Sea, by reafon of her coftllnefs : for 
in one hour is she made defolate. 

so, Rejoice over her, THOU HEAVEN, and ye HOLY , 
APOSTLES and PROPHETS; for GOD hath avenged y¥u 

Read attentively the Eighteenth Chapter, and you will perceive - 
defcribed in it, the prodigious wealth, grandeur, and commerce 
pf London ^ then remember that the very great Thunder, and , 
Lightning, I fyaye mentioned, was in the depth of Winter, an 
unufual time of year for the like; but they were as St. John 
exadtly defcribes theiri in the firft and fecond verfes. Meditate 
pi> thefe things, weigh tliem attentively in your mind, and all I 
Jiave wrote •befides; and the Spirit of God, if you love Wif- ' 
dom, will enlighten your underftanding to fee, and will alfo 
flrike you with a Canyiftion of their truth. 

The following would have been the condition of England, which the 
£ord Godjhewed me in the month of July 1791, had his judgement of 
> de/blation on the world been fudden^y fulfilled at tlie appointed tinie in 

1793- » ' 

1 was in a VISION, a. nd was carrried away by the SPIRIT 

of God to a field of young wheat, which was grown about four 

Inches high from the "ground ; an elderly English woman flood 

by me ; fhe had no covering on her head, but over her arms was 

an old black filk cloak ; it wis won} threadbare, and rent in * 

many places. — While 1 wa.s obferving the drefs and poverty of 

the woman, the wheat fprqng up in an inftant, and shot out to 

the fize of full ears, the*}argeft I ever faw in my life: aftonisri- 

ed at fuch a fight, and wondering what it should mean, I ftoop-* 

ed tp feel fame with my htind ; 'when I had, the woman looked 

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faidn io 'mt tvftk a cdunitrtame expxeffivc of gr'iat r dijlrcfs to implore 
my pity and afiflance^ then turned her face away to the- Eaft, and- • 
afterwards looked up to heaven, as if {he wanted Rain and a cool 

After this I caft my eyes over the, furface of the land; it wa» 
fcorched to a dark brown, and frightful to look at ; I could fee no 
Grafs in the Meadows, and the Jiufties in the hedges were all 
fcurnt brown, fo great and mighty was the heat; I could fee no 
-Beafls in the fields, and the Fowls of heaven were all flown 
aVay. , ' ♦ 

. The judgment of defolatitfn being fufpended. is the reafon that 
thisyifion of Famine and Diftrefs is alio, takes place, 
• England, # like the woman and her cloak, (for Jht was an allufwn 
tats country J will be" very ' pcoiy worn out^ and rent in many- 
places* , 

After this I was in a Vifion, and faw a large SW v ORI> - un- 
v fheathed ia heaven : foon after I faw a large CUP full of red- 
iprine, a-nd much froth on the top a lifted up and hold out to all 



• .. . ....... \ , 

^Thc THUNDER that was heard in the cVenf n g. of. the third 

Augaft, 1793, was the voice of the Angel mentioned in the 
nineteenth chapter of the Revelation ftanding in the Sun. 

tfl Anct I faw an Angel ftanding in the fun ; and he cried with* 
£ loud voice, {meaning the thunder J faying to all.tHe fowls that fly. 
in the midft of Heaven, Come and gather yOurfeives together to, 
the /upper of the great God ; - , . 

sift, That ye may^St the flefh of Kings 9 and the flc{h of Cap~ 
tains/znd the flcth of mighty tnen, and the llefh of horfes, and of 
them that fit on them, and the JUJk of all men t both free and bond^ 
both fmall and great. 

The dead will incrcafc fo faft, and be in fuch prodigious num« 
bers, when this judgment takes place, that the living will not be 
fufljeient to bury them, Uut will leave the bodies expofed to the 
fowls of heaven for meat. - 

The flafhcs of Lightning which iflued during the thunder, 1 
proceeded from the Glory of the Angel .proclaiming the judg- 
ment of God, and refcmDlcd i n colour THE CLEAR DAY 

The Second Thunder that gave notice of God's approaching 
judgment, Was on Wcdnefday evening, the 7th of Auguft^ 1793,, 
4£ is mentioned in tk* fiv'dUk oj \ tht : Rev elation 9 and- was the voice 
©£ the Angel afcending fipnv the liaft, having tjic S^aljof the 
living Goal 

2. -And I faw another Angel afcendinff from the Eafl:, having' 
the SEAL of the LIVING GOP; and he cried with a loud 
yojce/lAtf thunder J to the Four Angels, to whom it was given to 
hurt the £arth and the Sea ; f - ■ ' 

... 3. Saying, 

Digitized by 

C si 3 - • > 

* 3* Saying, Mutt not )the J eart*i, neither the fea> iior the free** 
till we have Tealedthe fervants of our God in their foreheads. ' 

The fla£hes of lightnings Which ifiiied during the. time of this 
thunder, proceeded likewife from the Glory of the Angela and 
refenibl«d in colour FINE AMBER. f 

- The riekt and laft THUNDER, if (hi judgement had noi been 
fufpended for my fake, would be on the eleventh of Auguft follow^ 
ing, and would have been, according to the fifteenth chapter of 
the. Revelation, the fourth Angel pouring but his Vial on thfc • 

8. And the fourth Angel pouted out his Vial on the Sun* and 
£>ower Was given him to'fcorch then with fire. ' 

9. And men were fcorched ^with great heat,f and; blafphemed 
the name of God who has power over thefe plagues \ and they ie*- 
£ented not to give him glory. 

The flatties of lightning during this thunder, which would eon* 
tinue many houVs* would likewife proceed from the glory of the 
Angel, and would be in ftrength and colour LIKE THE BURN* 

This thunder would he accompanied by a violent ftorm oflargfc 
Hail Stones, which* with the lightning would kill multitude* 
of people and deftroy the Harveft in many countries* 

- Soon after this thunder, the jhoirt time 1 of four days only, the judg- 
ment of God on the world would begin to be fulfilled. The winds 
would be fufpended in the Firmament^ according to the feventh chap* 
ter, that breathing might almoft ceafe * the great body of heat that 
would immediately after be poured down from Heaven on the? 
earth, would be fo fierce and powerful as to move the zvorld^ (and kilt 
tvery living things both man and beajt, expofed under it in the open air J 
The trees, bufhes in the hedges, grafs in the meadows* and what 
corn was left from the hail, would be cut off and deftroyed by thi$ 
great and mighty hea,t. Moft of the Ships would be deftroyed at 
lea* and all the fifh near the furface killed. Millions of the 
human race would 4ie in all nations from this burning heat, and 
the many plagues it would produce. 

The Nineteenth^ Seventh, Sixteenth^ Sixth) Eighth^ dnd Fourteenth 
Chapters, mean the fame time, the fame things, and are as One chap- 
ter to fulfil the judgement of God* 

The fifteenth of Auguft, 1793, was the time appointed by the 
Lord God to fulfil the parts of the Revelation I, have mentioned, 
and punifh the world with deflation ; but from HIS GREAT* 
MERC Y and regard for Me, that I may be efteemed in this Coun- 
try, and by all others when I am revealed* fufpended this judge* 
ment for a Time : it hangs, however, over all nations. ' 

Look at the£ge of the world, read attentively the chapters I have 
Jnerttibned*-With what I have wrote befides ; and-you will difcoVet 
in your own bread a Light, to fee and believe by. • • >. 

That LIGHT I mem which is often called & certavi fomeihing^ 
an internal ' monitor, that applauds man for courting ,wi/<£om-,-r- for 
being juft, and doing good: but that never fails'to reproach him 
Fdr embracing folly, and dotng.evil : it is indeed rib other than 
the SPIRIT of the LIVING GODi • ' ' 

' All th« Prophecies given in Viiions frotn God are concealed 
from^hc knowledge of man bymyfterious attulibhs untit 'ihfc pi 6^ 

* '" - £ . ■ per 

Digitized by 

t 3+ 3 

per time, and the appointed perfon for them to be revealed to# 
For it is not in the cunning of any man, even aflifted by the wif- 
dom of all the reft on earth, to fearch out the deep fecrets of God, 
or with truth to unfold the meaning of his virions ; they are won* 
derful, they cannot be difcovered until God himfeif pleales to re- 
move the Covering of fecrec.y, and, through an appointed per-* 
fon, bleffes the world with a knowledge of their true meaning. 

The fulfilling of the judgements of God, however deftruftive 
.. they may prove to the Governments and Nations which they arc 
directed againft, are not allowed to affeft my perfonal fafcty, nor 
operate in the leaft to my prejudice : for the certainty of my eleva- 
tion to the greateft Principality that ever will be in the world, 
cannot . be prevented by the rife or fall of any human power on 
earth ; becaufe it is the repeated Covenant of God to my fore* 
fathers, and his facred promife now by Revelation to myfelf. 

The obfeurity of David was no objection with a discerning 
God to make him the MONARCH OF ISRAEL, and after- 
.wards promife the fucceffion to his Family for ever ; neither is 
mine now to his fulfilling that promife, and holding me up to the 
world as the vifible Governor of the Jews, For all the works of 
God are wonderful, and very far exceed the capacity of jnan to 
know, where they begin, how they are directed, on whom, or 
which way they will end : I that have more knowledge of them, 
and of futurity revealed to me, than any other under the whole 
Jieaven, obferve the operation of every new one with more amaze- 
ment than the former. 

Therefore my prefent poverty is no obftacle to my future Ele- 
vation, neither is it of much concern to myfelf; for the time of 
my being revealed with power from Heaven is nigh; when God, s 
to manifeft his regard, will give me favour with many, and influ- 
ence all the people of London to hclp'me. 

I am the Prophet that will be revealed to the Jews to order 
their departure, from all Nations to go to the Land of Ifrael, their 
own country, in a fimilar manner to Mofcsin Egypt, but with ad* 
' ditiohal power. 

I was an Officer in the Englifh Navy, and neceffarily fo, al- 
though I did not know it, that the judgement of God on David, 
king of Ifrael, might be fulfilled, which was, that the Sword 
fhould never .depart from his Houfe. 

It is fifteen hundred years fince my family was feparated from 
the Jews, and loft all knowledge of its origin ; the laft on record 
in the Scripture, is JAMES : 13th chap. 55th ver. of St. Matthew. 
Fold me by Revelation. 

The Government of^the Jewifh Nation will, under the Lord God $ 
be committed to me, that the everlafting covenant from him to 
David may b$ manifefted in the vifible Prince and Governor 
t of the Jews. 

Second of SAMUEL CHAP. VII. . * 

16. And thv HOUSE and thy KINGDOM, (hall be efta- . 
biifhed for ever before thee; thy THRONE fhail be eftablifh- 
ed for ever. 

17. According to all thefe words, and according to all this VU 
fion, fo did Nathan fpeak to David. , 

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C 35 ] 


Pf. For thus fays the Lord : David fhall never want a Kfan to 
fieori the Tronei bf the Houfe of Ifrael. 

19. And the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah, faying, 

20. "Thus fays the Lord, If ye caiibreak my covenant of the Day, 
and my covenant of the Night, and that there Ihould not be Day 
and Night in their Seafon ; t 

2 1 . Then may alfo my covenant be broke with David my fervant, 
that he fhould not havt a Son to reign upon his Throne ; and with the 
Levites the priefts my minifters. 

22. As the h oft of Heaven cannot be numbered, neither the 
fand of the fea meafured ; fo will I multiply the feed of David 
my fervant, and the Levites that minifter to me. 

23. Moreover 4 the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah faying, 

24. Confidereft thou not what this people have fpoken, fay- 
ing. The two families which the Lord has chofen, he has, even 
caft^hem off. Thus they have defpifed my people, that they fhould 
be no more a nation before them, 

25. Thus fays the LORD, If my covenant be not with day and 
night, and if I have not appointed the ordinances of heaven and 
earth, > 

26. Then I will caft away the feed of Jacob, and David my fer- 
vant, fo that I will not take any of his feed to bt rulers over the feed of 
ABRAHAM, ISAAC, and JACOB : for I will caufe their cap- 
tivity to return, and have mercy on them. 

A knowledge of the Scripture, the Prophecies I have menti- 
oned, and all that I have wrote bendes, have been communicated 
to me through vifions and revelations from the Lord God: the 
Prophet Daniel, and St. John, the ApofUe, | were inftru&cd 
in the fame manner to write what they have. 

It is by the feving«of Multitudes; — by Revealing, not only a 
true Interpretation of the Prophecies, but alfo a Knowledge of th? 
times, , and thofe fecret Parts of the Scripture which are not made 
known to any other Man under Heaven, that the Lord God begins 
with announcing to the "World a Knowledge of his mighty Judge- 
ments, The return of his former Mercy to the Hebrews, their fpeedy 
Reftoration to JERUSALEM, and the Rife of a FAVOURITE 


LONDON, No. tfyPaddington-pratf 

3d of the Month called January, 1794. , 


E » 

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1 36 J • 


REVElATlW T& StyJQHti, CHAP, XVtf f 

- OF • 


• v • 

1 iy. A ND there came one pf the feven angels,, which had the. 

fev^n Vials, and talked with me, laying to me, Come;, 
hither, and I will -{hew thee the Judgment of the Great whore, 
( meaning Rome,/ that fits upon ipany Waters, f meaning ker Govern* 
Totnt over many Nations. J. - 

2. 'With whon} the Kings of the Earth have committed Forni- 
cation {meaning, they have betffeducecL to imitate her evil prafbiccs,) 
and the Inhabitants of the Earth have been made drunk with the 
wine of her fornication ( meaning they are lihewife deluded to drink 
deep to; afiate of infenftbility from her*va\rt doQrines.J ► 

A remarkable in {lance of this was very lately pra&ifed, and re« 
ally fulfilled at Naples ; which, although governed by a King, is 
riot wit hftan ding in the See of Rome, and about fixty miles diftanu 
In cohfequence of a 'violent irruption of fire out of Mount Ve- 
i'uvius, which is hut a few miles from Naples, the fimiUtude of a 
human head, catted St. Januarius's-^was carried in Proceilion,* 
lifted up, arid hel4 out, fully believing that by honouring the; 
Saint, through even this fmall part of • his image, he himfelf in 
heaven, would be influenced to intercede with God to flop the 
great Rivers of fire which iffued from the burning Mountain, 

Tor a People, calling thcmfelves Chriftiaws, which have had 
the Revelation fo long to warn, and the bleffed Gofpel fo long to 
inftruft them, to embrace at this late hour of the world fuch an 
aft of Supervision and Delufion, 'is indeed aftonifhing. But it is 
a "part of that great chain of errors — ftill continue*?, which the 
Roman Government at a former period mod wickedly bound its 
pcop'e in all nations,' but Clergy m particular with \ 2nd which is 
pl? : .ily foretold by St. Paul in the fourth chapter of his firlt Epif- 
tle to Timothy, % yer. Now the Spirit ( tvhich is the Hdy Ghcjl J 
fpeaksiexprefsly t£it in the tatter times fome fhall depart from the 
faith, giving heed to Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Devils ; 

2. Speaking Lies in hypocrify, having their consciences feare4 
with a hot iron : 

o> Forbidding to marry, &c. 

The Papal Authority does not allow its Clergy to marry, from a 
belief that a man, by living in a" flate of feparation from a woman^ 
is better qualified to fulfil the duties of a Prieft more acceptably to 
God, than a man" that is a Hufband and Father. Such doctrine is 
an evident proof to «very difcernirig perfon that there is a great 
departure — or falling away from the true Faith: to continue rheii 
in the practice, after it is explained and made public by Divine 
command, is preferring darknefs to light, the doctrines of Devih to 
the good words of God : it is giving a willing heed, to the fedu>" 

• : ; * - -• - ■ • , ; ■ ■ • citlg 

- , . Digitized by Goode 

r-sf )\ 

cing Spirits that St. Paul alludes to. Chrift, the Saviour of th? • 

Syorld, who left, his Gofpel of the Kingdom of Peace for the di~ 
re&ion of all men, never made any fuch diftin&ion : for fome of 
his Apoftles were married, and fome were not : and he, as God the 
Father in the beginning of the .Creation blefled Adam and Eve* fay- 
ing" to them, x " Be fruitful and, multiply, and replenilh the Earth/ 1 
£cg. Repeating the fame after the Flood to Noah and his Sons : he 
never, ordered, nor never intended, the cruel impofuion of Ce- 
libacy on his immediate fcryants— or any other 'defcription of 

?nen ' < . 

It is alfo an abomination to him; becaufe inconfjftent with the 

defign of his Creation, that any defcription of women under the 
vain pretence of what is falfcly called Religion and Piety— of lead- 
ing a more holy life — of ferving God better, mould be (hut up 
for ever in Monafteries— inhumanly deprived of becoming Wives 
and Mothers. ' * 

1 am commanded tp fay r it is grievous and forrowful to the 
Lord God to fee Nations which acknowledge him, and which 
have the whole Scripture to inform them of his will, paying a 
blind — an Idolatrous obedience to human Ordinances, fupported 
bad Oaths, and (infill Vows, in direct, oppofition to. what he 
defignSj'ahd what in the beginning the Covenant of hi* Blefiing 

'The %VII. CHAP, of the Revelation continued. 

Q. So hecarried me away in the Spirit into the Wildernefs, ( mear^ 
ing into the Country, as if far inland from the Sea J where 1 law a Wo- 
man (meaning. Rome J fit upon a fcarlet coloured Bcaft (meaning 
the Pope J full of names of blafphemy, {his titles) having Seven heads 
(alluding to the /even Hills on which tin Cjty JiandsJ and Ten Horns 
(meaning the Cardinals, J 

,4'., And the Woman was arrayed in Purple and Scarlet colour^ 
and decked with Gold and precious Stones, and Pearls, having 
a golden Cup in her hand full of abominations, and f ilthinets of 
her Fornication. 

5. And upon her Forehead was a name written, Myftery — Ba- 
bylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots (meaning that Jhe as $ 
Mother flood expofed for corrupting with her evil doclrines many Cities 
to the condition of hdrlots J and Abominations of the Earth. 

6. And I law the woman Drunk with the blood of the Saints^ 
and with the blood of the Martyrs of Jefus; and when 1 law hcr^ 
I wondered greatly aft nifhed. 

This Babylon the Great, this Mother of Harlots, means Rome ; 
Jsut is fpiritually called by thofe names as an allufion to her excels 
of guilt as a Babylon, and corruption of do&rine as a Mother. 

St. John mentions in the third verfe, that he wa/ carried away 
into the Wildernefs to fee Rome ; meaning by-the words into th$ 
Wildernefs^ that Rome- the City hp goes to look at is utuatcd- in- 
land : this defcription is given tom^ke a diftin&ion betoveen it and 
London, the maritime Babylon, full of Ships, Seamen, and Com- 
merce, mentioned in the Eighteenth Chapter. 

The Scarlet coloured Beaft full oF names of Blafphemy, with 
feven heads and ten' horns, means the Pope — in this chapter on- 
ly, and not in any other part of the Revelation, is the Pope al- 
luded tp und^r any name— or under any ngnification whatever ; 
] ' f « neither 

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[3* 3 

neither^ Rome out in me part,' which is in the Sixteenth chap- 
ter and middle of the nineteenth verfe. The Pope in addition to 
hi* many- names of blafphemyv like wife a flumes the powers and 
prerogatives of God ? *,calling himfcif, irtftead of his bleued Saviour, 
The SUPREME HEAD of the CHURCH: as fuch he pretends, 1 
for it is only pretenfion to deceive the Ignorant, to be infallible, 
and to pardoh the commifTion of fin in others : again, as if fan&r- 
fied by the Holy Ghoft, and commanded immediately from God 
to impart freely his mighty bleffing and his mighty fpirit to whom 
Jie pleafes, he ordains, as it is called, Bifhops, laying hands on 
them, and faying at the famejtime, Receive the Holy Ghoft ; he 
likewife claims a pre-eminence of hoiinefs m his perfon, and obe- 
dience to Chrift in his actions, above all the reft of mankind. 

There isnomanfpiritual that is not fan&ified by the Holy-Gho&, 
and no man is fanftified that teaches by his ,do£t. fines-— or recom- 
jsnends by his prayers oppofitioh to Chrift the Saviour, and difobe- 
^ience to hi&Gofpel of Peace ; for it is through and by Chrift the 
bleffed fpirit i* given that fanftiftes, which every mall that believes 
in ^rrtr, and obeys his commands, may have — may partake of its 
fcjeffrng; and fweets ; fome more, fome lefs, in all things, and for 
all occasions, as the Lord him felf judges proper ;> f but it will be 
guven to every man in fuch fufficiency a* to make him abundant in 
knowledge, and teaching him clearly the ways of Salvation. , 

Man may give to man a Title, but it is God only that can make 
man Spiritual ; it is heand rione elfe that can give the Holy Ghoft, 
the Divine Spirit of Truth ; all other givers among mankind, who 
fayy ** by the impontion of bur hands Receive the Holy Ghoft, 
*«hofe fins thou doft ^forgive, they are forgiven, and whofe fins 
thout doft retain, they are retained are but as fo many falle 
Chtrfts — vain pretenders — blafphemoufty endeavouring to imitate 
the true Qne. 

For a Man to attempt to Jo what the TRUE CHRIST only 
caen> is attempting an impofition, and juftly conllitutes a Falfe 
Chrift.., For a Man to kneel down to a 'man to receive the Holy 
GPioft and then going forth by the authority of this falfe Chrift — 
teaching. and preaching under the name of the true Chrift, but in 
©ppofftion to his commands, — deluded by* an opinion that he is 
Spiritual, becaufe his Human Maker impofed on him to believe fo, 
■when in reality he is not, conftitutes a Falfe Prophet. 

Thofe are the kind of people that the Lord Jefus Chrift alludes 
to in the 24th Chapter of St. .Matthew, and warns the world to 
beware of* 

There are many that Preach and write under the name of Chrift, 
without being influenced by his Spirit, or commanded by his word ; 
for which, ObfcrVe all you that love him, and read this book, 
that he will not'give his bleffed Spirit — which is indeed the Holy 
Ghoft, to any man exalted in pride" and living under names of blaf- 
phemy ; praying for the fuccefs and aggrandizement of particular 
men in War, at the expence of ruin, and dcftru&ion to others. 
And yet the Pope, to imprefs the multitude round him with 
reverence and awe, is entitled Holinefs, the Vicar of Chrift, Suc^ 
ceflbr to St. Peter, and is accounted infallible ; all fuch names are 
«u evident demonftration of pride ind fa lfehood ; and as fuch, he 

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f 39 3 

tos neither holinefs from Chrift in his p^rlbn, nor obedience to 
the Gofpel of Truth in his a&ions. 

Ius for Blafphemy, Idolatry, JDeceit, teaching rebellion again ft 
Chrift, and for being, a (hedder of Wood by war that > the Pope b 
jcalled in the Revelation from God, a fcarlet coloured Beaft? un- 
der that dreadful nartie, though kneii to as divine, and exalted to 
the height of Heaven by Titles, he Jinks down into perdition,- r-he is 
a. fallen man, and is adjudged by that already testimony of St. John; 
to fuffer the punilhment ofeverlaftjng fire. 

7 v. And the Angel faid to me, wherefore didft thou marvel ? 
k I will tell thee the myftery of the Woman, and of the Beaft that: 
carries hex {meaning that governs herj^ which has the Seven heads, 
and Ten horns. . : * : 

, 8. The beaft that thpufaw, was, and is not, and {hall afcend 
out of -the bottomlefs .pit, and go into Perdition : and they that 
dwell on the Earth ftall wonder, whofe names were not written im 
the Book, of Life, from the foundation of the World, when they 
'behold the Beaft that was, and is not, and yet is. 

War, Oaths, Violence, and Bloodfhed, ;being in oppofition to 
fhe commands of Chrift in his gofpel of the JCingdom of Peace^ 
they belong to Satan and his Government of JSajkaei*. ; . ^ 


8 v. Again the Devil takes him up to an exceeding high moun- 
tain, and ftiews him all the kingdoms of the World, and the glory 
of them ; • 

• 9. And fays to him, all thefethings I will give thee if Thou wilt 
fall down and worihip me/ 

ic* Then fays JESUS to him, Get thee hence, Satan : For it 
is written, thou ftiall worfhip the LORD THY GOD, and him 
only {halt thou ferve. 

The Popes having rofe to what they are, andeftablifhed their pow- 
er by the fwbrd, is the reafon that God mentions in this part of 
the Revelation to St. John, the Beaft — or Papal Authority, to as- 
cend from the bottomlefs pit : in the beginning they were great 
military Princes, and governed with large armies ; but latterly 
their pbwer became weak, and their confequence fmall; yet not- 
withftanding, the vain titles, pageantry, and. Military parade it ' 
ftill prefer ved and cloiely embraced by the prefent. 

The XVII. CHAP, of the Revelation continued. 

§ v. And here is the mind which has Wifdom. Th« feven 
Heads are feven mountains on which the woman fits. 

The Woman means Rome ; and the feven mountains, or hills 
on which the city is built, are meant by St. John as the" feven 
heads of the Pope. # 

10. And there are feven Kings \, five are fallen, and one is, and - 
the other is not yet come ; and when he comes he muft continuo 
a Ihort fpace. 

TJicfe feveri Kings mean ffcven powerful Military Popes ^ they 
are denominated Kings, becauic they were warlike men, and in 
other refpe£ts governed with the Sword like them, , 

ix. And 

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t '4* 1 

\ ii. And xh€ Bca&ti^t was, atid is *iot$ weft ne is the eighffi^ 
is the fame as^the Seven, aqd goes into Perdition. * 
. This means the laft military Pope of Rome; fora« theJPopedoni 
has rofe by the Sword, by the Sword alfo it will fall ; and the lait 
Pope alluded to in this verfe, as well as the fir ft military one 'aU 
luded to in the eighth vetfe, goes into perdition* 

ia» A^nd the Ten Horns which Jthou faw, are Teri Kirigs^whicR 
Jiave received no1cingd6ra as yetS but receive power as Kings One? 
hour with the beaft. 

Thefe have one mind, and fhall give their power and ftrength 
to the beaft. « * . Z 

, Thefe two vdrfes meat* £he Cardinal sy who are Compared' 
Kings in name, but not in power: they are great* but not in* 
dependent ; they have a great name, but no -Independent Sove- 
reignty: they^are called,- like the Gentian Eie&ors to the Empe* 
r6r, as is mentioned in the feventh chapter of Daniel, the dornS 
©f the Beaft }- beefcufe they aflift the Pope with their coiinfd atici 

' 14. Thefe ihall make war with the Lamb, but the Lamb (hall 
pvercome thenrfc for he is Lord of lords and King of kings i 
and they that are With him are called, and chofen, and, faithful. 

The Pope and Cardinals, by their Teaching, Practice* and Go* 
vernment, are in a ftate of -opposition to Chnft ; that is, they 
praftife and encourage, to. fuppQfct their form of Government* 
^WEARING and WAR, the two principal things which Chrift* 
above all others, prohibits in the moft pofitive terms. It is foe 
this oppofition to his commands in the Gofpel, that they are re* 
prefented as making war-againft him : they are permitted, thrbugfct 
the patient fuflering of God to do fo, until he can bear no longer 
with their rebellion, when, to fulfil this Prophecy and his de* 
creed Judgment, they will be entirely cut off. CHRIST, as Su* 
preme Plead of .th« 'Church, acknowledges no Religion but what 
he has taught by his Gofpel, which is Chriftianity ; for there is 
no kind of church but one, and that is vifible man ; it confifts o€ 
one perfon as well as a whole congregation ; of one jiift man in a 
room, as well as a million any where eHe 5 he came intR the world 
to fave Sinners, and Redeem them from the chains of eternal 
jdeath : the bleffed Gofpel is the great Bond of his promifes, now 
put into the hands of all men that will receive it for their in- 
ilru&ion ; for which, all that read or hear it ought to remember 
their Solemn Covenant in Baptifm, and take care that on their 
part the terms of his Salvation are complied with* To, do which 
Man mud, to fulfil the defign of his creation, endeavor to live 
long, and live happy ; to do that, he muft aboliQi War, and live* 
in conftant Peace : he muft like^ife abolifti fwearing of every 
kind, becaufe it leads to falfehood and, Perjury, and make the in* 
nocent words of Yes or No the foiemn bond of his public truth* 
• The men that are called Preachers oT Chriftianity, inftead of 
affuming vain Titles and lofty Political Names, inftead 6f v afliftin$ 
in any way at Councils of State, they ought to ftand between 
Princes and War, between Men and Strife, between Nations and 
Bloodfhed ; they fhould be true teachers of the Gofpel, and, like* 
the immediate Difciples of their blefled Saviour, always the Mi* 
Hitters. of Peace. - 


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v$. fileffed arc the .Peace-rriakers, for tticy fhall be cabled the 
Children'df God. • • • ' i • , • ■ ' 

CA<^- vi. 7. But when ye pray^ ufe nof vain repetition?, as the 
fleathen do : for they think that they {hall be heard for their much x 
, fpeaking* . 

8. Be not ye therefore like to them ; for yqur Father knows 
what things have, need of before yc alkhTO* ti 

9. Aftex this manner therefore piay yc , Our Father, who art ia 
Heaven ; nallowed' be thy flame ; , 

10. Thy Kingdom comcj ^^ijf '& done <m Earth gs it is in. 
Heaven, *&c. , ' ' ; 

The Kingdom of God, which is afked for every time this form * 
of prayer 16 faid, is tc? live in Peace and Kightoeiufnefs : the Go- 
verniiient of God in Heaven is, Peace, and his will is, that man on 
£arth {hould have the fame: prayed forevery Sunday through- 
out Europe, and yet, to the bluihing fhanie of man, in a minute 
after he forgets it, forfakes the Kingdom of Peace* ^ind fervently 
prays to the fame companionate God to go forth with Fleets ah4 
Armies* . . . 

Si. PAt/L to the GALA TIANS i CHAP. I. 

4. Grace be to you, and Peace from God ' the Father, arid from) 
^ our Lord Jefus Chrift. , 

8. But though we, or an Angel from Heaven, preach any other 
Gofpei to you than that which we have preached to you, let hixa 
Be Ttccurjid. - . - •'"> 

To .prevent the deftru&ion, of man by War apd Falfehood/ 
• CHRIST^ who fhed his blood for the Redemption of man, pro- 
hibits in the moft plain, clear, arid pofitive worcts, ^all kind'of 
ftrife that it (hould not'increafe to War, arid alt kind of fwcaring 
that it fhould not multiply into fatfeliood ; thefe two evils Enforced 
by LaW, arid encouraged by keli|ion, under the time of Chyif- 
tianity, arid in contradiction tothe ble fled Gdf pel of Truth, are 
' the J twb principal Fountains' that aeiuge the world with Sin, and 
^JcDrive Heaven of many. . 

St. MATTHEW, CHAP. V. : ;: 
19. 'Whofoever therefore Jhall break one of thife leaft com- 
mandments, and fhall teach rnen Jo, he {hall be called the leaft • 
in the Kingdom of Heaven; but, whofocver ; fhall clo and teach 
them, the fame lhaU be called .'great in the Kingdom of Hea- 
VCH, ^ , ( ' [ y ^ ^ : • - 

33. Again, ye have heard that it has been faid by them of ol<J 
time /meaning the Ttachers formerly under tlie LazuJ, Thou fhalt 
Dot forfwear thyfelf, but fhall perform to the Lord thy Oath. A 

But I fay to you, Swear not "at all; neither by Jieavep, for 
it is God's Throne ; 

Nor by the Earth, for it is his footftool 5 neither by J«ru#- 
1cm, for it is the City of the Great' King. 

36. Neithermuft thou fwear by thy head, becaufc thou canooj 
, l^ake one hair of it white or black. 

F 37. $ut 

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C 4* 1 ' 

37. But let your communication be Yea, yea; and Nay y nay $ 
for whatfoever is more than thefe comes of Evil, 

, 38* Ye have heard that it has been faid, f maning under the Lata 
by Jdofes J an Eye for an Eye, and a Tooth for a Tooth : 

,^39. But I (ay to you, that ye refift npt evil, but whofoever 
Jhall fmite thee on the right cheek, turn to him the other* 
alio. * 

43. Ye have heard that it has been Grid, Thou {halt love thy 
Neighbor j and hate thy enemy : 

44. But I fay to you, Lpve your enemies; blefs them that curfe 

Jou ; do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which 
efpitefully ufe you, and perfect! te you.. 
43. Thai ye may be the children of your Father which is irj 

' St. JAMES, tJu> ApfiftU, CHAP. V. 

2» But above all things, my Brethren, Swear nop, neither by 
^leaven, neither by the Earth, neither by any other Oath ; but let 
your Yea fee yea, and your Nay, nay, left ye fall into condemna* 

The Go/pel, St. JOHN, CHAP. XIL 

48. He that reje&s me, and receives not wiy words \ has . one, that 
judges him : the word thajt I have fpokerj (which is the G*)fpe{f t 
the fame fhall judge him in the laft day, 

%. PAUL, Second Epiftle to the THESSA LONIANS, CHAP. L 

Jr. An4 to you who are troubled reft with us, when the Lord' 
us fliall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels ; 
8. In flaming fire, taking vengeance on them that know not 
Qod, arid that obey not {he Gofpel of our Lord Jefus Chrift. 

As Circumcifion to the Jews was the Seal of $heir covenant 
with GOD and promife of obedience to his Law, fo is Baptifm 
with Cfyriftians the £eal of their covenant wHh CHRIST and 
promife of obedience to his commands. 

Wh cn . Teachers profefling Chriftiariity have their maintenance 
and elevation in the World dependent on great, political, warlike 
Government?, and want to do from interefted motives what the 
: bleu*cd Gofpel prohibits, to add plaufibility to their delufive rea- 
fons-^-as in *he Legal and Religious cafe 0/ Swearing Oaths, they 
go back fo the Law of Mofcs for a precedent t© juftify their 
apoftacy and conduct. The law was for \hc Jews alone, under the 
appointed adminiftration q{ the Leyites and Elders, in their own 
country \ neverthelcfs, when Grangers acknowledged God and 
•fubmitted t" o its rights, they were alfo allowed the freedom of its 
benefit : but when Chrift came into the world for the Redemption 
of Man, he abolished the Law, which was temporary, and m its 
place gave the Gofpel, which is Everjafting. That is, he removed 
the form of worfhipping pod by facrifice, the form "of coming 
at the truth by fwearing, and that of obtaining juftice for injury 
by reprifal and violence. . 

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t - 43 3 

\Ve all admire the Lord.Jefus Chrift for his humility and affect 
tibn, the goodnefs and wifdom that breathes throughout his Gof- 
pel, and the facrifice of himfelf for bur Salvation ; yet the gene- 
rality of the world, as if unmindful of this wonderful inftance of 
Divine love, not only refufe what they promifed in Baptifm to obey, 
but likewife feek by oppofition and war .to deftroy his Salvation 
and happy Government of peace. What d6es a man require from 
his wife in marriage, but to love and be faithful to him only ? 
Would he not be jealous and very "angry if fhe obeyed any pom- 
mands^in oppofition to his, and honoured another with the en- 
•dearing name of huft>an4? By the fame rule, all that are bap- 
tized are by Covenant comparatively jnarriecl to Chrift ; for the 
name of Chriftian implies a belief in him, and an obedience to 
his words. Is it wife or juft then to obey a do&rinc contrary to 
the commands of thy bleffed Lord and acknowledged Saviour ? 
And is it not unkind in thee, () Man, to honour thy equal witfy 
jris facred name ? 

As a man cannot in juftice be confidered as a Servant any longer 
than while he obeys the commands of his Matter, fo neither can $ 
man in truth be regarded as a Chriftian any longer than while he 
pbeys the commands of Chrift. 

Hear therefore, all nations, what the Lord commands me to 
V/rite, and be warned by it, that as a Mailer is compelled to with- 
flraw his allowance of food, and difcharge from hfs houfc a Ser* 
vant that will not obey him, fowill he withdraw his IpvingkincU 
tiefs of Peace, and in anger remove from the face pf the earth 
t hat Man or Family, City or Nation, that will only acknowledge 
phrift in word, but in pra&ice refufe to obey his commands, 

The XVlltk CHAP, of the REVELATION continued. 

15. * And he fays to me, the waters which thou faw where ihm 
Whore fttSj are People, and Multitudes, and Nations, an4 

16. And tbe Ten Horns (meaning the Cardinals ) which thou faw> 
upon the Beaft, (meaning the Pope J thefe lhall hate the Whore, 
(meaning Rome ) and lhall make her defolate. and naked, and ibaty 

. eat her flelh and burn her with fire. 

The Cardinals will difegree an4 quarrel, then Rome will be 
conyulfed by Parties, and plundered alternately by each ( which 
wans, eating her flejh J j in doing this, they will fet the city pnnrq 
and almpft deftroy it. Jn due time after this, the latter part of 
the Nineteenth/ verfe, in the Sixteenth Chapter," will be fulfilled 
on Rome, fpirjtually Babylon, the capital of Italy ; when by a, 
mighty Earthquake, the city with the ground it ftands on will b% 
gifted up, fhook violently to pieces, and utterly overthrown. 

17. tor God has put in their hearts to fulftl his will, and tq 
agree, and give their king4om to the Beaft, until the words of 
God lhall be fulfilled. 

The Cardinals will continue in fubje&ion to th« Pppe, andagrc$ 
jn their meafures of government, aftifting him alfo with their Ad* 
vice and Power, until the time already determined is expired, 
which is nearly fo now ; that done, tke minds of the People will 


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V 44 3 

'^e changed, and another fpirit will be givc^i to &ejh/tb fplfif the 
judgment of God according to this Prophecy^ 

1 Was not permitted to join thi* ad4ition to this Book 'wh^nt 
firft printed, which is the reafon that it was paflcd oVer j but^nc^w 
1 am commanded by the ^ord mjr God, to prittt and join iHo tfcqj 
fcrmer part, therefor* 1 do, 


'10NJPbN,20th'of AeMondJi ' ' ' 

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1 Not Revealed to any other Person on Earthy 



Wrote under the. dire&ion of tht a 

L Q R D G O D, 




By the Man that will he Revealed to the HEBREWS . 

as their 1 

■ ■ , ■ . ,. ,,, B . 1 . v > .. ,_ 1 1 1 


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'T EttGTH of time, change of countries and governments* 
JL/ corruption of language, and hasty copies in writing* be- 
fore the more exact method of printing became generally used, 
has been the means of not only introducing, without design, 
into the Hebrew Bible, an insertion of some new words, but 
likewise an expulsion of some of the old, which produces a 
disagreement ir\ some few parts, and makes it differ now from 
what 'it originally was in the times of David, Solomon, and at 
the commencement of the Babylonian captivity: some parts of 
the English translation are, consequently, erroneous; but they 
are so immaterial afs not to affect, in the least, the truth of its 
sacred Records, or the tendency of its divine instruction. • 

The few parts of the English translation which I am in- 
structed to alter in my writings, the propriety will be allowed 
By every person that has discernment to perceive, or conviction 
to believe .-—beyond the limits of my authority, for it is pre- 
scribed,, I am not suffered to proceed in any word or in any 
way whatever. 

The following are the words which the Lord God spoke, to 
me in a vision,., soon after I was commanded to write and make 
known his judgments, for the good of London aijid general 
benefit of all nations : — There is no other man under, the whole 
heaven that I discover the errors of thq Bible to, and reveal a 
knowledge how to correct them, so that they may be restored 
as (hey were in the beginning, but yourself. 

Mpreover, when I began to write I believed it necessary to 
adopt the same language as the Scripture does, regularly imi- 
tating it in the words — ye, thee, and thou; but God spoke 
to. me in a vision of the night, and said — Write in the same 
mapner as I always speak to you ; write as other men do ; 
write according to top custom of the country you live in; you 
will then b'e better attended to, and what you write will be 
more easily understood. 

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iv £ RE F A C E. 

A man that has been an officer in the navy, whose immediate 
ancestors have been separated from the Jews such a considerable 
l i i g i h of time ai tc mr a ^ the wfor^t tj^^v^ ^lon^d to4hc 
name, such a man declaring himself openly to the world a pro- 
phet of God, the revealed Prince allotted to order the sudden 
return of the Hebrews from all nations, and govern them in 
the land of Israel, will, with some reason, I allow, excite 
.both astonishment and doubt ; but from the multiplied re- 
corded testimonies I produce, which no otlyer orr farth can, 
it ougty jgpt to j>revail with any person a*ja just objection 
agaiqjt believing what I write. 

For observe, some hostile profession was necessary for me to 
be engaged in, to fulfil the recorded judgment on the family 
I am designedjto represent in the seat qf government ; there- 
fore, wjth all the certain proofs I have and will constantly 
bring forward, with all the just reasons I advance, the surprize 
and doubt, entertained at the beginning, ought to vanish in 
as little time f as would be requisite, to read again the- book 
i whicli contains the account. , ' I 

' . But remember likewise, from the records of 4 Scripture^ 'that 
•Mose^ Ivas taken away in his infancy, and remainea separated 
from bis brethrefi for eighty years ; tlie first forty of wfiiph he 
was reared in the palace of the kirtg of Egypt, and edy^atep 
5n the language $nd customs of the country like'one of itsjowa 
■native princes ; y$t he w,as revealecl t% the Israelites , as t^p 
.prophet of God, to 'order their basty departure from Pharpah's 
Bondage, and afterwards to conduct them to the , Promised 

Saul, the sofrbTKish,' after being anointed king, prophe^ 
tied in company with other men, to the great astonishment 
pf all rhat saw him. 

David, king of Isreal, the greatest favourite that ever Goc| 
had on earth, whose wars, though many, originated at that 
time front necessity and justice, never undertook, but to pre- 
vent the introduction of idolatry, and preserve in the lane] 
Of Israel a true uninterrupted worship of God, was a prophet ; 
irnd for whose sake, in remembrance of his name, besieging 
Armies were destroyed, and Jerusalem safely delivered. i>t 
this great monarch, this unequalled favourite, this pattern of 
mercy to all kings, and who alone, of all men under heaven, 
possessed the established promise of everlasting national go- 
vernment, could not, (but the objection did npt proceed from 
any charge of injustice or sin,) for, being a man of war, and 
having shed much blood on the earth, although done by the 
express concurrence of the Most High, be permitted to build 
at Jerusalem a temple of worship for him : The great honour 
was given to Solomon, a king of peace, his son and immediate 
successor; so averfe, though necessitated to order it, was the 
Creator of the world to the effusion of 'blood and the destruc- 
tion' of man. * 

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7 And David said to Solomon, My son, as for me, it 
was in my taintf to build a house to the name of the Lord my 
God. ' -\ ' I 

8 But the woird of the Lord came to me, raying; thou hast 
shed much blood, and hast made great wars ; thou shalt v&V 
build a house to my name, because thou hast shed rrtuch 
blood on the earth in my sight. * J - 

9 Behold, a sort shall be born to thee, who shall be a man 
of rest, and I will give him rest from all his enemies rourrd 
ahout;' fofhis name shall be Solomon, and I 'will give peacje 
-3nd quietness to Israel in his days. . 

- ip He shall build a house for my name ; and he shall be my 
aon, and I wilt he his father; and 1 will estalblisir his kingdom 
over Israel for ever, . » < * 

Samuel was not only a priest, but likewise principal judge 
of Israel, yet he was a great prophet. 

Isaiah was a prince of the family of David, and likewise a 

Ezekiel was one of the principal priests. 

Jeremiah one of the poorer; yet both were alike great 

Amos was a poor herdsman of TeTcoa, in the" land of 


Daniel, a captive prince at Babylon, in Assyria ; and yet 
both were great projjhets. 

GOD, without being 'accountable to any man for what he 
does, wifl sanctify, with his blessed Spirit, whom he pleases, 
however astonishing it may appear, and however incredible 
to the s61f righteous, that any person in preference to himself, 
should receive and be commanded to make known a commu- 
nication of revealed knowledge ; * but with God there is 

* St. Paul wis taught a knowledge of the Gospel by revelation, and instructed 
likewise how to preach it, before he could be an apostle, and joined to the mi- 
nistry pf Christ. 


l l But I certify to you, brethren, that the Gospel which was preached of me 
is not after man ; 

* , 12 For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revela- 
tion of Jesus Chris^ 

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no distinction of high or low, rich or. poor ; in his presence 
both are regarded alike, when just ; and the Scripture 
abounds with, many examples, recorded on purpose for after 
ages to imitate. # . * 

In the same .manner that a knowledge of the Gospel, and 
Jiow to preach it, was' revealed to St. Paul, a knowledge of 
futurity, and tfcose parts of the Scripture I have constantly 
mentioned, were revealed to me. 


* If yc have Heard df the dispensation of the grace of God, wnieh is givep me 
toward you ; ^ ; . * 

3 How that l>y_ revelation he made known to me the mystery, as I wrote before 
"in few Words. * 1 ' ' 

4 Whereby when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in tie mystery of 
• Christ. ' 

5 Whi^h in otfber ages -was not made knpwn to the sbnV of men, ax it is now 
Tevealed to his holy apostles and prophets by the spirit, ■ 

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IN obedience to the sacred command of the, Lord God, whose* 
servant and prophet I am, I publish this writing, that it 
inw be translated into all languages, for the information and be- 
nefit of all nations. 

This is the last sign, and last warning:, I am commanded to. 
say, that will be given in writing before I zmrevealed to tlie'Jews^ 
wnen the commands delivered to me will be-— to order them to 
depart in great haste from all nations, and go to the land of Is- 
rael : to repronounce the judgments of God, which have beeu 
suspended nitherto for my sake, and declare them irrevocable. 

Of the phrothecy which relates to the present time of the World*, 
the present war, and the approaching distress of all nations. 



In the first year of Belshazzar, king of Babylon, Daniel had 
a dream, and visions in the night on his bed ; then he wrote the 
visions, to shew the substance of what they contained. 

2 Daniel spake and said ; I saw in my vision by night, and * 
toehold, the four winds of the heaven strove on the, great sea. 
/ 3 And four great beasts came up from the sea, different one 
from another. 

4 The first was like a lion, and it had eagle's wings : I be- 
held 'till the wings were plucked, when it was lifted up on the 
earth, and made stand on the fpet as a man ; and a man's heart ' , 
was given to it. 

The lion means George the Third, the present king of Eng- 
land ; plucking the wings of the lion, means taking away the 
power of the king; made stand on the feet as a man, with a 
man's heart, means his reduction to the condition of other men, 
and possessing similar thoughts. 

It is more than twenty months since I first wrote to the king, 
tiueen, and minister of state, to inform them of many things 
that would come to pas§; that the time was nearly accomplished 
for some of the judgments of God to be made manifest, and 
also that this prophecy was fulfilling : I beseeched them in the 
most earnest and respectful language, not to join in the war on 
any account whatever, or even encourage it ; for the death of 
louijs the Sixteenth woulo\be impossible to prevent, it was re- 
corded, and could not be avoided; the revolution in France* 

Digitized by 

I 8 ] 

and its consequences, jiroceedeTd entirely from the judgment of 
God to fulfil the prophecy of Daniel: therefore all attempts to 
overthrow the judgment, and preserve the monarchy by force, 
was opposing what was determined in the Scripture of Truth 
should most certainly take place. 

The aspect of the war was delusive, the encouragements of 
success that it held out to princes were deceitful ; but those en- 
couragements of delusion were permitted, to bring many nations 
under the judgment of God, and punish them for fh* heavy guilt 
Of opposing hrs decrees. , 

- If'raaay had no more to fight against than Br few men alone^ 1 
or nations but one divided nation to subdue, then if might with* 
reason be expected that the greatest number would soon over- 
come the least, and^that many strong nations would soon con>' 
quer a weak one : but it is many wen fighting against the Spi- 
rit of God, and strong nations labouring in vain with their blew 
and treasure to overthrow his Judgment. 

The Lord God. permits this opposition for three ye&i* and a 
half, to fulfil the determined part of this prophecy on all that op- 
pose it; that done, his Judgments will take place, to punish 
man and lay waste kingdoms. 

St. John the Apostle, in the nineteenth chanter of the Revie* 
lation, alludes to the present time of the world, and means the 
same things, though differently described, as the prophet Daniel 
does in the seventh chapter; for which I am commanded to 
insert a part, that all princes and governments may be publicly 
warned* that they may know the consequences of this war, 
from the judgritent offeod, will be—death to millions, and 
everlasting distress to all nations. . 

10 And I fell at his feet to worship him, and he said to me, 
see thondo it not ; I am thy fellow-servant, and of thy brethren 
that have the testimony of Jesus; worship God : fof the tes- 
timony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. 

11 And I saw heaven opened; and behold a white horse; 
and he that sat on him was called Faithful and True : and i n 
righteousness he doth judge and make war." 

12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head werfe 
many crowns; and be had a name written that no man knew" 
but he himself. 

13 And he was cloathed with a vesture dipped in bipod: aikl 
his name is called, The Word of God. 

14 And the'.armies which were in heaven foHowett hin> on : 
white horses, cloathed jn fine linen, white and clean. 

The arniies are an allusion to the powerful judgments of God, 
under what — or how many different forms their visitation? of 
d^ath is made on the worla. 

15 And out of his mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it he 
• should smite the nations : and he will rule *hem with a rod^of 

iron ; and he treads the wine-press of the fierceness and wrath of 
Almighty God. 

16 And he has on his vesture and on his thigh a/*ame written^ 
King of kings, and Lord of lords. - 

Digitized by 

r 9 t 

* j ~ - 

- * 17 And I saw an angel standing in the sun ; and he cried with 
a loud voice/ ( meaning thunder, which is explained in the first 
book of Revealed Knowledge) saying to all the fowls that %Jn 
the midst of heaven, come and gather yourselves together toT 
the supper of the great God. 11 * 

18 That ye may eat the flesh of kings'; and the fle'sh. of 'cap-; 
tains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, arid 
of them that sit on them ; and t;he flesh of all men, both free 
and bond, both small and great. ^ 

19 And I saw the beait, and the kings of the'earth, 5nJth^f? 
armies gathered together, to make war against Ttim that sat T>rt 
the horse, and against his army. f * . m : \ 

20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prJopfiet 
that wrought miracles before him, ~with which he deceived 
them that had received the mark of the beast, and thierrrthat 
worshipped his image,. These both were cast alive into a Ialc<» 
of fire burning with brimstone. . A V , 

21 And the remnant'were slain with the sword of him that 
sat on the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth ; and 
all the fowls were filled with their flesh. 


• 5 And, behold, another beast ; a sepond, like a bear : and it 
raised itself up on one side, with three ribs in its mouth be T 
. tween its teeth ; and they said thus to it, Arise, devour much 
flesh. , ' > t • . • 

This verse means the present Empress of Russia : She is ac- 
cording to the judgment of God in this prophecy, decreed to 
suffer death : and by revelation I am informed it will be done by 
the hands of man. / % , 

6 After this I beheld, and lo, another like a leopard : which 
jhad on its back four wings afafowl; the beast n ad also four 
heads, and dominion was given to it. ■ * 

The Leopard, means Louis the Sixteenth king of France : 
the wings of a fowl on its back, is, like the eagle's on the'" lion, 
ah allusion to the king's great moveable power. 

The fell of this monarch from a throne, and afterwards suffe- 
ring death, to fulfil the judgment of God by his prophet Daniel^ 
was impossible for all the armies of Europe to prevent ; equally 
so as the decreed death of Charles the First, king of England, 
, which is mentioned by St. John in the thirteenth chapter ana 
third verse of tlie Revelation ; the deadly wound being healed, 
in the same verse means the recovery of monarchy by the restora- 
tion of Charles the Second. 

' 7 After this I saw in the night visions a fourth beast ; and 
behold, it, was dreadful, and terrible and strong exceedingly ; 
and it had great iron teeth; ft devoured, fcroke in pieces, and 
stamped on the residue (meaning the electors) with its feet; it 
was different from all the beasts that were seen before, and it 
had ten horns. 1 
This great beast, so different from the others, means the pre; 

Digitized by 

[ io ] 

Sent emperor of Germany ; the teto horns, mean the electors, or 
princes of the empire. 

In one part of tnis chaptef the horns are denominated kirtgs ; 
the reason is, they raise armies, go to war and govern with abso* 
lute power, like them; but notwithstanding, they all accknow-* 
ledge the -emperor as, their chief, and under that acknowledge 
mentof subjection are solemnly engaged to defend his^ empire 
when called on. For which, to conceal the meaning of the 
prophecy, until the fullness of time comes and the appointed 
person for it to be revealed to, the vision represents the Germ- 
man princes as horns of defence belonging to the emperor'* 

It devoured, broke in pieces, and stamped on the residue 
with its feet — means the entire destruction of the German elec^ 
tors; and the possession of their territories by the emperor: he 
will destroy tnem, and also spread his dominion over Itzly; 
threatening at the same time all Europe, and despising its kings 
with their feeble efforts to oppose him, Rome will fall under 
his power and so will Venice likewise ; the former will be re- 
taken by the French republic, but the latter will be plundered 
and almost destroyed. After this, to fulfil the prophecy and 
the judgment of God, he will suffer death from the hands of 

The orders of the emperor, in the Netherlands, are, that if 
the Austrian army should be defeated, and it most surely will ; 
fori am commanded to repeat as an example and warning* 
what the prophet Jeremiah was commanded to say to' the mes- 
sengers of Zedekiah, king of Judaji : 

chap, xxxvu. 

9 Thus says the Lord ; Deceive not yourselves, saying, The 
Chaldeans will surely depart from us ; for they shall not de* 

. iq For though he has smitten the whole army of the Chal- 
deans that fight against you, and there remained but wounded 
men, yet they should rise up, every man in his tent, and burn 
this city with iire, t 

By the same example, if the French army was to be defea- 
ted, even again and again, it should recover and conquer like- / 
wise ; (that all the judgments of God, in the seventh chapter of 
the prophecy of Daniel, may take their course, and be fulfil- 
led,]) to acknowledge the French republic, and make an imme- 
diate peace on the best terms that can be obtained, the interests 
of other nations will not be much consulted ; time the threats of 
a victorious enemy, and the perilous condition of the German 
army, wiu not admit the least delay. 

> , The English will sharply remonstrate against this conduct; 
for which their army, however incredible it may appear to the 
Government now, will be surrounded, disarmed, and comman- 
ed to depart: but their general will be detained by the Aus- 
trian ; and, by aevelatipn fopm the Lord G6d to.xne, he falls t<y 
the ground. 

Digitized by 

C it j 

The emperor, being exhausted of money by the war, but 
having a large army at his command, determines, now he has 
Itiade peace with the French, and quarrelled with the English, 
to execute the plan he has for some time conceived the hopes 
of being one day able to accomplish — his father and' uncle, 
strange as it may appear, yet it is most certainly true, for I am 
informed, by revelation, conceived the same design, and ber 
lieved the attempt easily practicable when the opportunity of- 
fered, which is— "the reduction of all Germany, under the sole 
government of himself. 

He begins with seizing on the electorate of Hanover, and 
plundering it quite bare : after this success, his ambition for 
more extensive dominion will rise; it will now lead him boldly 
forward to subject and devour them all. For God, to fulfil 
his judgments, and this prophecy of Daniel, in chaper vii. wiH 
deliver him over, to be governed by the secret, but powerful 
workings of an evil spirit ; because his inclinations are bad : 
according to all that I informed the king and queen of, in 
May and June 1792; a$ he did Ahab, king of Israel, to ac- 
complish his fall, and the entire destruction of his family. 


,f ' CHAP. XXII. 

4 And he said to Jehoshaphat, Wilt thou go with me to the 
battle to Ramoth Gilead ? And Jehoshaphat said to the king 
of Israel, I am the same as thpu, my pe9ple as thy people, my 
horses as thy horses. 

5 And Jehoshaphat said to the king of Israel, Enquire, I 
pray thee, from the word of the Lord to-day. 

6 Then the king of Israel gathered the prophets together, 
#bout four hundred men, and said to them, Snail I go against 
Ramoth Gilead to battle, or shall I forbear ? and they said, 
Go up ; ftv the Lord will deliver it into the hand of the king* 

7 And Jehoshaphat said, Is there not here a prophet of the 
Lord besides, that we might enquire of him ? 

8 And the king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, There is one 
jnan yet, Micaiah, the son of Imlah, by whom we njay en- 
quire of the Lord : tut I hate him, for he does not prophecy 

food of me, but evil* And Jehoshaphat said, Let not the 
ing say so. 

11 And Zedekiah, the son of Chenaanah, made horns of 
iron ; and he said, Thus says the Lord, with these thou sha!t 
push the Syrians, until thou consume them. 

19 And all the prophets propbecied so, saying, Go up to 
Ramoth Oilead, and prosper : ior the Lord will deliver it mtp 
the king's hand. < 

tg And the messenger that was gone to call Micaiah, spake 
to him, saying, Behold now, the words of the prophets are 
as one mouth, declaring good to the king : let thy word, I 
pray thee, be like the word of one pf them, and speak that 
which is good also. Digitized by Google 

[ 14 ] 

14 And Micaiah said, As the Lord lives, what the Lord 
says to me, that will I speak : 

17 And he said, I saw all Israel scattered on the hills., a$ 
sheep which have not a shepherd: and the Lord said, These 
have no master ; let them return, every man to his house in 

18 And the king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, Did I not 
tell thee, that he would prophecy no good for me, but evil ? 

19 And he said, Hear thou therefore the word of the Lord: 
I saw the Lord sitting on his throne, and all the host of heaveii 
.standing by him, on his right hand and on his left. 

20' And the Lord said, Who will persuade Ahab, that he 
may go up and fall at Ramoth Gilea;cr ; and one said in this 
manner, and another said in that manner. 

21 And there came forth a Spirit, and he stood before the 
Lord, and said, I will persuade him. 

22 And the Lord said to him, In what, manner? And he 
said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth 
of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade him^ 
and prevail also : Go forth, and do so. 

23 Now, therefore, behold, the Lord God has put a lying 
spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets, and the Lord has 
spoken of evil concerning thee. 

The Emperor's council will be filled with the same delusive 
evil spirit, that they may concur with him, and possess the 
same violent inclination for war and human destruction as himr 
self. At this time a fresh decree will be issued from Vienna, 
commanding all Germany, and all the people under his govern- 
ment, as he conquers them by fire and sword, to offer solemn 
prayers up to the Lord God, for TTie further success of his im- , 
pepal Majesty's arms, the entire destruction of his enemies, 
and the preservation of himself; styling him, in blasphemy 
against (jod y \heix most Gracious, Just, and Merciful Sove- 
reign Lord. 

; The other nationS of Europe, afraid and trembling, will as 
solemnly implore the same Lord God for peace and safety, 
against such a cruel enemy, forgetting, that it was but a little 
time before, they were praying in the same strain of blasphemjr 
as himself— To destroy tneir enemies, and give success to their 
arms; to that very gracious and compassionate God, who 
sealed the redemption of man with his own blood, and strictly ^ 
commanded all nations, as his children and people, to live in 
peace and brotherly love. 

Opposition is in vain ; he goes through the principalities like * 
a flood^nd collects in his progress a mighty army. The course 
of the prophecy is, That he shall conquer and destroy all be- 
fore him: therefore he certainly will j and take away the trea- 
sure of many wealthy cities likewise. 

After this, to finish oppression, and fulfil the decreed judg- 
ment of God, the French Republic will be raised' against him; 
his army will be entirely overthrown in Italy,- and himself will 
be compelled to /seek shelter among the very people whose re* \ 

Digitized by CjQOglC 

C 13 I 

lations he, destroyed, whose towns he plundesed and burrlt/but 
a little time before, This is Francis, the present reigning em? 
.peror of Germany, who is described, in chap, vii. ver. 7. of 
the propbecy of Daniel, as great, strong, and terrible ; stamp- 
ing under his feet with contempt, and destroying all the princes 
round him. His ambition will increase with his dorninion, 
and his conquests wilLbe so wonderful, for a short time, as to 
mal^e all Europe tremble ; his end is miserable ; and as he 
treated others without mercy, no mercy will be shewn to him. 
His death, by the hands of man is certain, because decreed ; 
and his punishment everlasting, because recorded. To be 
related to him now, will be considered hereafter as a capital 
crime. . t 


8 I considered the horns, and behold there came up among 
them another little horn, before whom there were three of the 
first horns plucked up by the roots ; and behold, in this horn- 
were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great 
things. , 

This little horn, that grows great, and becomes so ambitious 
^ as to pluck up three, of the other horns, to extend his own do- 
minion, is the present King of Prussia. He is one .of. the im- 
perial electors, and to fulfil exactly what the visions of God 
describe him to be, he confidently calls himself, in great wordd* 
The preponderating member of the Germanic body. 

The king of Prussia will acknowledge the French republic* 
and also make peace with it: he will oppose the Emperor, and 
likewise follow his example ; by which nis dominions, to fulfil 
the prophecy, will be enlarged (comparitively for a njdment 
only) by the addition of three electorates, when the Bear, 
(meaning Russia,) watching for the opportunity, will rise and 
devour Prussia at one side, while the Emperor destroys him at 
the other. His armies will be defeated, and his capital set oa 
fire by the Bear : his life will be taken away from the earth, 
and his monarchy, to fulfil the everlasting decrees of the Lord 
God, ih .the prophecy of Daniel, will be destroyed ; never, 
never, to be' restored any more. 

Russia will assist the Emperor in the beginning, to promote - 
her favourite design of destroying the Turkish empire; she 
will also quarrel with the Poles, and devour great number of 
them ; Warsaw will be set on fire, and the government en- 
tirely changed. At this time the Russian army^ (or Bear,} 
as if impatient 1 for its food, to rise and devour much flesh, will 
enter Turkey, and comparatively run over the land; treading 
down, and devouring with great fury, alt opposition in its 
way. At the capital it stops ; here are its decreed bounds ; 
no farther it must go. Here the Russian general divides the ' 
spoils of many cities with his army, and the rich provinces of 
Turkey between his officers. Here he despises' the oath of 
fidelity, and throws away the submission of a subjects-pro- , 
chiming hipself Emperor of Greece. Bigitii9d by Google ; 

C h 3 

After this the Swede will enter Russia, and destroy with 
great fury; even the ships of war and capital will not escape. 
The Russian empire will be convulsed in many parts by its 
generals and governors, each rising up in his place, and claim- 
ing an authority to command the other; they will fight until 
great multitudes are destroyed, and the country made desolate. 
The imperial family will all be cut off, and no successor will 
for ever after arise ; the Government, at the same time, wfll 
be broke to pieces, and utterly dissolved ; never, never, to 
be restored any more. 

The Spanish Monarchy will cease by this war, and the 
Stadtholdership of Holland will be cut off close to the ground ; 
according to the visions of God to me, in 1792, and which t 
communicated at that time by his sacred* command to the 
king and queen of England. 

The king of Sardinia will be dethroned, and the Popedom 
destroyed for ever ! according to the revelation of God to me, 
and which I communicated to the English prime minister be- 
fore the war with France was entered into ; concluding what 
I wrote to him with these words — It is not all the navy of Eng- 
land, nor the armies of Europe united, can prevent the king 
of Sardinia from being dethroned. 

The death of the trench king, as one of the particular num- 
ber, mentioned in the seventh .chapter of Daniel, decreed to 
dtt, took place, to fulfil the predetermined judgment of God 
by this prophet ; the monarchy of France is likewise, by the 
fame judgment, abolished for ever, and the present form of 
government established*. Therefore marvel no more that it 
cannot be conquered by all the armies without, nor destroyed 
by all the commotions within ; if it could, by human power, 
the Horn (meaning the king; of Prussia) would be theallotted 
man to accomplish it: for the meaning ofthe prophecy is, that 
he shall prevail against France for three years and a half, but 
not to conquer the whole : he would have faithfully kept with 
his army in France the promises he made with his mouth on 
entering it; which were, to deliver over the towns for plunder, 
and the people for death, if he was opposed. * It is for this 
that he is described by Daniel, to have a mouth speaking great 
things and blasphemies. All this would have been permitted, 
because recorded, to fulfil the prophecy ; to hasten his own 
destruction, and the general fall 01 European Monarchy* 

The Dutch will acknowledge the French republic, and also 
make a hasty peace^with it ; the Portuguese will do the same. 




HEAR what the Lord God additionally says to me by re- 
velation, and commands me to write — France seeing England 
left alone, deserted by all her allies, will require, as the con«^ 

C H 3 

ditions of peice* an acknowledgment of the republic, a resto* 
ration of the colonies, and the ships taken away from Toulon., 
For a short time he will permit England, as he will Russia and 
Germany, to succeed in tne acquisition of delusive conquest* 
but it is the better — the more effectual, and more impercepti- 
ble to human foresight, to accomplish his judgment on her* 
according to the prophecy of Daniel and Revelation of St. John ; 
*fter that short time is expired, which is nearly so now, new 
tnemies will rise up, some warring against her openly, others 
privately; all will, prevail, until she that sits now, as a queen 
among the nations, is, according to the vision of God, in my 
first book, without a cohering on her head, worn thread-bare, 
$nd rent in many places. 

Will England continue this war any longer against a people 
that has the judgment of God in their favour ? Will she, by 
a continuance of the present war against France, enter into 
another, for the safety of Hanover, against the Emperor of 
Germany, who will be rendered invincible for a time, as a 
scourge, to fulfil the recorded judgments of God ? Will she 
continue this war any longer for her destruction, that she may 
enter into a fresh one with America to hasten it ? Is the king 
pf England so regardless of hi$ own life, and the preservation 
of his family, as to involve them with himself in certain, mi- 
sery and death, by a longer continuance of this war ? Is the 
government, the parliament, the clergy and people, so inseiv- 
sible to the blessings of peace, and the nappiness of fortune, as 
to prefer tne absolute certainty of losing all they possess, and 
being destroyed themselves, to support a war which, in its 
consequences, to fulfil the judgment of God, is designed shall 
threw down, forever, the English monaj?ehy; and frpm the 
confusion i{ will make, throughout the country, involve almost 
every family of wealth in beggary and death ? 

Are you, William Pitt, to whom I wrote in May and June 
1792, informing you of the coaisequences of this war to your 
country, when the war was not intended, so insensible to your 
pwn preservation and the benefit of your brother, as to continue 
any longer a war that will involve both you and him in certain 
death?What I acquainted you with in 1792, and ofteri since, wa§ 
made known to me by visions and revelations from the Lord 
God. The death of Louis XVI. and the removal of the Eng- 
lish crown from the king's head, to a level with the ground* 
according to the seventh chapter of Daniel ; the fall of the 
queen's palace, and the destruction of the Tower ; your own 
removal from administration, and.afterwards death, was among 
the things which I informed you of would most certainly come 
to pass as the evil consequences of this delusive war. My ao- 
count to you then, of futurity, concluded with these words — 
4t The visions are established, and the things mentioned moat 
certain and true." 

When I informed you that England would enter into this 
war, and the consequences which would, in despite of all your 
efforts, flow from it^ you despised me; for, at that time, the 

Digitized by 

' C. 16 ] i ; . * 

war was not jntended \ 'artel to tell of evils that would most 
certaialy ensue from a thing, when the thing they were to pro - 
teed from was not designed, wefre to you the effects of folly and 
deceit. ^ . 

My knowledge of future things is given me from God^ there- 
fore what I wrote was true: A little time longer, and England 
will be so much entangled as not to be able to go forward 
Without feeling the pains of that colonial conquest which is to 
be the cause ot her death ; nor to retire, without falling under 
that foreign blow, which will break the empires in pieces, and 
throw herself down on the ground ; from whence she is never 
to rise up any more. 

Neither evil can be prevented, and both will'take place, to 
•Eutfirthe judgment of God, ' according to the prophecy of Danieji 
land Revelation of St. John; unless what 'I write is believed to 
tbe'Jrue, and the advice I give is strictly fallowed. Fleets and 
armies are great things to talk of, because terrible to* destroy 
mankind ; but, when opposed by the power of heaven,' they 
become weak, they lose their force and terror ; for most of 
those in Europe are destined for the rocks and the flames : 
'They are permitted to conquer a little for a. short time now; 
ibut it is, 1 like Russia ^nd Germany, to hasten that dreadfiil 
fall of human government which will soon take place in the 
'World : for they ever have been, in the hand of God, the very 
instruments to effect what princes designed to prevent: '\ 

On the 12th of the month caljed May 1792, I wrote to the 
'king, minister of /state, and speaker of the commons, that no 
person should be able to say, hereafter, my conduct Whs irre- 
gular, or in the least disrespectful, to inform them that I was 
commanded, by the Lord God, to go to the Parliament-house 
on the 17th following, and acquaint the members, * for their 
own personal safety, and the general benefit of the. country — 
'That the time of the World was come to fulfil the seventh 
chapter of the prophecy of Daniel, and some of the judgments 
of God in the Revelation ; that the death of Louis AVI. and 
the revolution in France, for the perpetual destruction of its 
monarchy, was decreed in the Scripture of truth ; and would, 
against all human opposition^, most surely take place : To in- 
form them that the war, just going tp be commenced, by 
Prussia and Austria, against France, was the very, war alluded 
to by St. John, in the Revelation, chap xix. which God called 
a war a'gainst himself ; because it went to oppose his decrees, 
and because it would be an effort of kings to overthrow his un- 
alterable judgment. I was commanded to advise them, as I 
was the king and minister state, not to join in the war, or 
even encourage it on any^aceount whatever : To inform thern 
of the approaching fall of monarchy in Europe, the great disr 
"tress this war would be productive of to all nations, but parti- 
cularly to those that engaged in it: and likewise to inform thera 
of their own sudden fall in/the jaws of the earth by a pre-de- 
termihed earthquake, according to the judgment of God, irji 
chap. xvi. ver. i6 } 17, j8 and 19, of the Revelation f and, 

Digitized by 

[ «7 ] 

lastly, to entreat them to acknowledge this gracious communi- 
cation from God, for their length of life and blessing, by an 
obedience to his good advice. 

When at the door, on the 17th, 1 informed the Speaker by 
a letter, that I waited, ahd was ready to communicate all that 
I was commanded. In a few minutes after a messenger return- 
ed, with my own letter, who treated met in such a public place 
particularly, with unfeeling contempt and incivility. The 
Lord God spoke to me instantly, on being ordered to go about 
my business, and said — Get away, get away from this place ; be 
under no concern, it was not you that was despised and ordered 
arway, but me, in your person, that sent you. 
* , Soon after my return home I was in a vision, and saw a large , 
measuring rod move through the ,stre$ ts in great haste, and 
strike many of the houses as it passed, marking them for their 
approaching fall. After this 1 was made to look towards the 
Treasury^ while the Lord God pronounced, at the same time— 
All that side shall fall. In an instant, the whole place was co- 
vered with thick darkness ; it seemed to be everlasting darkness ; 
tJarkness that should never be removed : And, again, he pro- 
nounced, in quick words, as if displeased— The whole snail 

The information, as will be plainly seen by the date, which 
t gave to thg king arid minister of staid, with what I was com- 
manded to offer to the parliament, was not only before the pre- 
sent war with France was entered into, but also some length of 
time before it was ever intended : therefore no person can say, 
with justice, that either my conduct in obeying the positive 
commands of God, or my endeavours to preserve peace ,• to pre- 
serve this country from the many evils it has now to encounter 
with, according to the determined judgment of unerring pro- 
phecy; originated from weak ideas or political motives. No, 
i«y knowledge is given from God ; I see all things now as they 
truly are; and know their consequences, to change themfo 
what they really will be hereafter. % 

I am commanded to keep no company, and live retired; 
that I may avoid the temptation of political discussion, or any 
other argument; that would create- animosity and strife. 

. • The Two Parts of the revelation, to be fulfilled on lowdok, and 
the English praliament, according to the Judgment of God ; but 
are immediately suspended for my Entreaty. 


g AND I will give power to my two witnesses, and they 
ihall prophecy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, 
clothed in sackcloth. 

4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks, 
parting Wore thp God of the^arth. Digitizedby Google. 

C f8 3 

THSfufo ffifjiissVs, the two olivetrm, ktf&'l&e^&emdtesticks, 
ifiSaW'thesam^two parts of the everlasting Gospel of Salvation, 
as they ar6 wfQteby St. Matthew and St. Jdhn ; which afi^the 
fwt^dftpstttf M& fa <V 

* This exjilaiiation alone, "which has never been discovered fo 
any* befbr£, is sufficient fo strike every man with conviction/ thai 
studies the Scripture, £nd believes in the" spirit of God, that, 
& this part is true, the ; others* I have, arid shall constantly men- 
tion, ar£ equally so; and that a knowledge of the whole comes 
direttfy tp me from the Divine Being. 

* As the £yes of the blind cannot be opened, nor the sick hea* 
led, {>ut by the immediate power of God; so neither can the 
I>ropn£cies bV truly explained,' but by regular instrtrction from 
the same Almighty Being. 

Read dfiligently what follows;, arid by the information con- 
template on -the mighty goodness of God, for revealing a true 
knowledge of his prophecies in sufficient time to implore for 
rriefc^, arid save a city, with multitudes of people, recorded to 
Be'destroyed. . 
,,7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the 
be^st that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against 
them, and will overcome them, and kill them. 

8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the strict of the gr^at 
city, which is spir-itualty called Sodom in Egypt, where alsaf 
pur Lord wa£ crucified. 

This great city rrientiorie&here, means London ; hfcr streets are 
Tull of prostitutes, arid many of her houses are full of crimes. It 
ii for such exceeding great wickedness, that St. John spiritually 
calls London, in this chapter,- by the name of Sodorit, arid infers, 
from the toleration of so much evil, that the two witnesses 
of Christ, that the two apostles, St, Matthew and St. John, 
spiritually represented by the two parts of the Gospel, which 
rney wrote, that their two bodies lie dead — thrown out in the 
street-^f rampled under the foot of vice. 

ii And after three daysand a half the spirit of life from God 
entered into them, and they stood upon their feet, and great 
fearfefl on al! that saw thern. 

The three days* and a half, means three years and a half ^ 
#nd the present is the time of the world alluded to by St. John : 
for until the present war, of time, times, and the dividing of time f 
which is three years'and a half, according to the 7th chapter of 
DanieJ^aJso is expired, the two parts of the blessed GospeLwill. 
lie dead, in London, and over Europe likewise: after wnicli, a 
propliei (myself) will be revealed to tne world, with sighs and the 
mighty power of ii re from Go^i ;. tne two parts of the gospel of sol- 
vation will then be revived. (For my designation is, ana the com- 
mands of God to me are, that Ishattwalk through the great thorough- ^ 
fare-sireetj^ re-pronounce his judgments*, dnd decmre 

tneinlrfr$ffiaile. As a testimony from &6A that tftey have been swfc 
P£V$?4>f9 r j$y£ a % e > are now commanded to he fulfilled, because 
nis offers ofmWty , have been desbised y cfnd his messenger treated 
as false, Ham to take the rod, which ktordm'^^ in 1792/ 

£ c» J 

andihwuttit an the ground 9 when iirtill befhfrngedinto a serpent; 
ta tyke it in my bamd again , when it will be re~cl\ange 'i a rod.) 
I-he people of London will then, tremble, and all natio/is^wili be 
grfeatly afraid, when they hear the dreadful consequences for 
neglecting ihem so long. 

12 And they heard .a great voice from heayep, (meaning 
thunder) saying *o them,. Come up hither. And they ascen- 
ded up to heavgnin a cloud, and their enemjes beheld them. 

ig And the^ame hour there was.a gre§t earthquake, and the 
tenth part of the city fell; and in the earthquake were^Iain of 
men seven, thoqsand, and the, remainder were affrighted, ^and 
gave glory (meaning honour) to the Qod of heaven. 

The recorded judgment of God, according to this la$t ver^e, 
is, that London, for indeed it is the city meant, shall be yisite^ 
hy aji earthquake, , and a tenth part.^f ;it de§troyea ; in i^j^fiik 
part, about seven thousind persons will be killed. Wnenjthe 
people, see this^ they will be convinced that it prp$$tfeSppm Jthe 
great anger of God, for despising his 9 ffered nier^,.an^,tf^tjj}g 
fiis messenger ill then they will*aU be frighten^, ♦^n^T^fau 
believe : Tnen the city will honour him by instant refoqrptrp^, 
&tid all the people will implore him .for pity. t 

Lot was laughed/at, and * the dagger d^p^ed by his.spns in- 
few, whejiiieisaidftotfhem, " Up,g$tyou putofthis place, tof 
the Lord will destroy, this city-. 7. Sodpm was burnt, jan/Ltl^ey 
perished. , r . <■' fV . , r 

The king of Nintvah* although a professed jidojater^ and im- 
mersed in wickedness, believed the jujdgflient oC(Jodby )ijs ' 
prophet when he ; heard it, without tie. ja(fditional testimony of 
scriptural evidence ; he immediately r^UmbJed hi msejf, reformed, 
and entreated fi>r. mercy; by doing so, the city was forgiven, 
and all its people saved. 

14 The second woe is past, and behold the third woe comes 
quickly. .» , 


This part which follows 1 elongs to the ' thirteenth dhqpter; and is 
a continuation of the account begun there of the rise y progress, 
*. and perpetual fall of the' English * 1 ' '* • 

ig And Ie»w three unclean spirit* like frogs ccAme out of fhe 
mouth of ^ the *'dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, ax\c^ 
out of the^noudh of the false prophet. 

• ' 1$ tj? wtheyiAmtlie spirits of 4^yils, working miracles, which 
go forth to the:kiiigs of the earth, .and of jthejW^le wcfrld, {o 
gath«r.thein/tcdlhe )battle of frjat great cfey.of Qod ; Alrrughty. v 

The thirteenth ferse means tbclprocla^atiqp, issued -out by t the 
king and council, to assemble, for the last time tfie Engjjsh pa^- 
liament ; they are to meet, Jwikare never to separate, that all 
. things jivthi^prophecv tela^v^ to them inay be fulfiUejd ; and 
, in. the alfatted tjfiae will, according tp trie judgment 01 Gcjd, be 

• de$trQy?dfey ^fa/thquakei ' . , , , v 

Header,/ consider attentively what I write, and remember 

J I 

that sin is always committed by man through the temptation of 
Satan, (for there is ho man on earth that does not do wrong at 
times, neither is there any that is not a sinner ; lookat the words 
of Solomon in his prayer when the Temple was dedicated.) 
This proclamation then being blasphemous, is in the same man* 
her directed by his secret and powerful influence. 

16 And he (meaning the king) gathered them together into 
a place, called in the Hebrejr tongue Armageddoh. 

Tfoe^n, means the Parliament; Armageddon, their house to> 
assemWe jmd die in. 

* Armageddon was a valley to bury the dead in, and also a place 
of great mourning, v near Jerusalem : the Parliament House it* 
London being the recorded propkecied burying-place of its mem* 
tew, and multitudes besides, is, for its designed similarity to the 
former, spiritually called in the Hebrew tongue by the same 

17 And the seventh angel poured out his vial in the air ; andT 
there came a great voice (meaning loud thunder) out of the 
-Temple of heaven, from the Throne, saying — " IT IS 

Thia^rerse means, thrft when the allotted time is expired for the ' 
English parliament to exist, the Lord God will pronounce from 
the Throne of heavjen, in a voice of very loud thunder, the judg- 
ment of its utter destruction on a sudden. 

18 And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; 
and there was a great earthquake, such as wa6 not since men 
were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake and so great. - 

The judgment of God being to destroy the English Parlia- 
ment, this mighty earthquake will swallow it up at the very * 
•time of its sitting; and likewise so much of London, as to leave 
but three divisions of it standing. 

L 19 And the great city was divided into three parts; and the 
cities of the nations fell : and great Babylon ( meaning Rome i« 
this chapter) came in remembrance before God, to give to her 
the cup of tne wine of the fierceness of his wrath. 

20 And ever/island fled away,- and the mountains were not 

The city mentioned here, under the name of the^great city, 
means London ; this designed recorded earthquake will be felt in 
all nations under -heaven as well as in England, and its dreadful 

* effects by mosfrttties in the world as well as London. The 
- earth will be shook so violently at this time as to make it sink in 
4 many places, and let the sea flow in where the land was : moun- 
tains will sink to a level with vallies, and many islands will 
disappear for ever in the sea. Tip's earthquake will spread de- 
solation throughout all countries, and destroy great multitudes 

* of people. — 

The United States of America will declare war against Eng- 
land ; but before they do, France will lose all her West India 
Islands; and after they do, Jamaica will be the last in the pos- 
*e«ion of the English. Digitizedby Google . 

/ -Oft tin* 25 th of June, I7g&, I wrote to the.French amba* 
aador then in London, by command, o; the Lord God, a$* 
ouainting him with the future loss of the French Islands, and 
likewise the fall of the English. But he treated it in thesaaa? 
manner as all the writings of the prophets of God ever have 
been, when they sent divine information, when they spoke 
the truth, when they did not flatter with pleasing words to der 

There will great changes take place in all nations under hea- 
ven, to fulfil this prophecy of Daniel by visions in the seventh . 
chapter: Nation will not only rise aga wist nation, but they 
will be likewise torn by civil wars 'in themselves ; .kingdom 
will rise against kingdom* and man agaipst man ; uqtil they 
fight and fall-^Yo rise no more, The sword will destroy 
great multitudes of people by this waj?, and occasion fright&tl 
desolations over the earth. 

-The promise of God by the prophet Hoggai t&Zerubbabel, Gotitr- 
nor of Judah, althvttgh mentioned in the first book, I ani cdin- 
manded to repeat it here, means the present time oj % the wortd, 
and the present war with its destructive consequences; and my- 
« self the man, in whom this great promise of wonderful distinc- 
tion and elevation is to be fulfilled. ' - 

^ v ' - CHAP. II • * . ' 

20 . AND again! 'the \vord of the Lord came to Hagg&Hri the 
four and twentieth day of the month saying 

at 9 Speak to Zerobbabel, governor of Jtidah, and say, I wflf 
^shake the heavens and the earth* v 

2£ And I will overthrow the thrones of kingdoms, and I 
will destroy the strength of the kingdoms ofthe heathen ; I will 
overthrow their chariots, and those that ride in them; their 
.horses and riders shall come down, every one by the sword of 
,the other. 

* The present time of the world, and this present war in its 
spreading consequences, is the time of trouble and destruction 
meant by the prophet : this is also the Great War recorded by 
.Daniel and St. John, that no man has a knowledge of its pro- 
: gress and how it will end revealed to him but myself : this is the 

war which will fill up the measure of transgression, and carry 
,the guiltof sheddipg innocent blood into alienations : the sword 
lis drawn in heaven, and the cup of fury held out to the earth, 

according to the prophecies in the scripture, and the visions of 

God shewn to me, which are recorded by his sacred command 

mi the first book 5 therefore she must drink deep from the one> 
, that she miay feel less the bitterness of death from the other, until 
. wastedof Her inhabitants. 

23 In that day, says the Lord of Hosts, I will take thee, O 

Zerubbabel, my servant, the son of Shelathiel, and will make 
; thee as a signet; for I have chtfsen thee, says the Lord of 


The promise of God to Zerubbabel, by the prophet Haggaj, 
in this verse, means, that when the time of the world is come, 
and this prophecy fulfilling, he will be revived in his descen- 

it 3 

danfc, **he will bet not only like himself, tte wsible prince arid 
-governor* fix llie Jews, but also *eceive,the fiiilt performance of 
this great -promise ; which is, to. be regardedvby all nations^* 
3heir signet of peace and safety. ^ 

The covenant! to king David, and the renewal of it to Solo- 
anon, with thb recorded promise to Zerubbabel, will be ftilfil- 
jpd in me;* for which the lord God,, through this writing, holds 
me out now as the oromised signet in his hand to all nations that 
-believe in* him, and commands me to say, That his recorded 
Judgments,' in the Scripture, according to all that I have men- 
tioned, according to the prophecies of Daniel, Haggai, and 
St John in the Revelation, for the fall of cities, the fall of 
thrones, the fall of princes, the deajh of millions, and me de- 
solation of kingdoms, - shall be suspended agairr^ if the nations 
at war will accept of ,^fe, and return to his government of 

But if they allow themselves- to be led away by delusive temp- 
tati^rf6, if tney refuse to believe that I am commanded to offer 
th^e; things, although supported by undeniable proofs of Scrip- 
ture,, of revealed knowledge in this book, as well as in the 
first, which are unkawn to any other, and which wereneyer 
jna4£ jchown Uxany jnswi^before: if they will, not accept qf this 
gracious offer of mercy for their length of life nqw, and 
the good of their children .hereafter, all I have mentioned, 
&\\ tf\e prophecies of DfcnieJ, Haggai, and SdifJohn in *he Re- 
velation, which relate to the present time of the world and the 
present- war, will be fulfilled rthe sword must go through,and 
earthquakes will soon follow; thrones willbe destroyed, cities 
Jevelled with the ground, millions of people ,will be cut off, and 
kipugloms will be made desolate for ever. 

The Lord God, the better to make all nations believe immen 
diately,. and the people I live among regard me as his prophet, 
for their benefit in future, gave me the true age of the world, 
byrwhich he fulfils his recorded judgments, and taught rae, by 
j direct instruction from himself, how to write it down; the 
tinae ofeshevvringhis mercy to the Jews, by their restoration ; the 
.true meaning of the prophecies, and time of fulfilling them, 
.with his commands to publish the information to the world; that 
i v^hen Jarn.openly revealed to the Hebrewsand people of London, 
>fio the former, to order their immediate departure from England, 
lender my own direction ; to the latter, to convince them, the 
loud thunder, in January rygx, was to proclaim the judgment 
. of pod and fall of London ; but that the judgment was suspended 
ana 1 the eity pardoned, for my ^entreaty, J and ordered to re- 
pronounce, with the power of fire, his irrevocable judgments, 
no nation may be able to say, We were not informed of any of- 
fers of mercy from God, or of those things. which would lead 
* us to believe the age of the, world, was so great, and the prophe- 
cies of desolation were fulfilling; for the king and principal 
members of the English government, with nearly all the foreign 
ambassadors in London for their respective countries, have 
been informed; and will all, besides, receive this additional 
true, hiik last information, %a irking. Dg >ogle 

0*3 ] 


In the 1 Seventh Chapter, continued. • - 

9 I BEHELD till the thrones were cast down, and 
the Ancient of Days did sit ; whose garment was white 
as snow, and the hair of his head like pure wool ; his 

- throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burn- 
ing fire. 1 - ' 

This verse alone, unassisted by any information fronr 
me, is sufficient to explain the most necessary parts of 
the chapter to know \ every person that reads, it must, 
confess that it alludes to the latter time of the world, a^d 
that the general dissolution of human grandeur, whicii, 
it mentions, is but th6 cxpe&ed necessary preparation for 
the coming of Christ* to judge the world. 

10 A fiery stream issued, and came forth from before 
ftinr; thousand thousands ministered to him, and ten 
thousand times ten thousand stood before him i the 
judgment was set, and the books were opened. 

The latter part of this verse corroborates the explana- 
tion that is given of the preceding one. 

ill beheld then, because the voice of the great words 
which the hofn spdke<— is the king of Prussia — (here the 
prophet Daniel returns to the former part of the vision, 
and gives a further account of what was shewn him.) I 
beheld, even till-the beaSt was slain, and his body de- 
stroyed, and given to the burning flame. 

The death of this beast, means the death of the em- 
peror of Germany, it is certain ; and all the armies of 
Europe cannot save him, nor prevent the accomplishment 
of it by the hands of man. The judgment of God, ac- 
cording to this prophecy, is also, that he shall suffer the 
punishment of everlasting fire. 

12 As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had theif 
dominion taken away ; yet their lives were prolonged for 
a season and time. 

13 I saw in the night visions, one like the Son of man ; 
and behold, he came with the clouds of heaven, and 

* came to the Ancient of Days, and stood frear before 
. him. 

14 And there was given him dominion, and glory, 
and a kingdom ; that all people, nations, an4 languages f 

Digitized by Goode 

C H J 

should scfve him : his dominion is an everlasting domi- 
nion, which shall not pass away ; and his kingdom that 
which shall not be destroyed. 

15 I f Daniel, was grieved in my spirit in the midst 
of my body, and the visions I saw troubled me. 

16 I came near to one of them that stood by, (an angel,) 
and asked him the meaning of all these things; so he 
told me, and made me understand the interpretation of 

The prophet Daniel, in his visions, as well as St. 
John the apostle in the Revelation, had attoays an attend- 
ing angel near, to explain the meaning of every thing he 
saw that was necessary for him to be informed of. 

"17 These great beasts, which are four, are four kings, 
tfhich shall arise out of the earth. 

1 3 But the saints of the Most High shall take the 
kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for 
ever and ever. 

The time is very nearly come for the judgments of God 
fo fa> felt in all nations, and this part of the prophecy to be 
fulfilled in Europe : It is a warning to all princes and 
States, to honour God, and fear his judgments ; to live 
in peace, and govern with mercy. \ 

19 Then I asked him the meaning of the fourth beast, 
which was different from all- the others, and exceeding ' 
dreadful! whose teeth were of iron, and its nails of 
brass ; which devoured, brdke in pieces, and stamped 
on the residue with its feet. 

20 And of the ten horns tbatr were in its head, and of 
the other which came upf, before whom three fell ; even 
of that horn which had eyes, and a moutkthat spake 
very great things, whose look was more stout than his v 
fellows. * ^ 

The beginning of this verse means the German Prin- 
ces; the rest of it the King of Prussia ; he threatens 
and executes more,- presuming on the unconquerable 
power of his army, than any of his equals. His being 
represented imxhe visions of God as a horn, with eyes, 
and a mouth speaking very great things, is an allusion 
to his military strength, quick discernment, and violent 
inclination to quarrel; always disputing for territory , 
pushing at or fighting against some nation or other. 
* 21 .1 beheld, and the same horn made war on the saints, 
and prevailed against them. 

Digitized by Goode ; 

r 1 ', • 

*■ *"-'.-. ,. 

Fot- ftfy fentreaty, the Lord <jdd lias &e£n pjeaspd t<$ 
suspend this part of the prophecy, the latter ,part of the 
twenty-first verse, that of allowing the Kjng, of Prussia * 
to prevail against the righteous, and govern them wjtti 
great oppression, under the power of hjs atmy, for three 
y^ars and a hatf. 

-2i Unril the Ancient of Days came, \vljeh judgment 
\Vas giWnYof the saints of the Most High, and the tim$ 
catafc that^he saints should possess the kingdom. 

2 j Thus he said ; The fourth beast will be the, fourth 
fcingdloffr on earth. ' (The Emperor will reduce, undes 
his subj£&iori, all Germany, the neighbouring s^atesj 
arid Sit Italy, to form this greit f kingdom)/wqich \v\t\ 
be different from all the other kingdoms ;\ : (meting the 
tither great kingdoms or monarchies^ shewn in the vi-j 
sions ; which are, England, Russia, and France.) It 
will- try to devour the whole ear^h, tread iij 4own, ancf 
£reakjt in pieces. ' ' 

, £4, ,And tlrie feo horns, out of his kingdom (meaning 
tjie German electors, before tbey arc destroyed by the 
EmpeMrJ are ten kings which will arise ; and another 
wifl arise after th£m (meaning the, king of Prussia, whp 
is an 6Te&or ; he will be different from the first, and wUt 
$ubdue three kings. 

"When the King of Prussia opposes the Emperor, he 
will also at the same time follow his example, which 
will soon how begin to manifest itself f indeed, the in- 
terval of time between this arid then is but short; for 
al| things are hastening fast, and concurring in their 
operatiorfs, to extend the war, and give tlie, 7 pipphepy its 
ful? recorded course. { 

i$ And he will speak great words agaipsf the Most 
High, and . will wear out the saints of the Most 
High ; arid will think to change times and laws : and 
th'ey .'will be given into his hand, for a time, and times, 
and the dividing of time. 

The beginhirig of this verse means the King of Prus- 
sia, speaking in blasphemy against God, threatening in. 
great words, as if he possessed the whole pqwer of hea- 
ven^ to conquer and destroy, with his army, all cities 
that do riot open to him, and all men that oppose his 
designs. This was exadlly fulfilled by the Horn, When 
he entered France in 1792 ; the proclamations which he, 
is^ed, at that time, are full of blasphemy against God, 

D Digitized by GoOgle 

[ 26 3 

presumption for his great army, and violent threats to 
destroy cities, >i)& cut innocent men to pieces. . 
* . Change times and tews : the meaning of which is, that: 
tvhat God' 3ecr^es is his law, and this prophecy contains 
it ; an opposition by the King of Prussia to what God 
has decreed shall come to pass, his endeavouring by force 
of arms to stop the course of the prophecy, and change 
the decreed time /or it to be fulfilled. The King of 
Prussia, by threatening, with the great strength of hU 
a^my, to build up what God 1 , to fulfil this prophecy* Jias 
thrown down ; to restore that monarchy in France which 
God," to fulfil his recorded judgment in this prophecy, 
has removed for ever ;— 'is the meaning of— And hkwifi 
think to 1 change times and laws* 

* And they will be given into his hand for a time atad: 
timesj and the dividing of time. The 'meaning of which 
is, that the J^ing of Prussia, although adting 'in op- 
position to' the will of 'God (for every man that read* 
the Scriptiire, and ; believes it to be the bpok of truth, 
possesses from' that moment a knowledge of good and. 
evil, of right arid wrong, of what is merciful, and what 
is' cruel, of what is pleasing to God, and what is of- 
fensive) is permitted to' wage a war of injuitice against 
tfe righteous fot three years and a half; during which 
time, according,to the prophecy, he would conquer and 
destroy great multitudes of t'hem. But my prayers pre- r 
tailed with God, even against his own recorded judg-. 
.ment by Dafnid; for I beseeclied him to oppose the un- 
just designs of the king of Prussia before he invaded 
France ; after he had, to suspend the prophecy* and for' 
my sake to turn him back, 'the Lord God spoke to m,e 
in a yisiori, at night, and said " He shall go out of 
France with shame and confusion/' - 

This promise was fulfilled in * the year 1792 ; for, 
soon After the Prussian army entered France, God led it 
into such difficult places as to endanger its safety ; he 
also sent the visitation of a wafting fickness, that forced 
it to go away, ashamed land highly disappointed. A1-* 
though the other parts of the prophecy must necessarily 
b*e fulfilled to accomplish the purposes of God, and the 
destrudion of the Prussian, monarchy, the king cannot 
conquer as the judgment intended, but he is permitted 
to oppose, sometimes defeated with shame, and some- 
times encouraged by deceitful success; until his armies 

Digitized by Google 

1 27 3 '. . . . 

become weak, and the Bear becomes strong ^ until the 
proper time arrives fpr him likewise to fall. . » 

26 But the judgment shall sit (it ought to \>t r But the 
judgment shall take place) and they shall take a/way his do* 
minion, to consume ancjl to destroy it to the end., : // 

The King of Prussia will have his country destroyed - 
by fire and sword ; His power will be takeA away, and 
also his life : the government will be changed, and -the: 
monarchy /will be abolished for ever. 
* In the year 1792 I sent the commands of God, as they 
were given to me by revelation at night, to the King of 
England, for the King of Prussia, before he inv^de4 
France, desiring him to return frome, and have nothing 
* to do with the people of that country; for the change 
:of government taking place among them was determined, 
, that the unalterable judgment of God, in the Scripture 
of Truth, might be fulfilled : reminding him, at the 
same time, as a corroborating testimony, that what I 
wrote was from God, of the monitor that entered his 
breast, and $0 powerfully struggled with his inclination 
to keep him back from war, that, when he positively re- 
solved on it, reproached him strongly with the injustice. 

That intelligent, internal fnonkor, was in truth no 
other than the compassjonate spirit of the living God, 
striving, to the last moment, to save a falling man from N 
the dreadful eflfedh of his own judgment : but the King 
of Prussia despised the blessed intimation* and resolved 
\ on a war ; that if there was no knowledge of God in the 
world, no part of human reason could find the least 
colourable* pretence to justify. 

At the time of my writing to the King of England, 
relative to the King of Prussia, I informed him, asl wa$ 
commanded, of the certain failure of the combined • 
*rmies of Prussia and Austria. 

27 And the kingdom, and dominiorf, and the great- 
ness, (meaning the power of all the kingdoms under the 
whole heaven,) will be given to the people-and saints of 
the Most High : his kingdom is an everlasting kfagdoat, 
and all dominions must serve and obey him. 

This is that real kingdom of heaven, of Christianity 
in pradtice, to believe and obey God, which was com- 
tnanded by Christ, to preserve the soul of man, and a 
due knowledge of himself ; preached by the apostles, 
and through -them the foundaticyi of it laid in all nations ; 

Q £ _ Digitized by VjOOglC 

C «8 3, 

though determined from the first transgression of Adapj, 
srhef began more than seventeen hundred years ago, with 
the juateriate ready prepared, from the multiplied in- 
terruptions of wat gnd other causes, incident to human 
Kingdoms, like the second temple of Jerusalem-— long 

building—This mighty ^trufture is not finished yet, ' ^ 
This is thkt stone, cut put without hands, mentioned by 
ttie prophet Daniel, in his second chapter, 34th and 35th 
verses, which breaks the head and the feet, the gold 
and the f silyer! the brass, the iron, and the clay, of 
the great image of human ptfwer to pieces : and this is 
that kingdom, mentioned by the same prophet* in the 
44th' verse following, which is to break in pieces and 
consume all other kingdoms; but which is tp remain 
Jtself for ever. The name of this universal kingdom is 
Pdace ; it has the blessed Gospel for its government, 
and the Lord God for its'king. 

A.$ I knew, in the beginning of 179!, that the King 
of England would enter into this war, and by doing so 
. fall under the same judgment from God as the other 
monarchs shewn irt the vision, unless I could, by a just: 
explanation of the prophecies, persuade him to remain 
at peace ; he will, I trust, with the queen apc^ minister 
of state, do me the justice hereafter to acknowledge, 
th^t, the danger was fully communicated ; and that X ' 
4id not cease in my endeavours to prevent him from 
pining in the confederacy against France, not only for 
a long time before he intended it, but also after he had, 4 
even till the designs of government were ready to be 
- executed, by open preparations for hostility. 

If this war was like any which has preceded it, a 
prince might, as usual, sit down $t his leisure^ and cal- 
culate, from his successes, how Jong to carry it on ; or^ 
by his defeats, how soon he n^ust leave it off; but the 
death of Lquis XVI. and the revolution In France, hav- , 
Jng proceeded from the recorded judgment of God, the 
two ^things' which have occasioned it, arid which have ren- 
dered it sa entirely (liferent, that its consequences are already 
determined, will be the same to the monarchs engage4 irt 
it, as it happens to a man unexpe&edly caught in a large 
trap, on forbidden ground — -the pains of death convince 
him of transgression before his eye? cov»$ w%rn hjtg o^f 
the ,d^nper^ ( ; J . 

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C *9 1 

I know the jud^iente of God ; by tbem I am dirc^d; 
by revelation apdthrpugh his .holy Spirit I write. T<> 
Fulfil, then, tbe seventh chapter of Daniel, and suck* 
parts of the revelation as mean the present time and the 
same things, the war now carrying on will involve all 
the nations engaged in it in great distress, and nearly all 
the princes of purppe in death. As I knew all this a con** 
siderable time before the war, I set rx^y heart and my mind 
to intercede with God, although it was against his re* 
corded judgments, to save the king, and spare the country 
} live in : 1 succeeded with God, and obtained an offer 
of mercy; but cpuld pot with man, to believe and ao 
cept it. 

I wisfy well to jhe king and queen, and likewise their 
family ; to know all that 1 have related, and more than 
J am permitted to tell ; to know the unavoidable death 
of him, and afterwards the certain destru&ion of an amfc 
able woman and her children, would, I thought, be 4 
crime to reproach for ever the feelings of my fieart, if I 
did not implore, when I knew the great kindness that 
God had for me, and endeavour^ by all the means in mjr 
power, to prevent it. 

But in doing this 1 have sufcye&ed myself to the power 
pf hyiman laws, when, indeed, I had the choice to rn^kf 
them subjeft to me ; for if I had not become an inter* 
cessor, by prayer and supplication for the people I livf 
among, 1 should have been senr away from London. It* 
fail woijld soon after tal^e place ; and then my revelation, 
as the next great thing to warn the world, would imme- 
diately succeed ; but, preferring its safety to my own 
immediate advantage, although informed at the time that 
the people would not believe ; that I should be despised, and 
made suffer ; J obtained its pardon at the risque of my o^n 
life, and determined to remain in it until my time to be 
revealed was entirely completed. 

I find, yes^ 1 feel by dreadful experience, that all men 
are insensible tp the consequences of those judgments, 
recorded in the Scripture, and are also exceedingly h^rr 
dened against believing their true interpretation and time 
to be fulfilled, That I have suffered* by imprisonment 
and distress, more than is proper npw to publish, for en* 
treating^when I was told that my entreaties w*re contrary t$ 
the prophecies, to save the king and his family; London 
3fld its inhabitants, from recorded d^stfqftjon ; God f 

Digitized by Goode 

C 30 3 

who is more genetousto give mercy than maA is grateful 
to believe ai>d accept it, is by all this revealed knowledge 

''of his prophecies rny witness now, and will, in due time, 
in a short time, be additionally so, by terrible signs and 
mighty wonders. ' 

I have said, in the first book, that the fullfilling of 
the judgment of God, however destructive they might 
pfove'to'the nations or governments, which they are di- 
rected agaitfst, would not affeCt my personal safety, not 
operate in the least t6 my prejudice : my elevation is 
tecorded in the Scripture, und established by promise to 
myself; besides, I am not mortal to human power. 

-But, although I am to be great, far above any prince 0/i 1 
earth, and cannot be destroyed by man : although th~$ 
fall of governments and ruin of nations, will not be al- 
lowed to affeCt my personal safety, nor operate in the 
least to my prejudice, I will not provoke, any, but en- 
deavour, by a peaceable conduCt, civility, and fair words, 
to make all meir believe. 

My earnest desire and prayer to God is, that as he 
has given me a pre-eminence of favour to all men that 
were ever upon earth before, I may be^able, although I 
'have been in prison, insulted qnd despised ; although my zeal 
ts broke, and my inclination altered, to save in this country 
one person as another ; the king, as well as myself; the 
rich, as well as the poor ; all without distinction. For 
which I request all men to meditate on the present times, 

1 and consult With themselves by their knowledge of the - 
Scripture, by comparing the leading features of what 
ruined other great nations unexpectedly, to what are now 
as suddenly opening to human view, and what are as 
unexpectedly coming to pass in the world ; of the judg- 
ments and prophecies to be fulfilled, whidi every man that 
has the spirit of conviction to believe, and an understand- 
ing to discern, must plainly perceive that the convulsed 
state if Europe, as it now presents itself, is one of their 
visible features ; and that the sudden great war which oc- 
casions it, Multiplying still as it lengthens against all forcible 
endeavours, deceiving when least expefted and turning the 
ptudent foresight of the wise politician to his own ruin, is either 
the forerufrning sign of general dissolution^ or someotfeef 
great and mighty thing. - ' 

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-Some of t\e prophecies .which mean mjseij\^d { w¥^lam 
r " commanded to insert.- ' > 

, THE PROPHET ISAIAH. . .' • ',' 

CHAP. IV. ' '' 

, i And in th^t/cjay, seven women shall t?ke hold of 
<>ne man, 1 saying, We will eat our own bread, apd wea£ r 
pur own apparel^ only let us be called biy thy to 
take awaj? qui) r^pr^ach^ , ; , ^ , , ; > 
*, The man alluded to by the pTophet is myself^ a P&$5 
time of the world/is just now come* Remember that the 
seventh chapter #f*E>ani?}, and thefsi?c|ho£ the Revela- 
tion, are now fulfilling; remember, likewise, the second 
chapter and 24th verse of Haggai ; by all of which, 
tbiK)Des afetp r jfalJ, nation to be turned against nation, 
army against arpiy, and man against man, until the earth, 
is wsted of her people. By this great de$tru&j6n of .the 
jiqman^race, niillions, millions of women will go to the; 
grave widows, unmarried aijd barren. , ■ / 

' T^e war is. now, compared to what it will be in future — 
as four or fives houses on fire, ,is to a Jarge city se| in 
flames. by them : which all the arts f and invention of t^ 
world, which all the force of power and political foresight 
cannot quench. It is from the grpat soarcity of mankind^ 
Which the war will occasion, that the prophet represents 
so many women as taking hold of one conspicuous and 
particular man.' , 

. 2 In that .day the branch of tjbe Lord will be beautiful 
and glorious* and tfie fruit of the earth will be expedient 
and comely for them which fcre escaped of Isragl. 

3 And it shall come to, pass, that he which is left in 
Ziori, and he that remains in Jerusalem, shall be calledr 
Holy ; even every one that is written ampng the living 
in Jerusalem. f i t , j; - 

4 When the Lgrd has washed away jthe filtji of the 
daughters pf Zion, ^pd has purged the blood of Jerusa- 
lem from the midfet of it, by the spirit of judgment and 
by' the spirit of burning. 

This verse alludes to the Jews after . their restoration* 
and to Jerusalem in the latter tipie of the world, when 
rebuilt and inhabited ; the Jews will then acknowledge 
Christ fdr their Messiah, and through the sanftification - 
of his blessed Spirit .tfcey will be ^lea^ed from sin. . : • 

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t 3* J 

5 And 'the Lord Will create upon every dwelling-place 
of mount Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and 
smoke by day* and the, shining of a flame of fire by night ; 
for upon all the glory {meaning the people) shall be a 
defence. 1 

6 And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the 
day time from the heat, and for a place of refuge, andfor 
a covert from Storm and from rain. y 

This f$ a figurative representation of the peace drtd 
safety of the Jews under the prott&ion of God after thetf 
Itstoration to Jerusalem i6 1798. 


CHAP, XI, ) 

36 Then 1 heard a voice which said to me, Look Be- 
fore thee, and consider the thing that thou seest. 

37 And I beheld, and lo, as it! were; a Roaring Liort 
ehased out of the wood ; and I saw that he sent out a 
man's voice to the eagle, and said, ' 

. This Roaring Lion, as ft were, chased out of the wood, 
ftieans myself : who am now forced out of concealment 
by divine command to rebuke the eagle ; not her only, 
but the other princes likewise, if they will not belie V6 
what I write, and try to save themselves from the judg- 
. fnent of God , by sparing the effusion of human biooxfc 
•Thisfmurst necessarily be done to fulfil the prophecy, 
(For it is. a true one) which is fully accomplished on my 
Jmrt by Art explanation of the seventh chapter of Daniel, 
and declared aloud to the world by the publication of it 
in this bo6k. 

Peace being requested from God, and a suspension of 
ttis jddgments offered through me, I earnestly request 
all the princes of Europe to forsake war, that they may 
enjoy the substantial blessings of long life, and eVet- 
lastirrg happiness,. ' 

38 Hear thou, I will talk with the^ : and 1 the* highest 
ifhall say to thee j 

39 Art thou not it that remaifiest of the Four beasts,' 
whonft I made to reign in my world, that the end 6f their 
rimes might come through them ?' (Instead of the wortf 
tfeem, it should be, as. it was in the original, Thee.) 

4c* And the fourth came, and overcame all the beasts^ 
that were past ; and had power over the world with great 

Digitized byVj'OOglC- 

i 33 y 

fearfulness, and over the whole cbmpas$ <pf th6 earth wltl^. 
much wicked oppression? and so long time dwelt rhe 
upon the earth with' deceit, . 

41 For the earth hast thou not judged with truth. 

42 For thou hast afflidted die meek, thou hast hurt 
1 th£ peaceable,, thou hast loved liars^ and destroyed the 

dwellings of them that brought forth fruit, and hast Cast 
down the walls of such as did thee uq h^rm. r ! [ 
% 43 Therefore thy wrongful dealing is come up tQ.fche 
Highest, and thy pride to the Mighty. ' : " 

44 The Highest also has looked upon the proud times, 
and behold, they are ended, and their abominations are 
fulfilled. . 1 

45 And therefore appear no more, thou eagle : nor 
thy horrible wings, nor thy wicked feathers, nor thy ma- 
licious heads, nor thy hurtful claws, nor all thy vain 
body : 

4d That all the earth may be refreshed, and may re- 
turn, being delivered from thy vioience ; and that she 
piay hope for the judgment and mercy of him tha£ 
made ber, 


10 And he said to me, This is the interpretation of the 

1 1 The eagle, whom' thou saw come up from the sea, 
is the kingdom that was seen in the vision of thy brother 
Daniel. * 

ii But it was expounded to him, therefore now L de- 
clare it to thee. 

I have inserted these verses not only as a demonstration 
of their truth, but likewise to shew the intimacy between 
the visions of Esdras and them of Daniel. 

Moreover, when God was communicating by revela- 
tion at night a knowledge of this prophecy to me, he 
said, in plain words as one man would speak to another ; for 
if (5 in that manner all knowledge of what I write is first re- 
vealed to me.) " 1 passed by this part with Danie)." It 
was mentioned as a. confirmed certainty to rpe, that, the 
prophecy 0/Esdras was given from a true vision, 

3 1 And the lion, whom thou saw rising up out of th£ 
wood, .apd roaring,. and speaking to the, eagle, and re- 
buking her for her unrighteousness ; with all the words 
which thou hast heard ; . _ 

J£ Digitized by CiOOglC 

3.4 >, 

32 This is tlic Anointed (meaning myself, as prince 
6f Israel) which the Highest hast kept for them, 
and for their wickedness to the end ; he shall re- * 
prove them, and shall upbraid them with their cruelty. 

33 For he shall set them before him alive in Judgment, 
and shall rebuke them and corredt them. x 

34 For the rest of my people shall he deliver with mer- 
cy, those which have been preserved upon my borders* 
an4 he shall make them joyful until the ,cky of judg^- 
frient of which I have spoken to thee from the begia* 
ning, • ' \ 


25 This is the meaning of the vision , whereas thou* 
saw a man coming tip from the midst of the sea. 

26 The same is he whom the Highest has kept a great 
season, which, by his ownself, (meaning in his own per- 
son,) shall deliver his people ; (meaning his people the 
Jews) and he shall order them that are left behind. 

I am the man alluded tp in this chapter ; coming from 
the sea, in the twenty-fith verse, is to signify that 1 should 
as the person meant, live on the ocean. I have ; having 

* been in the English navy ; but am now rising from it, to 
fulfil this prophecy, that of Isaiah, Haggai, Jerimiah, 
EzekieU Daniel, Mallachi, and part ot the Revelation to 
St. John likewise., For I was necessarily engaged with 

. the sword, to fulfil the recordedjtidgfnent oft the mo- 
narch I am to represent ; and professionally a seaman, to 
fulfil the visions from God in this prophecy. 

27 And whereas thou saw, that out of his mouth there 
came, as a blast of wind, and fire, and storm: 

28 And that he hadrieither sword, nor any instrument 
of war; but that the rushing in of him destroyed the 
whole multitude that came to subdue him. This is the 

29 Behold, the d?.ys come when the Most High will 
begin to deliver them that are on the earth. 

30 And he (this means Christ, but the next vene, myself. 
For Jam now his prophet and messenger : the branch of his, fa- 
mly alluded to, and the designed signet of peace for all nations ; 
the prince ordained to govern visibly for him in his city 9 and 
0n his throne; therefore, he Being God, Lord, and King, 
shews me )o Esdms, as he did to St. John, spiritually repre* 

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{ n 3 . 

s*n ting , and spiritually called under the name of his son, be* 
cause universal dominion; as his empowered visible repjresenta^ 
tive, immediately under himself next to himself will be gwsn 
to me} shall come tathe astonishment of them that dwell 
on the earth. 

31 And one shall undertake; to fight agaipst another 
and one city against another; one place against another^ 
qne people against another, and one realm against ano- 

32 And the time shall be when thes? things shall come 
to pass, and the signs shall happen which I shewed thee 
before, and then shall my son be declared, whom thou 
saw a& a man ascending. 

33 And when all the people hear his voice, every man 
shall, in his own land, leave the battle they have one 
against another* 7 

£4 And an innumerable multitude shall be gathered 
together, as thou saw them, willing to come, and to over- 
come him by fighting. 

35 But he shall stand upon the top of mount Sion* 

36 And Sion shall come, and shall be shewed to alj ^ 
men, being prepared and builded, like as thou saw (hp 
hill graven without hands. 

37 And this, my son, shall rebuke the wicked inven- 
tions of those nations, which for their wicked life,, are 
fallen into the tempest ; 

38 And shall lay before them their evil thoughts, and 
the torments wherewith they sh&ll begin to be tormented, 
which are like to a flame : and he shall destroy them with- 
out labour, by the law which is like, to fire. 

I recommend it to every person that reads this book, 
to take the Bible,, and read from the beginning of the 
thirteenth chapter to the thirteenth verse, as it means 
myself: and likewise of the sixteenth chapter, from the 
eighteenth verle to the thirty-sixth, as it corroborates the 
prophecy of Isaiah, Daniel, and Haggai, relative to the 
immediate, and just now approaching, time of th& world. 



The book means the prophecies inten4ed to be con- 
cealed until thi$ time of the world, which is the time they 
relate to 2 itsseais, their spirituaUocfc or fastening. 

C s6 3 

Observe, the Revelation was given to St* John a long 
time after the death of Christ, not to commemorate those 
things which were before, which were fulfilled* and which 
tyere known before the time of writing it; but to record 
those things which are to be in future and which are to 
be fulfilled : according to the words of God, declared in 
the fourth chapter, and first verse, which are, " Come 
up hither, and I will shew thee the things which must be 
hereafter" They wer€ shewn to hith in. heaven, under 
such wotiderful, such incomprehensible similitudes, in 
visions', as to seal their meaning a perfect secret, until 
the time of the world alluded to came, when the designed 
spiritual person (Tor no man can be a prophet of Christ, 
now under Christianity, and speaking through the Holy 
Ghost, his spirit, without bearing some similiarity to him- 
self in meekness and compassion ; witness the apostles) 
would be revealed, to open the scriptural seals, and make 
known the secret prophecies under them in the book. 


_ The four first seals are opened, and the covering of se- 
crecy is removed ; the judgments which are to punish the 
world for transgression, by rising nation against nation, 
and man against man, are gone forth, spiritually under the 
similitudes expressed in this chapter, to the eight verse, and 
are* begun to be fulfilled : the concealed meaning of the 
prophecies, which have been carefully preserved so for 
me uhtil the present time, are now declared; the spiritual 
seals are opened, the contents of the spiritual book, which 
they^shut, is known, and a revealed knowledge of it pub- 
lished in this visible book, for the good of all mankind. 

The Lord God commands me to acknowledge the kind- 
ness of a poor woman, that brought me a three-penny 
loaf each week, every Monday morning, when I was in 
prison : Her name is Isabella Wake* The prison is New- 

A marl that died the day before, of af bad fever, and 
from neglect, for the want of proper nourishment, as I 
was told, made a vacancy in a room, with fourteen poor 
men, little air, and much crouded, for me to come into 
his place. 

The small, very small pennyworth pf bread, with water 

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/ C 37 J 

Only, except one day in the week* when there are a few 
oynces of beef, for twenty-four hours, is barely sufficient 
to keep life and body together. The prison is very close ; 
there is not room enough to promote health, -by the nc-< 
cessary exercise of walking, there are no coals allowed, 
for fire^nor candles for light. There is no bed to lie on, 
nor blanket to cover one : The poor are entirely destitute 

When the condition of prisons, and the treatment of 
prisoners, is required for public information, it is from 
the poor man, whose health is injured by confinement 
who has to draw his little air through^ small iron-barred 
window, who hasy but a small pennyworth' of bread al- 
lowed for the whole day to live on, that a true account 
is received; but certainly not from the. officers, 
keepers, and contractors, who live in plenty ; whose emo- 
luments swell in proportion as the prisons grow crouded. 

Therefore be no longer astonished that London, in one 
part of the Revelation is called under the name of the 
great city, for, she is the greatest city in Europe, and the 
richejl in the world; in another part she is called Sodom ; 
arid in a third, she is, as well as Rome, spiritually called 
Babylon the x Gre^t. 

No man, • who has any knowledge of God, can justly , 
say, that London is without guilty and her people arc 
without sin ; when her streets are full of vice, and her 
prisons are full of oppression. 



37 Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, 
when saw we thee anhungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, 
and gave thee drink ? 

38 When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? 
pr naked and clothed thee ? 

39 Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison and came 
to thee. 

40 And the King will answer, and say to them, Verily 
I say to you, in as much as ye have done it to one of the 
least of these my brethren, ye ha^e done it to me. 

ISABELLA WAKE, this is the recorded testimony 
of your everlasting life, which 1 am' commanded to give 
in this book now, and to repeat it at my D revejg^g. | ( 

t 3* 1 

Moreover, I will provide for you : and although I am' 
now poor, without house or servant, I shallsoon have 
abundance, and be at the head of the greatest n&tion on 
earth i In my palace you shill always have an apaf tment, 
and at my table yoti shall always have a seat, 

I am commanded to acknowledge likewise the afts of 
friendship I received from Captain Hanchett, of Abing- 
don-street, 'which the Lord God considers as shewn di- 
redtly to himself ; therefore his blessing is on you*;, .and 
by his promise in the Gospel, your reward is great. 
Moreover, I am commanded to inform you, as well as 
for the benefit of your children- hereafter, as yourself im» 
mediately, that 'although your name is Hanchett, there 
is John Pitt Earl of Chatam, Sir Gilbert Elliott, and Charles 
Grey : you as well as them, the whole as wellas myself, 
are of the Hebrews; branches of my own family, and are 
descended from DaVid king of Israel. 
, All this has been told me by revelation, from the Lord 
God, in vistqns of the night. 

There are many of my family, which have heard of me, 
and With which the Spirit of God has given me favour that 
do not want either inclination or ability to demonstrate 
their friendship'; but they are deterred, from a fear of 
offending Government, and from a fear of incurring the 
imputation of guilt, by being generous. 

The pre-ordained and designed signet of peace for all 
nations, cannot do any thing that will ultimately tend to 
injure any prince, government, or individual : if they 
view his words in a contrary tight, it is because tJ^y calcu- 
late the furure by the past ; they know the things which 
were last month, but have no knowledge of those things 
which are to be the next. For all he does by writing, is 
to preserve the weak alive, and save the strong from fall- 
ing down. 

The weapons of his writing are not weak and carnal, 
but mighty and spiritual : when he is prdered to re- 
pronounce the judgments of God, and withdraw his eye 
from pity, the great power of his words will be felt to 
destroy, before their effe<5ts are seen to admonish ; then, 
fleets, armies, princes, governments, and nations, must 
implore the God of heaven for mercy, and receive it like- 
wise} or 7 they will, all that remain from the sword, be 
cut off by the sudden and irresistible falling of fire. 

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C 39 3 


CHAP. IVi * 

5 Behold, I will fend you Elijah the prophet, be* 
fore the coming, of the great and dreadful day of the 

6 And he fliail turn the heart of the fathers to their 
children, and the heart of the children to their fathers^ 
left kc.orae, and fmite the earth with a curfe, 

< The EHjah, mentioned in this chapter, afld the mef- 
{enger, mentioned in the firft verfeof the third chapter t 
mean two diftindt perfons*. The one was the immediate 
metfengef of Chrift, v when he came for the falvation of * 
mankind; the other, his recorded, prophet, to pro- 
nounce his judgments, and warn the -world*' before 
• fc be comes to deftrpy it. 

This is that great prophet, alluded to in the laft 
chapter, Under the name of Elijah, and not St. John 
the Baptift : he will poffefs the Spirit of God equal tQ 
Elijah, and have the power of his fire in the fame man** 
ner. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the 
children, and the hearts of the childrento the fathers ; 
that is, he will fupprefs war and violence, which fets the 
old'againft the young, -and the young again It the old. 
He will command peace, and by the great power 
given him from heaven, enforce an obedience where - 
ever he comes. * . % 

The appointment of this peophet, being to invite 
firft, and compel after, all nations to come into. the 
•kingdom of peace, as a neceffary preparation to meet 
Chrift, when he comes to vifttajbd judge the world: 
Saint John the Baptift, for being appointed to prepare 
for Chrift, preaching the fame kingdom of peace, and' 
promifing, by baptifm, mercy to all that would believe, 
is the real and very reafon, that Chrift, it the feventeenth 
chapter of St. Matthew, calls him Elias. 

At a former time, when I was .entreating God to spare 
London, I mentioned no man by his titL* : but when I 
was writing an account of it for public information, he 
said to me " unless you write their titles, they themselves 

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C 40 ] 

wont know who you mean." It will appear strange, 
because I am not acquainted vvieh any of the distin- 
guished persons alluded td ; but I knew every one by 
some particular aft that caught my approbation, and 
made me remember them then. It seemed as if God 
had done this on purpose, for he has often said to me 
since, in visions and revelations at night, You must be 
a^wall of defence and safety to many £ great man;— 
yes, even to some that despise you now. At that time, 
after riientionirig the name of William Pitt, I passed by 
that of his brother ; immediately after, the Lord God 
reminded me of it, and, in a voice of great softness and 
good nature, said, There is John Pitt, wont you men* 
tion him ? You dont know who he is I forgave. 

In the year of 1790 the Spirit of God begun firft f 
(although I always had a presentiment of beijig $bms 
time or other very great,) to enlighten my understand- 
ing, and teach me to diftinguifh right from wrong. At 
that time I was an officer in the navy* and confidering, 
that voluntary fwearing, which I was obliged to comply 
with evqry fix months as a qualification to receive my 
pay, was unneceflary, unjuft, and wicked, I requefted to 
be indulged with permifiioii to receive it vyithout ; dating 
at the fame time, the concealed and unheeded cruelty of 
the oath, with my own reafons for objecting to the 
form : when I was told, in anfwer to my requeft, that 
there was an order of council to take the oath, and v 
that it was not in the povfer of the admiralty to difpenfe 
with it. 

Soon after this I made another requeft, fupporting my 
objections to voluntary fwearing, with obferving, That , 
it the order of council enforced an oath in any manner, or 
under any form whatever', and that the man it was di- 
rected to operate on, lwore that he was not forced, but 
that the oath he took was a voluntary ad: — -the refult of his 
ozvn free will — would it not in the fight of God in hea- 
ven, and tvtxfman of difcernment under him dnearth 3 
amount to a falfe oath ? / 

Thefe reafons, with thefe objeftions, and the letter I , 
received from the admiralty, ftating their inful^cicnt 
power to difpenfe with the ufual form' of fwearing, t 
publiflied at that time in the newfpaper called the Puih • 

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r 41 ] . . 

During the time of my writing officially to the admi- 
ralty I had occafion to write alfo to the prefident, whom 
I knew to be a member of the council ; with the bufi- 
nefs of fwearing which led me' to make an application, 
I remarked to him, That as men, whether few in num- 
ber, or the encrealed multitude of a fenate were not in- 
fallible, they muft cdnfequently be fubjedt to error. To 
corroborate more forcibly this affertion, and likewife to 
imprefs a convidtion of its juftice, I mentioned among 
other things a decifioh of the privy council, relative to 
a native of Glafgow, who had his ftiip feized in the_ 
Weft Indies for an urdejtgned infringement of the Navi- 
gation adt, 

After a legal inveftigation in that country, it was 
clearly proved and openly acknowledged, th^t although 
the apparent defedt in the regifter might authorize the 
feizure, it could not juftify a condemnation ; becaufe 
the commander, like an honejV man, (hewed it at the 
Cuftom-houfe, and received the approbation of the 
principal officer. 

An appeal was lodged againft this acquittal by the 
feizing officer in the Weft Irtdi?s, and brought before 
the Privy Council in England !— the Ihip was con- 

To conftitute a High Court of Equity, its members, 
to pronounce their judgment agreeable to that very name 
their exiftence as a court is derived from, muft be go- 
verned more by the intention than the prefumptive proof. 
But to conftitute a Court of Law, its Judges muft be di- 
rected by the expreis letter of the adt of parliament 
under which they officiate. 

For example, two men go into a foreft ; while the one 
is fetching a blow to cut down a tree, the axe flies from 
ttfF handle and kills the other : Here is a prefumptive 
proof of murder, and the law very juftly brings the 
fufvivor to -trial. But equity, viewing this circumftance 
in a proper li^ht, declares the innocence, and acquits 
accordingly. s • 

Another, and more relevant to the feizure, A rpan 
buys a ftamp, to legalize a bonxi for the better fecu- 
rity of trading with his money, or in plainer language, 
hnding .it on intereft ; to be certain that this ftamp 
is warrantably juft, according to the prefcribed forr^S 
of law, he fhews it at t;he Stamp-office^ where k is 

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C 4* 3 

acknowledged to be good and fafe : after this, in con- 
fequence of fome defedt, it is declared illegal, and the 
holder fubje&ed to a penalty. 

I believe every man on earth, that has the common 
faculty of diftinguiftiing white from black, will agree 
with me in saying, that it* would be repugnant to 
equity to fine the holder for a defedt he had no know- 
ledge of a* luch, and for what was authorifed by the 
very office of government that always iffued the 

The law fuppofes criminality from, the appearance ; 
but equity meafures it from the defign. The one is 
externaLand vifible, provided many years before it may 
be wanted : the other is internal and fpiritual, always 
alive in the heart of every judge that poffeffes prudence, 
teaming, and. penetration. 

When I was writing of thefe things to the Earl of 
Chatham, on my knees I made a> folemn vow co the 
Almighty God, declaring that if he woulfl be pleafed to 
enable me, I would moft furely procure an indemnifica- 
tion fpr the poor man that loft his fliip. Since that time* 
the Lord God has told ijie, by revelation at night, That 
he would moft truly enable me : for, if i liked, I fhould 
be Prefident of the Council, and Chancellor of the Ex- 
chequer ; I (houkf have any thing that I required. Im- 
mediately after this, I heard another voice from heaven 
fay, The Lord have mercy on them, if they had not you 
for their friend and counfellor ; for England is the Spi- 
ritual Egypt mentioned in the nth chapter of th£ 
Revelation to St, John. * * 

After making the numerous reprefentations I have 
mentioned, the Earl of Chatham, with great propriety, 
acknowledged their juftice fo far as to erafe the word 
Vqluntary from the prefcribed form of fwearing : but 
J was then reminded of the words of Chrift in the 
5th chapter, 34th verfe, of St. Matthew, and ftri&ly 
commanded to obey them. Soon after this, I re- 
quelled from the Admiralty, and often repeated it, ay 
difpenfing brder that I might receive my pay without 
an oath ; but they would not grant it. 

If the Earl of Chatham had fliewn me the fmall favour 
.1 afked for, and certainly it would have been but & very 
l^nall one to him, he fhould 'be held up to the world/as 
my friend, to be admired and regarded ; ho fl>ould wear 

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C 43 3 

fuch a durable coronet as wbuld mike him the envy of 
princes ; it fhould be a coronet that no human power 
would ever be, able to remove. 

As the Admiralty would not give me that reafonable 
indulgence, I requefted, as they would pot Ihew me that 
kindnels which, as men living by the navy, they raighr 
have done with, eafe, and without prejudice to .their dig- 
ijity, I wanted for a bit of bread to eat : I was beiides 
treated fo ill, as to be dragged to a' workhoufe without 
any legal authority,, againft every remonftrance I could 
make, and againft every threat I could make ufe of to 
call them to a ftrift account for the injuftice. The Ad- 
miralty knew all this ; they qiight have prevented it, by 
ordering what was due to me to be paid ; but they would 
neither prevent the evil, nor enable me to be liberated,: 
they would not order the payment of what was due, un- 
til open falfehood was made ufe of to fay I was out of -my. 
fenfes. It feemed as if they were under fome privalte 
apprehenfion, though pleafed with my diftrefs, of being 

. charged one day or other in the eyes of their country 
with unfeeling cruelty, and wanted fome kind of colour- 
able evidence to juftify the proceeding. 
« Hear, therefore, all nations, and be warned by it, 
what the Lord God has told me by revelation, and now 
commands me to write, that the injuries I received, be- 
caufe done for obeying his word in the blefled Gofpel, 
the remembrance of them fhould never be blotted out 
from the throne of heaven. Moreover, he faid likewife, 
That he would lhake the Englilh Admiralty as a man 
would violently bread in a balket, until he loofed the 
foundations of the earth, and fhook the place in pieces. 

If I am out of ijiy fenfes, in the opinion of the Ad- 
miralty, for refufing, firft to take an idle oath, fecondly, 
a falfe one, and thirdly, to take any, Chrift, the Saviour 
of the world, and him that Ifaiah the prophet calfc£ 
Wonderful CQunfellor, who prohibits by his Gofpel ihl 
the ftrongeft terms all kind of fwearing, muft, by the 
fame rule of knowledge for giving fuch a ^command, be 
out of his, ♦ 

As the Quakers never fwear, and fcheir obje&ions to it 
are fandtioned by a juft indulgence of law ; they, the 
king and parliament, for giving the indulgence* muft,. 

. for the fame reafon as I am,, be out of theirs, 


[ 44 ] 

Chrift having been abufed at Jerufalem, reproached 
with having a devil, being mad, and out of his.fenfes, 
makes it the lefs aitpnifhing for me, that am his fcrvant, 
to be reviled tit, the fa,me manner : For which the Lord 
God commands me to remind all men, fiom the teftw 
mony of his blefied Gofpel, that the fin is blafphemy 
againft his Holy Spirit, and that the puniftiment is 
everlafting fire. 

It is from vifions and revelations, and through the 
Holy Ghoft, that I write this book for the benefit of all 
men : therefore, to fay it is falfe, that I am mad, am an 
impofter, have a devil, or am -out of my fenfes, con- 
ftitutes the dangerous fin of blafphemy. 



31 Wherefore I fay to you, All manner of fin and 
blafphemy (hall be forgiven to men ; but the blafphemy 
againft the Holy Ghoft fhalj not be forgiven unto men. 

32 -And whofoever fpeaks a word againft the Son of 
Man, it fhali be forgiven him ; but whofoever fpeaks 
againft the Holy Ghoft, it fhall not be forgiven hup, 
neithpr in this world, ^either in the world-tp come, ' 



22 But 1 fay to you*, that whpfoever is $ngry with his 
brother without a caufe, (ha|l be in danger ; of the judg- 
ment : and whofoever fhall fay to his brother, Raca, : 
fhall be iii danger of the council ; but. whofoever lhali 
fay, Thou fool, fhall be in danger of hell fire. 

To infult any |>erfon, whether high or „low, rich 
or poor,, of whatever fed or denomination, that 
preaches or writes through th? Holy Ghoft, which is in- 
deed the true Spirit of God, . by faying that he is foolifh, 
mad, pr.pofleflpd with-a;devit, conftitutes the dangerous 
fin of blafpemy in men at this day, as well as it did for?* 
merly in the Pharifees, whea they reviled Chrift, 

As the good fpirit may, by diligent attention, be eafily 
^npwn from the evil, and the truer prophet from the faflfe* 
remember that £0 man, fpeakiqg pr writing under the 
dife&ion of the Spirit pf 4 God, can revile another, ea- 

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, [ 45 1 

courage adts of injuflice, or difturb fociety, by pro- 
moting violence in any manner whatfoever. . s 

From the Spirit of God flows all -the good things 
which are neceflary to encreafe the life- of man, and 
unite all nations under the Gofpel bond of Chriftianity 
and friendfhip ; they confift of love, peace, civility, and 
kindnefs ; by a ftrift attention to obferve the good fpirit ; 
that encourages thefe things, may be eafily difcerned 
from the evil one that oppofes them. 



29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of 
your mouth, but that which is g09d to the ufe of edify- - 
ing, that ft may minifter grace to the hearers. 

30 A nd grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye 
are fealed to the day of redemption. 

31 Let all bitternefs, and wrath, and *anger, and cla- 
.mour, and evil fpeaking, be put away from you, with all 

32 Apd be ye kind to one another, tender-hearted, 
forgiving one another, even as God > for Chrift's fake, 
has forgiven you. ... 

The Lord Jefus Chrift, the better to present the com- 
miffion of fin, and the fall of man, for there is no faviour 
but him, begins with ftridly prohibiting the leffer.but 
poifonous names of flattery and falfehood, that- they 
ihould not, by a frequency of ufe, corrupt the mind, 
' and encreafe to the more dangerous ones of blafphemy 
and rebellion. 



19 Quench not the Spirit. 

20 Defpife not prophecyings. 

21 Prove all things ; hold f^fi: that which is good. 

22 Abftain from all appearance of evil. 

23 And the very God of Peace fandlify you wholly : 
. and I pray God that your whole fpirit, and foul, and 

body, may be preferved blamelefs to the coming of 
. ^>ur Lord Jefus Chrift. 

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C 46 3 



12 Now we have received, not the fpirit of the 
world, but the fpirit which is of God ; that we might 
know the things which are freely given to us of Godi 

13 Which things alfo we fpeak, not in the words 
which man's wifdom teaches, but which the Holy Ghpft 
teaches ; comparing fpiritual things with, fpiritual. 

14 But the natural man receives not the things of the 
Spirit of God, for they are foolilhnefs to him ; neither can 
he know them, becaufe they are fpiritually difcerned. 

15 But he that is fpiritual judges all things; yet he 
himfelf is judged of no man- , 



8 Beware, left any man fpoil you through philofophy 
and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the 
rudiments of the world, and not after Chrift. 

No man ought to advance the writings or opinion 
of another to affift his own, when what he lays is proved 
to be in oppofition to the words of Chrift ; neither 
ought he to go back to the Law, which was for the 
Jews alone, in their own country, to look for a pre- 
cedent, to favour his delufive method of reafoning, 
when the thing he wants to juftify is quite contrary to 
the blefled Goipel of peace and falvation. 

The following are the words of St. Paul, in the fourteenth chap, 
fer to the Corinthians , which I am commanded to insert, as 
s justly applicable to many at this time ; when some > ' possessing 
all spiritual knowledge, as they thought, exalted themselves 
against him, and doubted the spiritual truth of what he 

verse xxxvn. 

If any man thinks himfeif to be a.prophet, our fpiritual, 
let him acknowledge that the things I write to you are 
the commands of the Lord* 

38 But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant. 
That is, if apy man is not fpiritual to difcern the works 

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C 47 ] 

of the Spirit of God, let him conceal his ignorance; let 
him not fpeak againft them y becaufe he has not the Spirit 
^to difcern, faith to believe, or knowledge to comprehend 
their truth, 



6 I marvel that ye are ib foon removed from him that 
called you into the grace of Chrift to another gofpel ; 

7 Which is not another; but there is fome that trouble 
you, and would pervert the Gofpel of Chrift. 

8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach, 
any other gofpel to you than that which we have preached * 
to you, let him be accurfed. 

9 As we faid before, fo fay I now again, if any man 
preach any other gofpel to you than that ye have received, 
let him be accurfed. 



Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompence 
tribulation to them that trouble you ;, 

7 And to you, who are troubled, reft with us, when 
the Lord Jefus lhall be revealed from heaven, with his 
mighty angels, • . 

8 In flaming fire, taking vengeance on them that 
know not God, and that obey not the gofpel of our Lord 
Jefus Chrift. ^ { 

9 Who lhall be punWhed with everlafting deftru&ion 
from the prefeftce of the Lord, and from the glory of his 

It is time to awaken all nations from their lleep of delu- 
five fecurity, by informing them, that the time alluded to 
by St. Paul, in his Second Epiftle to the TheffalonianSj is 
pome ; and that there is a great falling away from an obe- 
dience to the blefled Gofpel. And likewife to inform 
theqi that Satan has been revealed ; the age of the world 
is great, and the time is come for it ; he is now allowed 
more power, becaufe fin is encreafed, to influence and 
** deceive man than at any time ever before. I am the 
prophet to whom the miniftef of fin was revealed ; he is 
£ fpirit, and no man can fee him in the open day-light. 

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C 48 ] . 

unlefs fan&ified by the power of the Htoly Ghoft, and 
his eye-fight ftrengthened'for the purpofe. 

It is for this feafon that I am the appointed witnefs 
for God, and his laft recorded prophet, to warn all na- 
tions, and defire them to obey the bteffed Gofpel of 
falvation. , 

The following are some more of the visions, which God shewed 
me, and which I am commanded to publish here, 

IN the month called July, 1791, J was in a vifion ^ 
and was carried away, by the Spirit of God, to the fea 
coaft, in the Englifli channpl — -a new ridge of unknown 
land was brought in an inftant plain to my eyes, while 
the finger of a hand wrote, in large capital letters, with' 
great quicknefs, and a vbice pronounced twice from 
heaven at the fame time, ; v - 


After this I was in a vifion in the month of January 
1792, and was carried away by the spirit of God to 
Sweden, when I was made look through a window in 
a room ; I did, and faw a tnan walk from the fide of a 
great chair, leaving it empty, I could not fee his, face 
as he went away, and although I covrld not, nor per- 
ceive that he had committed ahy crime, I thought with 
myfelf that he had been doing wron'g. Immediately 
the angel that flood by me faid, The chair '.means the ~ 
chair of flate ; and that man you faw will make it 
empty. The King of Sweden is delivered over for death, 
and that is the very man that will (hoot him. 

The prince of Orange is clofely purfued likewife, but 
he is not delivered over yet. 

After this I was in a vifion, and faw the Pruflian eagle 
perched on a chair of ftate ; foon after, on a fudden, I 
faw the chair, the houfe, and the whole city where the 
chair flood, in flames. The angel that was near me, 
faid, He is likewife purfued now. 

•After this I was in a vifion, and the Lord God talked 
with me, andfaid, I .give you the life of the Swede; 
but know this for certain," that if you prevent his death, 
the ftian himfelf .will not believe there was any danger 
t of it. And when you write hereafter of things in thjs 
country, you will be called an impofter, a fool, and a 

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C 49 ] 

liar ; you will be imprifoned, and treated very ill. When 
I fee this, it will make me angry ; I will then begin to 
kill the people, and I will furely deftroy this city. 

Fojr which I gave no public information to warn the 
king of Sweeden, and prevent his death. Had this man 
lived, he would have commanded the 1 German army 
againft France ; his private plan was to go through Nor- 
maridy, dole by {he fea-coaft, to be -fupplied the eafier 
with provifions. from England, and. endeavour, by all 
poffible means, to take the harbour of Breft. 

He faid to himfelf, in his own clofet, This is ,the plan 
I will purfue; it will be giving a mortal, blow to the 
French navy, and getting a fafe harbour for our own 

All this was made known to me by revelation from the 
Lord CJod, and which I communicated to the queen apd 
Dainifter of Hate ip 1792, fome time before the provinces 
of Brittany and Normandy (hewed any open apppearancc 
of boftilky ^gainft the prefent government of France. 

in the nabnth of April 1793, 1 was in a vifion, and was 
carried away in the fpirit of God to Ruffia, where I faw* 
a Bear ftop and reft itfelf under a large tree ; foon after I 
beheld a man, that lay concealed among the branches, 
drop down fcfcly, and with a iharp piece of iron, which 
he held in his hand, ftlab the Bear; pronouncing, as he 
did fo, 1 have watched a v long time for you, but now I 
have caught you aft la ft. 

I know by revelation from the Lord God, that this vi- 
fion means the peefent'emprefs of Ruffia ; for which, being 
permitted, i give her this warning. 

l^et the death of the kings of Sweeden and France, 
which is but a little time paft; the death of the king of 
Spain and anoth^j:, which will foon take place, for they 
are purfued ; convince the princes and the people of 
Europe, that the feventh chapter of Daniel and the fecond 
of Haggai are now fulfilling. 

At a former time when the Lord God was inftru&ing 
me ip a knowledge of the laws and other things relative to 
the nation I am appointed to govern, "he faid* in a vifion 
of the nijght, When I bring princes and people from all 
nations to bow down to you ; when I begin to exalt you 
above the kings of the earth*— Be fober, be modeft, be 
reafonable. And immediately after he added, You may 
inform the king of England that I call you my nephew* 

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C 5° 1 

On the 3d of March, 1794, I was iri a'vifion, and faW 
the fun in its full ftrength, clear and high up in th^ fir- 
mament: foon after I faw another fun rife on a fudden, 
equally large,as the former, and ftand clofe by it; both 
fhone with equal brightnefs, and the laft as well as the 
firft, enlightened the world. > 

~ After the firft divifion of this copy was fent to be prin- 
ted, and even fome of it done, the printer was advifed 
not to do it according to my form ; for, if he did,, pro- 
fecution, imprifonment, and perhaps hanging would be 
the confequence to him. For which the Lord God com- 
mands me to keep back the additional information that 
otherways would be given, and terminate the book. 

I have faid already that the fixth chapter of the Reve- 
lation was now fulfilling : the four firji feals are opened 
and the covering, which kept the meaning of the prophe- 
cies a profound fecret until the prefent time, is removed : 
the recorded decrees are held up, 1 and God himfelf com- 
mands a knowledge of their contents to be publifhed for 
the gQod of all nations. But if I cannot have the com- 
mands of God, apda knowledge of his judgments, prin-' 
ted exadtly as I write, how is this extenfion of mercy to 
be known over Europe, and the people of London infor- 
med of any danger that is part, or any danger that is to 
come ? All the prophecies in -the Scripture were given 
through men : the Ninevites were wafned through one. 

How is the king to fave himfelf from that recorded, de- 
termined and unavoidable death, which all the powers of 
armies cannot prevent? How is London and the parlia- 
ment to be faved, when they are recorded in the Scrip- 
ture of truth to be deftroyed I How is.England, Europe, 
and moft parts of the world to be faved/ when they are 
recorded to he filled with blood by war, and to be made 
defolaie for ever by earthquakes, if the perfon I employ 
is deterred, by the . fears of profecotion and evil from 
printing the full copy, -exa&ly as I give -it ? 
The king of Egypt and his people were deftroyed becaufe- 
they would not believe Moles but the king of Nineveh ; 
and his people were faved, becaufe they did believe Jon- 
nah, and reforrm 

.The king of England, the chancellor of the Exchequer, 
fecretaries of ftate, other members of adminiftration and 
as many members of both houfes of parliament, as my . 

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ablity.will allow ; the biftiops, judges, and all the foreign 
ambaffadors in London : will have a book sent to each. 

^ On account of my being infulted, becairfe the Jews do 
not believe in the firft book, by a public acknowledgment 
of it, the Lord God commands me to remind all men of 
what is wrote in that book, and to fay that as the Jews do, 
not believe in Ghrift, it cannot be expedted that they will 
in me; neither are they, until I am revealed in a limilar 
manner to Mofes in Egypt, but with the additional power 
of fire as his fign, to make them. 

The night before I had finiftied this book for the 
prefs, the Lord God fliewed it tome in a vifion, ready, 
. printed, holding it up at the fame time by one leaf, and 
Ihaking all thfe others open, whUe he pronounced, in 
ftrong clear words, and commanded me to write them 
down exa&ly as he fpoke, for univerfal information : 

There is nothing in this book that rtie Engiifh law can 
take hold of: — ^So fays Him that Ifaiah the prophet calls 
Wonderful Counfelllor. - 

I requeft every body in all nations, to read this book 
with attention^ and receive it favourably ; for although 
the information and warning it contains is through me, . 
yet it is not mine, but God's. \ 


„ London, ko. 57, Paddington Street, 

j j of the month, called April 1794. ' 


-Which mean my f elf, and which I am commanded to infer t, the _ 
appointed time being now fulfilled. 



1 5 The Lord thy God will raife up unto thee a prophet, 
from the midft of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; 
unto him ye fliall hearken. . 

16 According to all thou deliredft of the Lord thy 
God in Horeb, in the day of the aflfembly, faying, Let 

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C 5* 3 

me not hear again the foite of the Lftrd my Odd; 
ther let me fee this, great fire any ;roofe thit I die not- 

The^ time of the world alluded to by Mofes, though 
not exprefsly mentioned in this chapter* when a prophet 
would oe raifed up, to order the restorat ion of the children 
of Ifrael in the latter days, (for he was fully informed of 
all the calamities that would befal them , aftertiuards thiir de^ 
liverance and return, to be dijperfed no tttore> as the thirty- 
fecond chapter fufficiently teftifies,) is the pfefent ; and 
myfelf the man — the defignd prophet, as leader of the 
Jews, tofulfil a fifnilar character, according to his owti 
words, like, unto me, 

; For Chrift is the head of all prophecy; - frorti hiav 
flows the Divine Spirit of truth : he is Lord and God ; 
he is all that Ifaiah fays of him — The Wonderful Coun- 
cilor, the Mighty God, the Everlafting Father, the 
Prince of Peace. 

Mofes was but a man, and to a man like himfelf he al- 
ludes ; as the Lord himfelf iikewife declares in the three 
following verfes. - \ 

17 And the Lord faid to riie, They have well fpokea 
that which they, have fpoken ; 

1 8 I will raife them up a prophef frbrrf amon£ their 
brethren, like unto thee ; and I will put ttiy words in his 
mouth, and he (hall fpeak to them all that I cofhmand 
him. x 

19 And it fliall come to pafs> that whofoeye? Will not 
hearken to my words, which he fhall fpeak in thy name, 
I will require it of him. 

The Ifejimony given ky St. Matthew ih* afb$t) of who, 
Christ vjas. 



22 Now all this was done, that it ttight be fulfilled, 
which was fpoken of the Lord, by the prophet, faying, 

23 Behold, a virgin fliall be with child, and Ihatf 
bring forth a fon, and they fhall call his name Epaan\ieJ $ 
wjuch| being interpreted, is God "with us. 

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e 53 i 

The T iftimony of St. John the Jpoftk. 


I In the beginning was the word, and the word was 
with God, and the word was God. ' 

% The fame was in the beginning with God. 

3 AH things were made by him ; and without him was 
not any thing made that was made. 

4 In him was life ; and the life was the light of men. 
And the light Ihone in darknefs ; and the darknefs com* 
prehended it not. There was a man fent from God, 
whofe name was John. 

7 The fame came for a witnefs, to bear witnefs of ths 
light, that all men through him might believe. He wai 
not that light, but was fent to bear witnefs of that light. 
That was the frue light, Which lighteth every man that 
comes into the world. 

10 He was in the world, and the world was made by 
him, and the world knew him not. 

11 He came to his own, and his own received him 
not ; bpt as many as received bim, to them gave he 
power to become the fons of God. Which were born, 
not of blood, nor of the will of the flelh, nor of the will 
of man, but of God. 

14 And the word was made flefti, and dwelt among 
us, &c. 

The Tifiimony given by Sr. Paul, I. Timothy, 


16 And without controverfy, great is the miftery of 

f odlinefs ; God was manifeft in the flefli, juftified in the 
pirit, feen of angels^ preached to the Gehtiles, believe4 
on in the world, and received up imp glory. f 

The meaning of this Chapter having been always mifunderjlood 
by expounders of the Scripture, lam commanded to infeft 
and explain it for the henefit of all men. . 

ACTS.t-Chap. vii. 

29 Then fled Mofes at this faying, and was a ftfangcr 
in tfie land pf Midian, wfrere^he begat two. Tons, 


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[ 54 3 

36 And when- forty years were expired, there appeared 
to him in the wildernefs of mount Sina, an &ngel of the 
Lord in a flame of fire in a buflb. 

31, 32 Spying, 1 am the God of thy fathers, &c. 

. 37 This is that Moles, which faid .to the children of 
Ifiael,' a prophet fhall the Lord your God raife up unto 
you, of your brethren like untd me. 

- This is he (meaning Mofes JIM, and not the' prophet allu- 
ded to in the preceding verfe ; who was not Chrift .neither, as* 
has always been erroneotijly fuppofed) that was in the church, 
(-meaning the tabernacle)- in the wildernefs zvith the angel- 
\yhicb fpoke to him in mount Sim*. . * '* • 

39 To whom o.ilr fathers would not obey, (meaning- 
Mofes) but thruft hioi from. them,, (meaning Mofes z of- 
ten did, he. fafi, and pray, that God might not deftroy ' 
the congregation,) and in their hearts turned baclc again 
ifuo Egypt. * . i. - 

. Who was the confpicuous perfon that the angel con- * 
fVotly accompaniedf manifefted himfelf to, and talked 
with during forty.years in the wildernefs, according to the 
38th Verfe, but Mofes ? 4 Who did the angel fpeak to in 
mount Sina from a flame of fire in a bulh ? St. Stephen 
njeant no other here than Mofes. 

40 Saying to Aarpn, make us Gods to go before us ; 
as for this -Mofes, which brought us out of the land of 
Egypt, we know notjvhat is become of him. 

Expounders of the Scriptures have always fuppofed that 
St. Stephen, by repeating in this chapter the verfes I have 
inferfed from Deuteronomy, meant Chrift to be the pro- 
phet alluded to by Mofes, which is, like himfelf, to colledt- 
and lead home the Jews} but he does not ; he repeats it 
avan hiftoricat account, to remind the council, before 
which he flood for judgment, that as their fathers had 
before rejected Mofes in the wildernefs, fo did they their 
children rejedt Gh-rift $t Jerufalem. But in no one part 
does he, or, St. Peter in the 3d chapter, mean that Chrift 
is the prophet alluded to by Mofes in the eighteenth chape 
ter of Deuteronomy, — as the fortieth verfe fufficiMly tejtrfies* 



'St. John the Apoftle in this chapter defcHhes a womjn 
as cloathed with the fun, the moon under her feet (meaning 

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C 55 3 

-darfaefs, or the Turkijh empire in Afia), and a crown of 
twelve fta,rs on her head. The iun alluded to is nor the 
fun in the firmament, neither is that fun the Lprd Jusiis 
Christ, as has been always erroneoufly fuppofed. The 
woman is not the church, nor jer the Blefled Virgin, the 
* mother of Chrift, as has always been Hkewife erroneoufly 
•fuppofed ; but that fun means an entire man, compofed 
of flefti and blood like any other ; and that woman the 
princefs of Ifrael. The. prince is reprefented, as a fun, . 
biecaufe that through him God will enlighten the world 
with more knowledge than ever it had yet, and give a 
frelh manifeftation of his mercy to prolong its duration. 
The woman, as his confort, is reprefented as clothed with, 
him, and alfo as wearing a crown of twelve ftars, becaufe 
he, as her hu(bahd, is prince of 'the twelve tribes. 

The child, who will govern all nations immediately under 
and next to G<?d, being caught up to God and to his throne, 
means no more than the child going up to Jerufalem, 
where the throne of God will be on earth. The woman's 
going into the wildernefs; means going up to Jerufalem 
" , alfo ; the words into the wildernefe are mentioned, becaufe 
the city is fitaated far inland from the fea. The dragon 
means a European prince now alive, who will pour out 
proclamations and manifeftoes after rne, as a flood would 
iflue from the mouth of a dragon : for Satan will be in,him. 

At the time God was explaining this chapter to mp, he 
faid, when I give\you power to deftroy that man fron* 
the face of the earth, you will melt into pity and fparfe 
his life ; for which all my people will univerfally blame 
you, becaufe he is their enemy and oppreflbr. Thofe . 
ftrange names are given, and thofe difficult allufions to 
be underftood, are mad^e by St. John on purpofe to feal 
the true mearyng of the prophecies and revelation, ah en* 
tire fecret, according to the $th chapter ; unrill the full 
time is accomplilhed, and the appointed perfon made 
known to publifli them to the world. 

The prophet Ezekiel in the vifions of God to him, 
defcribes the great extent, and grandeur of Jerufalem at 
a future time; and.likewife of its being governed by a , 
human prince. v 

This is the very man, the appointed of God, that is now 
abufed, and publicly reproached in London — the capital 
of the fpiritual Egypt, as is mentioned by St. John in the i itb 
tbapter, with being a hypocrite, and a fanatic impoftor.: < 

• . < Digitized by GoOjrfe* U 

C 5« 3 

kemembcr thofe things, O my God ; afid ts thy thun- 
der on the 7th of this month — Auguft— was to (hew thy 
full detennirtation to throw down cities, and dafl* in 
pieces the council of evil men, if they committed any 
violence against me, for otberways I JhouU now be lying in 
iBt amm<m$rifan~-So 9 O rhy God, execute ; for they have 
no faith to believe thy juft judgments, nor charity to bo 
civil to thy raeffengcr that declares thy great offers of 

Firfl publijbed Augufi the totb, 1794. 

THE reafon why the£e pafts of SeriptOre, and the 
crther things which follow, were not iaferted when the 
Jjrft edition of this book was printed, is, the time was not 
Acconapliftied, and the Lord my God would not permit 
<hem io be pubiifbed until it was. / 

I am now commanded to make'them publicly fcnown 
for the information and b nefit of all men : In obedience 
<to which, As his fervant and prophet, I cfo, 



44. Thou aHb h^ft delivered me from the -drivings of 
imy people, (meaning tHe then children of Ifraei, over 
whom pavid was king) Thou haft kept me to be head of 

Heathen : a people which I know not fhall ferve me. 
This promife to king David then, meant that it fhould 
fee fulfilled to him in his defcendant at a future time ; a y 
mm, a human being, like any other that is compofed of 
fiefti and blood; but not the Lord Jefus Chrift, who is 
God; ^/ho always w#s, and alwavs will be, the head of' 
the Heathen, ^nd all nations. The promife was matte 
.from God to David, to be fully accocnplifhed in <hat * 
man's defcendant ; which defcendant is niyfelf ; 1 fliatt, 
finder Gad, rule all nations under the government of the 
Gofpel to fulfil that covenant, to David, and the promife , 
&f it by revelatiofi to myfelf. 

45. Strangers flaall fubmit thetnfelves to rae : as foot* 
6$ they h6ar, they fhall be obedient tp me. {meaning Jo 
fa fulfilled -in hh Attendant) m$ fvm as they fair #f kji *wt* 

C si 1 

. 46* Strangers ljuall fade away /and tbey fhaJl be afraid 
to come otit of their xlofe places. 

47 The Lord lives, andblefied be-my rock : and ex- 
alted be the God— ?the*rock of my faivationv 

48 It is God that avengeth me,' and that brings down 
the people under rne^;. and that brings me forth from my 
enemies. / , 

491 Thou alfo haft lifted me up on high, above them 
that rife up againft me : thou haft delivered me from the 
violent man. 

50 Therefore I will give thanks to thee, O Lord, among . 
the Heathen^ and I wiH firijg praifes to thy name. 

Here, Day id, who was not himfelf among the Hea- 
then, was praifing God. for his, defcendant that fhould 
have this promife "fulfilled to him, and who fhould be 
among the Heathen* . 

51 He (meaning tie Lpcd) is a Tower of Salvation 
for hi$ king : (meaning the defcendant of David as king,* 
ruling over all nations under the covenant and conftanc 
direction of. -God,;) and fheweth mercy to his Anointed/ 
unto David, and to his feed for evermore. 

• That thrift, the Saviour of the world, fhould be born 
of a Virgin, and that he fhould be called the Wonderful 
Counfdlor, the Mighty God, the. Evedafting Father, 
an4 the Prince of Peace, Ifaiah the prophet Sufficiently » 
teftifies: that Chrift ^dsfo born, St. Matthew theApoftle 
witneffes in the fixft chapter of that part of the Gofpel 
wrote by him. And Chrift himfelf fays iathe 22d chapter 
when fpeaking to the Pharifees, — " What th^ink ^ye of 
Chrift ? .Whofe fon is he ? They fay to him, The fon of 
David. He fays to them, How then does David in Spirit 
call him Lord, faying, the Lord faid to my Lord, fit thou 4 
on my right hand, tilll piake thy enemies thy footftool ? 
' if David then call him Lord, how is he his fon and no 
man was able to anfwer him a word ; neither durft any 
man, from that day forth, afk him aqy more queftions." 

The words are, i€ Unto David and to his feed for ever- 

It means, td continue in fucceffion from father to fon, 
from the one as a man, to the other as a man, while the 
world lafts. 

. The Bleflbd Virgin Mary, through whom Chrft the Re-, 
deemer, who was God, cam into the world, was defcended . 


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58" I 

ftQnikiii^iI^yid: fpr this that Chrift, though he 
was the Everlaflting Father aqd Creator of. all things, is 
aijudfcd to as, the; fen of David. 

Mary was firft coufin to that Jofeph, who was promi- 
fed tdbe her hulband whm found with child by th&Holy 
^hoft. St. Matthew chapter \fi. Both Mary and Jofeph 
were defcended from one grandfather, who was Matrhan ; 
ihe, the daughter <if one brother, and Jofeph the fon of 
Other* Told. me. hy relation front the Lord God, 


I. . CHAP. V1XI. 

20 Thus fays the Lord of Hofts, It lhall yet come tor 
paftj that there flrali come people, and the inhabitants of 
ijif lay cities^ and the inhabitants of one city lhall go to 
( another, lay ifegV Let us go fpeedily to pray before theLord, 
^nd to .fedc the Lord of Hofts; I will go alfo. 

22 Yea, many people and ffrong nations lhall crime to 
feek the Lord of, Hofts in Jerufalem, and to pray before 
the. Lord, 

e 23 fhu&fayi the Lord pf Hofts, In thofe days it lhall 
come to pafs, that ten men lhall tafcehold out of alUafr- 
gu^ges of the nations, even lhall take hold of the Ikirts of 
hini that is: a. Jew; faying, We will go with you;., for we 
have heard that, God is with you* 

The time of the world, meant by the prophet* when 
this would be fulfilled, is at Jhe rcAoration of the Jews, 
in the latter d&ys ; and myfelf the confpicuous particulate 
Jew, asi leader of the Jews, alluded to. I fhall be impor- 
tuned by many oat of all nations^ when. revealed compa* 
ratively taking hold of my flyrt, entreating to go withihe 
to Jerufalcm,; becaufe God, the mighty power of his Spi- 
rit, and fire, will be with me. 

Ufart of the visions which. God Jhez&td me, and, which 
- v I am now commanded to publijb. 

IN the month called June, 1 7^ r, at thehoiur of two in * 
t|)e afternoon, I faw a tand r fr<im-the wrift dpWAwarcb^ 

/ • ' ■ * 

1 *»m-^.- - Digitized by GoOQIC . . 

*T**&m • _ °_ - 

. C 39 3 

like the hand 0f a mafc, with the fore finger "pointed out, 
appear on $l fudden a little above the height of tny head, 
«ear the door, on the wall or partition of the mom I Avras 
then in. After this I was infored, by revelation, at 
night, from the I^ord God, that it meant the fpeedy end 
of the present King of England and his empire* like 
Belshazzar and Babylon, both of which would foon be 

In the month called May, 1792, I was in a vifioir, and 
receivihg infttu&ioi from God of Suture things : he 
ihewed mt the queen, greatly alarmed at his judgments, 
by my revelation, witb the power of fire, and immediately 
Ihe cried out, The Lord have mercy on us ! we lhall all 
be deftroyedl we fhall all be deftroyed ! 

After this I was in a vifion again, and the Lord God 
Ihewed me the prefent Queen of England, coming to- 
wards me, flow, trembling, and afraid. This was com- 
municated, with other things^ to William Pitt, in the 
month called June, 1792, And likewife informing hinj, 
at the fame time, that it would mpft certainly be ful- 
filled: it will ; it is eftablilhed with God, and will 
be fo. 

In die beginning of the month of June, 1792, 1 was in 
a vifion, and was carried away, by the Spirit of God, to 
the palace called St. James's, where I faw the prefent 
King of England ; he rofe from his feat on feeing me, 
and immediately fent me his own magnificent ftar, at 
the fame time breathing on it, and kiffing, as if kiffing 
to tajte a laft farewell ; yet not with grief and feluttance 
to give, but with evident fatisfadtion. Why th£ King 
of England (hould take his own confpicuous ornamertt 
and fend it to me, was a thing that 1 was greatly ailo- 
riiftied at ; I wifhed to know the meaning, but could not 
difcQver, until a loud voice pronounced down from hea- 
ven, The Lord God delivers his life.over into your hands, 
and he will give you any thine to preferve it. This vi«> 
f]on, with others, and other things, was commuriicated, 
by Divine command, to the king, in 1792. The letter 
which contained it, with others. to the King, . the Qijeen, 
and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, weteput'into the 
4 penny poft-office, to be fent by that conveyance, accord- 
ing to the directions 1 received on that head by tevety- 
tion from Qod* 4 . . ! 

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C 3 

1794. This day, called Thurfday, and the 12th of the 
month called June, I was in a vifion, at the hour of two 
in* the afternoon, when the L6rd God fpoke to me in a 
voice of great quicknefs, carrying me away to the Bank 
of England at the'fame time, and frying, There is one 
of twenty. TJhe whole place rung and trembled with - 
the clear but iharp found of* hk words. It is by his fa- 
cred and particular command I mention this vifion in 

The 13th, in the' morning, the Lord God faid to me, 
among o^her things, in a vifion, You fee thofe people 
do not believe, neither will they for all your endeavours ; 
why then do you continue to entreat me for them ? 

The 14th, in the morning, the Lord God fpoke to me, 
and faid, The judgment is now againft this nation ; the 
thunder, juft paft, was to proclaim it : Pharaoh is ap- 
pointed to die, and his government to be deftroyed ; the 
priefts^and all the abojiiinable idolatries of Egypt, lhali 
perifh, never to be found any more. , 

In the fame manner that the Lord God fpoke to the prophet 
Samuel, and revealed a knowledge of his defigfts, in the fame 
manner alfo he fpeaks to me, and reveals a knowledge of 
his Will. - 



i And the child Samuel miniftered unto the t,ord be- 
fore Eli, and the word of the Lord was precious in thofe 
•days ; there Was no open vifion. 

l And it came to pafs at that time, when Eli was laid 
down in his {Mace, and his eyes began to wax dim, that 
he could not fee, and ere the lamp of God went out in 
the temple of the Lord, where the ark of God was, and 
Samuel was laid down to fleep, . ^ 

4 That the Lord called Samuel ; ^and he anfwered, 
He^e am I. And he ran unto Eli, and faid, Here am I ; 
for thou calledft me. And he laid, 1 called not ; lie 
down again. And he went and lay dowti. 

6 And the Lo^d called yet again, Samuel. And 

Samuel arofe, suu} we?t to Eli, and faid, Here am I j 


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t 6« ] 

for thou didft caH me. ; And he anfwered, I called not j 
my fon ; lie down again. 

7 Now Samuel did not yet knovy\the Lord, neither 
was the word of tlie Lord yet revealed to him. 

8 And the Lord called Samul agaifi the third time* . 
And he arofe, and went to Eli, and faid, Here am I ; 
for thou didft call me. And Eli perceived that the Lord 
had called the child. 

9 Therefore Eli faid to Samuel, Go, lie down ; and 
it fhall be, if he call thee, that thou ftialt fay, Speak, 
Lord; for thy fervant heareth. So Samuel went and 
lay down in his pl^ce. 

10 And the Lord came and flood, an<J called, as at 
other times, Samuel, Samuel. 1 ' Then Samuel anfwered, 
Speak, Lord ; for thy fervant heareth* A«d the Lord 
faid to Samuel, Behold, I will do a thing in ifrael, at 
which both the ears of every one that heareth it ftiall 

12 In that day I will perform againft Eli all things 
which I have fpoken concerning his houfe : when I 
begin, I will alfo make on end. 

1794. The 25th of the month called June, the Lord 
God faid to me, in a vifion of the night, on my bed, in' 
feveh days more the judgment will be on this nation. 

After this* I was in a vifion, and the Lord God 
brought clofe to me, that 1 might heaf the report of a 
gun that was fired, and fee a man privately ihoot &t 
another, to kill him : it \yas fo near, that I faw the flafli, 
and fmelt the powder. Before the death of th^ King of 
Sweden, I was (hewn, in a vifion, fimilar to this, that he 
would be delivered over from the projection of God, to 
be Ihot. 

Lknow, becaufe the Lord God has explained it to me 
by revelation, that this vifion means the man fired at 
to be the prefent King of England. He will be (hot, 
but not killed ; he will be wounded, but not mortaly. 
, He has not believed me at any time, althoogh I fully 
informed him ^1792, and fince, that it would be fo : 
neithex will he, until the very evil is vifited on hin^i 
and vifited on him to increafe his diftrefs* at a time 
when he is furrounded with dapger, and loaded with 
trouble ; it nioft certainly will. Then the King of Eng- 
land will be convinced, bjr woeful ai^d feeling proofs, 

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C 6z 1 

4>ut it will be very late comparatively, When "Death 
knocks at the door, that he defpifed the ofered mercy 
of God in 1792, and conftantly lince his belt friend, 
among mankind, as falfe* 

, In the month called March, 1794, I, was in a vifion, 
. and the Lord God {hewed me a large and very tall oak 
tree ; it ftoocj alone ; it was entirely withered, and all 
its branches were cut off. While I was confidering the 
' tree* its lonely condition and hakedhefs, I heard a very 
r liOud voice call out of heaven, Hew down that treie f 
Immediately the tree was covered with a thick cloud bf 
darknefs, and an angel defcended. from Grod, who ftrurik 
the tree wklf fo violent a Wow that it fell to the ground, 
a&d in its fall it made a great noife, 
. J794* Firft of the month called. Juiy, the LordGdd 
faid to me, among other things, in a vifion, early ih the 
morning (for I bad been earneftly praying to him the 
evening before, to haflen my revelation to the Jews, 
and inform me how long it would be until it toot place ; 
.beacufel w^s daily abufed as aq impolior, for pubfiihing 
his commands, by wicked men ; every one of them led or* 
under the influence of an evil fpirit)-^-Yoi| muft be at 
Conftantinople, in your way to Jerufalem, by this time 
the next y£$r. - 

The 2$ of the fame month, the Lord God fard to me, 
in a vifion on my bed, early in the morning, in breaking 
fcread, you muft not any longer fay to any perfon, Peai e 
jmd itiendfljip, but falvation only to the fpiritual. 

I know t by revelation, that Chriflopher Love, a clergy- 
man, who was unjuftly tried, condemned, and put to 
tfeath in London, in the year of 1651, had the Divinq 
Spftrit of the living God, and prophecied from it. He 
fettifjed of me at that time' under different names ? 
though all of them meant one and the fame perfon ; 
that of a Bright Star, as^ a Sound of Thunder in the 
Ears of the Wicked, a Lantern to tfxe Jews, and a 
Great Man* 

The Lord God commands me to givs this teftimony, 
: and alio to fay, tligt he will foon fend; in anger, the 

viQfation of his judgment on Londoq, and call her to a 
, Uriel ^cpbunt for ihedding not only the blood of this. 

righteous . j$an, but li^ewife all his oth?r faithful wir- 
. ncjjfes, . ' . ... 

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' c at r 

I know Kkewtfe, by revelation from the Lord ($66 f andt 
dm commanded to write it down, that John Maximilian 
Daut was fanAtfied by the divine Spirit of Truth, and 
prophecied, under it* fecred diredion, in the year of 
1709, He has alfo teftifieckpf me under different names* 

The I^ord God: commands me to inform youy John- 
• Wright, that you- ate of the Hebrews, of the tribe of- 
Levi, defeended front Aaron the^ high prieft, by Phkte-^ 
has, Zadok, and Ezra ; for which the covenant to your 
forefather, Phinehae, of an everlafting priefthood, & <c^ f 
newbdy given to you, to be manifefted in you- v * v ; 

NUMBERS, * ■ ■ 



f 10 And the Lord fpake unto Mofes faying, 

II Phinehas, the ion of Eieazar, the fon of Aaron 
the prieft, hath turned my wrath away from the children* 
of Ifrael, while he was zealous for my fake among them, 
that I confumed not the children of Ifrael in my 
jealoufy. " « ; \ 

12 Wherefore fay, Behold I give to him my covenant 
of peace : 

13 And he fhall have it^ and his feed after him; even 
the covenant of an everlafting priefthood ; * becaiife he 
was zealous for his God, and made an atonement for the 
children of Ifrael. 

This is the recorded teftimony which the Lord my 
God commands me to give ; and to fay to you likewife, 
Yqu are fan&ified by the Holy Ghoft, the divine fpiric/ 
of Truth. 

The Lord God commands me to fay to all you, pr«r*i 
felling Chriftianity, whom I have, by his facred dircorx 
tion, acknowledged to be of the Hebrews, defeended 
from IfraeL; for you, and' your children after you, arii 
, fame of his chofen people ; not to take up, in obedience, 
to ahy law or any human power whatever, warlike arnis r 
tp (hed blood, or commit violence, in confluence ofe 
the approaching calamities which he will moft furely 
bring 6n this Egyptian land. • * - 

Neither mind : the people that biafpheme Gcd f and *e* 

; . ( 1 ♦ . • -. i 

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C 6 4 3 

vile y6ii for believing, in his teftimonies : the wicked 
have always rofe againft the righteous, and this land like 
Egypt of old, has many, tafk-mafters to abufe and op- 
prefs in it. Therefore cpmfort yourfelyes in the know- 
ledge of the promifes of <3od to hts fervants : For 1. de* 
clare, by his facred command, that the vifible Jews ate 
bpt Jfew in number, compared to the great multitude 
profeffing Chriftianity, hut all drfcended from the . for- 
mer Jews, in the land of Ifrael, the forefathers .of the pre^ 
fon% vifible ones ; which were, at different times, led 
captives into all nations : your lives are long, thetr's but, 
fhort ; your are the holy feed, the people and faints of 
the Moft High ^ to whom, and your children for ever, 
belongs the poffeffion arid government of his kingdom. 

The Lord God, who was the Lord Jefus Chrift, com- 
mands me now, and nqt until now, to inf^rt the follow- 
ing teftimonies, as ,a warning to all blafphetners, and as a 
reafon to all. men, that do not know, why he faid to me, 

the preceding part of this book, You may inform the 
king of England that I call you my nephew. 



46 While he (meaning Christ) yet talked to the peo- 
ple,* behold his mother and his brethren stood without, 
desiring to speak with him. 


36 Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went 
into the house; and his disciples came to him, saying, 
Decjare to us the parable, of the tares of the field. 

37 He answered, and said to them, He that soweth 
the good seed is the son of man. 

, 38 The field is the world 5 the good seed are the chi^ 7 
4ren of the kingdom ; but the tares are. the children of 
the wicked one ; the enemy that sowed them is the devil ; 
the harvest is the end of the^arld; and the reapers are 
the angmk. 

- 40 A* therefore the tares are gathered and burned ii> 
the fire, so shall it be also in the end of this world* 

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£ *i J 

41. iThcf son of man ^aK-63etkd ; fonl£liU'-.ange}i 9 ' and 
fcbey shall gather out of his kingdom all things that of- 
fend, and them which do iniquity, -and shalPeasfcthertl 1 
into a furnace of fire, there shall be wailing and gnashing 
.. of teeth. * - '* J - 

43 Then shall the righteous ?hine forth as the sun in 
the kingdom of their father. Who hath 6ars to hear, 
let h\o) hear. : 71 1 ^ • < ; - *^ 

47 Again, the kingdom of heaven is- liketo^a tifct that 
was cast into jhe sea, and gathered of every kind ; which, 
when it was full, they<&e^-Cb s£b?e, and sat down, and 
gathered the good into vessel?, but cast the bad away. 

49 So iJiall it be at the end of the woxld : the angels 
Shall cbrae Torth, and sevier 'th^Wicked'from among the 
just. And shall cast th^m down into the fat nace f of fire £ 
there shall be wailing and gnaishing of teeth/ *• ; f ' 
u 51 Jesus says to them, Have' ye unctersitood all the^ 
tWngs ? Th^y^say to him, Ye?, Lord. .7 1 J 

53 And it came to pass, that when Jesus had finished 
these parables,' he departed thenpe.) And when he Was 
Goriie into his own country, he taught them in' thfeir sy- 
nagogue;- insomuch that they were astonished, and said, 
Whence has this man this wisdom, and these mighty 
works ? ' ' ■> > ' ' ' ' . ! 

55 Is not this the carpenter's son ? Is not hi* mother 
ealted Mary ? And his brethren (meaning his brothers^ 
James, arid Josefc, and Simony and Judas ? 

56 And his sisters, are % they not all with us > Wfeeftce 
then has this man all these things ? And they were of- 
fended at him, 7 But Jesus said to them, A prophet is not 
wkhour honour, s;ave in hi$ own country, and in his ow.n 
h&use. s , 

/After the Lord Jesus Christ was born of 'the blessed 
Virgin Mftry, she was married to Joseph; by whom she 
Had sons arid daughters : they -were supposed, as the un* 
questionable testimony of the Qospel demonstrates, to be 
fcts : brothers and sisjers. 

' vSt. Paul, the apostle, and likewise St. Mark, has left 
bn> record similar testimonies,' which corroborate the pre- 
ceding* on*. f 

- Being, myse^ descended from that James, the eldest 
ton of Mary, by Joseph, whom St* Paul calls the Lord's 
btttther, is the reason that the Lord God, who was the 

' / ■ I 

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£ord Jesm Christ, said to me f asran expression of fond- 
ness, aqd to manifest his regard, Tou m4y inform the king 
<?£ England that I call you my nephew. ' 


l ' • chap. i» 

19 But other of the apoftle* faw I none, fave James*, 
tke <L<MfidVbrother. 

i ST, MARK, s V\ 

. And when the febbath day was come, He (meaning 
CbriftX began Coi^ach in the fynagogue ; and manyheatw 
ing^ him were irfloniflied, faying, From whence has this 
man tfcfes4 thi»g& ? and what wifdom is this which is given 
to him, that even fuch mighty, works are wrought by hi* 
fcanrfs?, ; 

. 3 Is not this the carpenter, the fan of Matjr, the bro* 
ther of James iarid jofes^ and of Juda and Simon ? And 
$re' BQt:hi$ fetters here with ua 5 And they were offended 
*/t him, : 

The Lord God commands me to fay, for the infortnation 
and wafnitfg of all then, That between this day t&e a^th 
of tbe.pfefenjt month called Q&ober, and the beginotog 
of the month called J tine 1795, 'without mentioning to 
amy peifcon at .what particular time in thatT interval, my 
revelation to the Jews, with, a fign the fame as Mofes in 
Egyptr-and to the people of London, will take place $ 
fa the. former,, to receive the commands of God through me 
and to -colled all their property and depart in grear kaftt 
from all nations to their own land : the fhips of; England, 
France* Spain,.. and all Europe,, will be obedient to the 
commands ofGod to carry home their wealth, anda)I 
the people tha* ebufe to go by fea ; to the hfttr> to eon^ 
yince them the deftrudtion of London in 1791, according 
|o the eighteenth chapter of the Revelation, would havo 
been fulfilled, but* for my entreaty* To fulfil the 41k 
chapter and the $th verje of the prophet Malachi y which 
Pebpld,. I will fend you Elijah the prophet^ before the 
foqiinfg ^f-the great and dreadful day of the Lord* I my- 
felf, a#vt&e appointed prophet to fulfil Aat chapter and 

f 67 3 

chara&er. Therefore I warn all people in alt nations 
— that the terrible day of the Lord, alluded to, b nigh; 
it is not the day of univerfal judgment, but the day which 
is to burn like an oven, and which is to. confume the 
wicked from the face of the earth— like the ftubbie of the 
field. Then, according- to the prophet Daniel in th& 
feventti chapter, the kingdom, and dominion, and the 
greatnefsof the kingdom under the whole heaven, will be 
given for an everlafting pofleffion to the people and faints 
of the Moft' High* Beihg to be revealed the fame as 
Mofes, 'bat in the fame Spirit and power as Elijah, wheti 
he-deftroyedthe foldiersand priefts of Ahab, I am to tef 
pronounce his judgments,' to execute them dn all falfe 
Chrrfts and 1 falfe prophets; and^afterwards, to call ddWn 
fire frojn heaven to confume the enemies of God. t > 

The Lord God commands me to fay to you , William 
Bryan, that you are of the the Hebrews, and of the 
tribe of Judah ; and that 7011, with John Wright > are ap- 
pointed, and will be commanded by him, to teftify pub* 
ficly to fhe world who I noty am, and what my future 
^defignaitipn is# , ' j 

The Lord God will influence and command numbers 
6f his people, both men and women, to give the' fam£ 
publick teftrmonies. He will alfo give them, to fulfil 
the prophecy of Joel in the id chapter , in wonderful vifions, 
dreams, and openiighs in the heaven, a knowledge of 
the approaching times. 

28 And it fhall come to pafs afterward that I frill pout 
tout my Spirit upon all flefh ; and your fons and your 
daughters fhall prophecy; your old men fhall dre&t£ 
dreams, and ydur young mfeh fhall fee vifions. 

29 And alfd upon the fervants and .upon the hand- 
maids in thofe days, I will pour out my Spirit. \ 

30 And I willfhew wonders in the'heavens and in thfe 
earth; blood, and fire, and pillars of frrioke. 

31 The fun' fhall be turned into darknefs, and the 
moon into blood, before the great and terrible day ofjthfcT 
Lord come. ; ' 

32 And it fhall come to pafs, that Wliofoever fhdH 
call on the name of the Lord fhall be delivered i for m 
mount Zion arid in Jerusalem fhall be deliverance, as the 
J^ord has fijjd, Ana in the remnant xvhom the Lord JfwU 
tall. - * - • • • i: 

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[ 6a J 


^ CHAP. VI. j r , ' 

Ifrbich relates to the prefect war—itsprogrtf^andcQn*, 
t fequences ; and its defiruftiw by tht woeful, but juji judg" 
^pnent of fn offended God. ^ v ' ^ 

, And I faw when the Lamb opened pqq of tlie Teak,, 
jtfid I heard as it were th? found of thundery <yj€ q{ tht 
four beafts faying. Come and Tee. And I faw, and be* 
told a whjte borfe ; and, he that fat on him, had a bow ; 
and a cxawij. was given to him • and he w^nt forth con-, 
quering, and to conquer. - , , . < . 

... 3 And when he. had opened the fecond ,feal, I h^ard 
the fecopd beaft fay, Come aiid, fee. And there went 
put another hm-fe that was red ; and power .was r giyen to 
him that fat thereon to take peace , from the earth, and 
that they Should .kill one another and there ^as given 
to him a great fword. . j : 

5 And when, he had opened the thir<^ fe^l, I heard,the ' 
third beaft fay, Qome and fee* . And 1 beheld^ apd lo, a 
black horfe ; and Ji'e that fat on hi had ,a pair of ba- 
lances in his hapcL And I heard a voice in the midft of 
tlje four beafts fay,. A meafure of wheat for a penny, and 
three meaiures of barley for a penny, arid, fee thou hurt 
4>ot the jpii ^nd the vvine. ' . - , ; ; : 

7 And when, hp had opened the fourth Jfeal, ! hearcj 
ffce vpice of tfop fourth be#£ fay, Cqftie and. fee., . AnfFJ 
1 joked, an4 beholci-a pale hoi ie ; and 1%. name that fat 
.an him was Death y and hell followed with hiaj: ^nd power 
was given to thpm over the fourth rpart' of tjie earth, to 
■kill with Twx>rd, and with hunger, and with death^ and 
with the beafts the eartfu ' ., ' - 
r. ? 9 r 4P^ w ^? a i he ba^openpd the fifth feal, I taw under 
^e ajtat ^he;fpuis ^ojf th?m thst were ilain for the word; of 
God, and for tiie'teftimony which they' held.,. And they, 
juried .with a; Ipud • voi<se, faying, long* O Lord, 

^ly#ndjtr.^ not ju<|ge and avenge, qur blood 

x>n. ^hem tliat dweU on the earth. And white robes were 
tfgiven to every ope pf them ,; v an<i it wasfaid tp then}, 

Th&t they "fliouYd reft yet for a little feafon^ until 1 theif 

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fellow: fervants alfo and their brethren, that flipuld W 
killed as they were, Xhould be r fulfilled. 

The fifth feal is now opened, and the fecret prophecy con- 
tained undtr it is puhlifhed for the information aH benefit 
of all men. 

' The opening of, the next, feal/ while it brings woe : to the 
wicked, quill manifefi. to the Jews the great power and name 
of their prince with God, as recorded by l>anitl, for their 
deliverance and reft oration. \ 


CHAP. XII. , ' 

And at that time lhall Michael (land up, the greet 
prince which (lands fop the children of thy people ; and 
there (hall be a time of trouble, fueh as ne,yer was'fince 
tfyere was a nation, even to that fame . time; andjU thM 
time thy people jhall be' delivered, evfery orie that ihail be 
found written in the book. 

The time of the world alluded to, when the woeful ca- 
lamities mentioned here will take place, is juft now 
con^e : Myfelf, wfco will be the revealed prince of Ifrael, 
is, the Michael and the . great prince alluded to h$re by 
the angel fpeaking to Daniel : but not the Lord Jefui 
thrift vifibly, who is God* arid King over all : neither 
is it the angel that is mentioned under the name of 
Michael in tha loth chapter and i$th verfe. 

2 And many of them that fleep in the duft of the 
earth lhall awake ; (qmc to everlafting life> and fohae to 
Ihame and everlafting contempt. 

3 And they that be wife (hall Ihine as the brightnefs 
of the firmament ; and they that turn many to righteouf- 
nefs, as the ftars for ever and ever. 

v^JBut thou,, O Daniel, (hut up the words, and feai 
the hook, even to the time of the end: many lhall run t& 
*nd fro, and knowledge (hall be incrcafed. 

8 Arjd I heard, but underftood not : then faid I, O f 
Uiy Lord, what lhall be the e:id of thefe things ? 

9 And he faid, Go thy way, Daniel ; for the words 
are clofed up and fealed till the time of the end. 

10 Many fliall be purified, and made white, and tried; 

• 1 

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t * J 

but the- "Wickfcd ffiafo- do wickedly ; and : none of the 
wicked fhall undbrftarid 1 ; but the - wife ihall under- 
ftand. ' 

4 At this timey \vhkh the time alluded to by the 
angel informing Daniel, the earth will quake, and bte' 
rent 5ft many places : the heaven will be convulfcd, 
opening and ihutting, and fhewing m&ny fearful figns : 
there "Will be ftor'ms ofwiftd, hail, and lhowers of rain, 
with violent thundering and lightning i the very beaffe 
of the field, birds of the air, and fifties of the fea, will 
be frightened: all the inhabitants of the earth will 
tremble for their lives* dreading that t£ is the hour of 
their diffolution and day of univerfal judgment ; fo 
fierce and terrible will thegr?at ;i ahger of God be mani- 
fested againft a wicked world, profeffing Chrift with 
tfetif lips, but Inching rebellion againft his bleffed 
Gofpfcl 1 in their putelk laws and forms bf prayer. 

Swearing "oaths ; the Lord's Supper, ot taking the 
feciaraent-to remember him and 6omtnemorate the awful 
tnoment when he gave it to his difciples, is made a qua- 
lification, even to the ifnoft unthinking, abandoned, and 
wicked^ ' to ferve in any public office or employment 
whatever, , ' '* 

t Of- the public prayers. Our Father which' art in 
h*avet* ; haflowed be thy name ; thy kingdom come ; 
. tvhiih h the kingdom of peace \ is very good : but the next 
foim of prayer is befeeching God to go forth with fleets 
and armies : this is very bad, becaufe it is in direft op- 
pofition to the former ; it -encourages ftrife', hatred, war; 

bloodftied ; it is calling oh God to keep back This 
kingdom; and to overthrow his own Gofpel of peace. 
The worfliip of Chriftians ought to be pure, huny&le, 
and peaceable, without any mixture of politics or di- 
rectional conftraints from human law. 

The biftiops are called Lords Spiritual. To ordain a 
&ergyman, he muft kneel down before a blfhop, while 
ft£ fays, " Receive the Holy Ghoft for the office and 
work of a prieft in the church of God, now committed 
*mto thee by the impofitioh of our hands. Whofe fins 
thou doft forgive, they ate forgiven j and whofe finsf 
#&ou doft^retain, they are retained." 

Likcwife, at the confecratior* of a- bifhop, it i$ faicly 


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t 71 1 

* '-Receive the Holy GhdR. for the office «nH w^rif ^f 4 
Iwfhop in the' church of :(^, noW'OTmmittcd unto the4 
by the irapofition of our hands ; itv the nartt^ &f thi 
Father/ and of the Sdn, arid of the Holy Ghoft.> Jtatf/fi 
rtmqnbtr that £hou il*r up] the grace of Go4> which 
is given thee by this impofitien of our ' hands'* ' : - 

-jAstthdre is-in tDufeh no Lord^ b^t God/iio man o«iTght 
to affume .his fiacred name* Islo piaitf is Spiritual tfeat 
has not the Holy Ghoft, the divine Spirit of truth ; it is 
by Chrift that it is .given, 4m3jh&iwill not give it to any 
that promotes the cjvil of war ancj difpbedience to his 
GqfpelJ A prince may give to a man a title, but it is 
Qod only that can make him Spiritual : he cannot give 
that mighty Spirit which he has ijpt the power to com- 
mand, aad which he never received the gift ef himfelft 
To purfue then any Ibrigerfudra faife form of ordinal 
tion amtconfecration 5 ' is got dnly diihohourable td the 
king. parliament, and people of England, but ft* 
ptoach t^;t^: bi&ope to attempt to give, and td the 
cjergy to kneel down to receive, > . - 

Turn from &ch. deceitful unmanly ways, and fen* 
deavour to live Jong ; for it is the word of God through 
a man that points at the crime, and warns you to-fcrfake 
what muft, if you do not, lead to certain death t fo*v 
believe me, the day of deftruftibntopunilh difobedieftee 
to the Gofpel :is fo very nigh, that it will take place- be- 
fore the commencement of eight months from this day. 

Look at your wives, your children, and all that i< 
dear to you on earth ; then confider how great the blefi-' 
ing to nave thefli, to live with and poffefs*them; but 
how terrible the evil to feparate, to be burnt with fire — 
to die ? and lofe them for ever ! 

Remember, God created man in his own image and 
likenefs, and, created the earth for his ufe; that mani 
might believe in him and obey his commands. 

Jfie btxmgbc the children of Ifraet out of Egypt to 
conduit thereto the promifed land ; but when they dif- 
eheyed him in the wildernefs, he -destroyed thpufands of 
them. He burnt Sodom and Gptaprrah, becabfe tht 
people were wkked ; but heiaved -Nineveh, Which iras 
alfo denounced, becaufe the people repented. 1 ^ A 

The Lord God is great, merciful, and compaflKwafC 

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i n J 

to forgivs all t&aHIb>entrea<v and^bcylfilwbottima^ J 
tmth&affured, be:ifcaifo^rduPitiightyy and powfuj, jea- 
lous of his facrednainp and honoutfwhen given to men i 
|md he c$k do gioteVthat h&did of old, lbw x are retarded* foi 
wn.ewqpfcand z^nffw^rthajt isj ovjerthrow cities, and de* 
ftroy multitudes in an inftant. . +«-\ ' 'r: - ' v i 

:: : -Life^:bk^g^'.aodpeacQ)is the mheritaiice^joflhe/'&r- 
yagts, the faints* arardpeople of the Moll High, ^ ? 

v* .. r iRE5?ELATIO^. : • vcT 

; ... , " f !..•■...■■.• > \,-|7 4 - , • v 

. . ; CflAP. VI. CONTINUED. v 

lytz% And I beheld when he- had opened the sixth fealy 
arid 1°> ; there was a great earthquake;; ^hd the fun ;be*f 
Cgme blaqk, as fackcloi&jaf hairy and the. moon became zs 
bipod* and the ftars of heaven; fell to thdearth, ev^n as 
$£g tree cafts her untimely figs.when (he & (hakea^byi jp 
n^ig.bky wi^d ; and' th£ heaven departed a fcroll ufher* 
Xt k tolted^o^etheri ; anqd every meqnt&id and island^wcife; 
moved out ortheir places. , : < a > . ' • 

.15 An^ the kings.of tbe eartb^andithe* great teeny and 
the ricbn&en, andjthe chief xaptains, and the mighty men; 
a^d e^ery bpndfaiAn, and every free man; hkj themfelve* 
^n the deps', aiid in the rocks of the mountains ; and faid' 
tp the mountains and rocks, Fall on usy and hide us from 
die; fac# pf .hiji). t&it .fit* pn the throite,;and fpom the 
wrath qf the Lamb; for the great day of his wr&h is 
come ; and who (hall be a6le to Hand ? 


: ; ' caA'p. It. 

42 X, Efdrafs, faw upon, the mount Zion a great mul- 
^itu<?e of people, whom 1 could not number, and they, all 
praifed th^ Lord with, fongs. ^ .1 

t 43. And in the midst of them there^was a. young -man 
of a high, f&Uet than all the; reft, aend upon every* 
One of thejr heads he fet crowns, and was more exal^ed ^ 
which I marvelled a,t greatly. ^ 

44 So I aiked th*,abgel, and faid, Sir, what are thefc ? 
He anfwered and faid td> me, Thefe be they that have put 
off.£he mortal cjoathing, and put ^n the immortal: (It 
means the Jews, who, when I am revealed, will acknow* 

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C 73 J 

ledge that the Lord Chrift is the Lord God: then they 
will put off the mortal cloathing of unbelief and error* 
and put on the immortal cloathing of faith and righteouf- 
fiefs,) and have confeffed the name of God : now are 
they crowned, and receive palms. 

46 Then faid I to the angel, What young perfon is 
that which crowns them, and gives them palms in their 
hands.. So he anCwered and faid to me, It is the Son of 
God, whom they have confeffed in the world. Then I 
began greatly to commend them that flood fo fliffly for 
the name of the Lord. 

The Son of God, ailuded to here, is not the Saviour, 
the Lord Jefus Chrift, as has been always erroneoufly 
fuppofed; but a human being, of flefh and blood, like 
any other. It is a man, and but a man ; though record* 
ed, and honoured with being called the Son of God. It 
is myfelf, who am the man that will be made that prince* 
alluded to by Ezekiel, in the xliv. xlv. xlvi. and xlviii. 
chapters of his Prophecy ; -and in the fecond chapter of 
Haggai, when khigdQms are convulfed with violence and 
war, with the fall of thrones and the dejlruclion of armies^ 
as a promifed, a defigned fignet, manifefted to the 
world by the great power and extended goodnefs of God. 
Jt is that man, whom God has defigned to be the vifible 
prince of Ifrael. As a believer in God* by> and through 
Chrifl y the divine Spirit of Truth, and an obeyer. of his 
commands, he is a fon, an adopted fon : fo is every maa 
under heaven an acknowledged fon, whether rich or 
poor, that does the fame ; and fo is every woman like— 
wife, an adopted, an acknowledged daughter. , 

Remember the words of the Lord Jefus Chrift in the 
Gofpel, where he fays, After this manner therefore pray 
ye.' Our Father, which art in heaven-, &c. As God 
then is our father, we, that acknowledge and pray to him 
as4uch, are furelv his fons and daughters. 

All that believe in the teftimony of God by me, which 
he now commands me to make known, are his people, a 
part ( becaufe the vifible Jews are the great body) of that, 
innumerable multitude, (hewn by the angel to Efdras* 
crowned, and receiving palms. 

The. Lord God commands me to remind all people of 
t,he loud thunder that was on the 7th of Auguft laft^ and 

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C 74 ] 

to fay, It was a threat from him to deftroy London, fooner 
than fuffer me to be hurt : take it for a warning, and be- 
ware of the dreadful confequences that will mod certainly 
enfue, if a fimilar injury is intended againft me : for it' 
you, the Englifli Government, are determined tomoleft 
me, the Lord God is alio determined to oppofe you ; and 
will vifit with death on his enemies, and with deftru&ion 
on their capital. For the Englifh Government* both 
what is called civil and ecclefiftical, in its prefent form, 
will, by the fierce anger and determined judgment of the 
Lord God, be removed, annihilated, .and utterly de- 
ftroyed, before the expiration of ten months from this 

For thofe unhappy men, which compofe it, as if the 
rnjuftice of the prefent war was not fufficient to provoke 
him, have imprudently gone on, adding evil to evil, and 
now, more than before, publicly encourage blafphemy 
againft him, and abufe againft his prophet. Why do 
they do fo ? faid the Lord God to me. Why ? becaufe 
you have not their mark, but my feal ; you have not their 
authority, the laying on the hands of their bifhops, to 
give the Holy' Gholt to prophecy by, but my Spirit, yet 
thefe are njit the men tfpat pretend to judge of fpirits, to 
difcern the good from the evil : they luppofe every man, 
that writes or fpeaks under the power and influence of 
God, is a falfe prophet, an impofter under delufion ; be- 
caufe the words of truth, by him, go to contradift their 
mark, their human ordinances, and political forms of 

The Lord Jefus Chrift fays, in the fifteenth chapter 
dff his Gofpel by St. Matthew, " But in vain they do 
worfliip me, teaching, for do&rines, the commandments 
of men. 

"And becaufe the annunciation of my kingdom of peace 
and prefervation, brings with it the fentence of death 
againft their kingdom of war and human deftru&ion ; 
therefore, hear what the Lord God fays tome by reve- 
lation,, and commands me to write, That, as they have 
encouraged blafphemy againft me, they (hall not prof- 
per; for I will fend a blaft on them that will confound 
all their counfels : and, as they have encouraged abufe 
againft you, whom I fent, and who entreated me fo* 

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[ 75 3 

their good, I will deliver them over to the power of 
their enemies*; to be hated by every body, defpifed, and 
trod under foot like mire in the ftreets. 

The Lord God commands me to fay, for the informa- 
tion of the Englifh government, the judges, and all men, 
that the prifoners, now in confinement, and on trial for 
their lives, charged with the crime of High Treafon 
againft the life of the king of England, are innocent, as 
fuch, he requires me to make known to the king his 
facred commands in writing, and to publiih this for the 
knowledge of all. ' 

The Lord God commands me to inform, through this 
' book, all that honour him — his fervants — the peaceable 
and righteous in all nations, which have had their pro- 
perty; whether in land or money, confiscated, for no 
other reafon than becaufe the nation they belonged to 
declared war againlt the nation they lived in,. all fuch 
property, or its full value, with reafonable intereft for 
the time, (hall mod furely be reftored. 

And you, Peter Woulfe, one of the Avignon Society, 
whom the Lord my God commands me to mention 
here by name, as a teftimony of his great regard, your 
property, confiscated in France, will all be reftored 
with intereft, and much kindnefs fhewn to you Ipy 
the members of its government: they will reftore the 
property of every other peaceable individual likewife: 
by the fame divine rule of jufticQ, Spain, England, 
Pruffia, Germany, Holland, and all the other nations of 
Europe, muft reftore theirs. For the time of the 
world is juft now come, and God is firmly determined 
to manifeft his mighty power, for the prefervation of 
his people and faints, by fulfilling by me his words in 
the eleventh chapter of Ifai^h, a part of which are — But 
with righteoufnefs he will judge the poor, and reprove, 
with equity, for the meek of the earth; and he (hall 
fmite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the 
breath of his lips he lhall flay the wicked. 


London, No. 57, Paddington Street, 
26th of the month called October, 1794. . 

K 2 

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CHAP. XLI f . 

25 I HAVE raifed up one from the north, (mean* 
ing the revealed Prince of the Hebrews at this time,) 
aftd he {hall come; (meaning to [er'ufalem, from that 
northern part of the world alluded to: England lies in 
the north, and it is indeed the country meant:) from 
the rifing of the fun be {hall call upon my name: 
and he {hall come upon princes as upon mortar, and 
as the potter treads clay. 

Ifaiah flood at ]erufalem when this prophecy .was 
given, writing and recording it by the direction of 
God, he looked to the northern part of the world, 
-where this diftinguifbed perfon, which he fo clearly 
mentions, is firft to rife, and then come to Jerufalem, 
calling on the name of the Lord, from the rifing to 
the fetting of the fun; as zealous for an obedience 
to the Gofpel, as David, his father, was for the law: 
travelling in the mighty flrength of the Spirit, and 
armed with the divine power of fire, like Elijah,* 
he will fubje£t nations, remove thrones, and burn all 
rebef princes. 

26 Who hath ,declared from the beginning, that we 
may know; and before the time, (meaning before the' 
prophecy is fulfilled; it being 2461 years from its de- 
claration then to its accomplifhment, now this prefent 
year of 1795,) that we may fay, He is righteous! yea, 
there is "none that fheweth ; yea, there is none that de- 
clareth ; yea, there is none that heareth your words. 

The king of England, and the -members of his govern- 
ment, the parliament* bifhops, judges, and all the am- 
baffadors from foreign nations, in Londen, have re- 
ceived the information of their fall and defiru&ion ; 
but they all refufe to believe, and by fo doing fulfil 
exa&ly what trie prophet means, when he fays Yea, 
there is none that heareth your words. 

27 The firft {hall fay to Zion, Behold, behold them ; 

f Malachi. iv. i and 5. Ifaiah, xi, 4. II. Ef<lrar, xiii. 11. 

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[ 77 1 

(meaning the Jews crowding home to JerufaJem in great 
multitudes,) and % I will give to Jejrufalem one that 
bringeth good' tidings. (It means the revealed prince, 
returning home with the people, to rebuild the defolate 
city, and make her rejoice.) 

28 For I beheld, and there was noman;; even among 
them there was no counfellor that, when I afkedof them, 
could anfwer a word. x 

Here the Holy Ghoft, the fpirit of God, fpoke by 
Ifaiah, as if fpeaking by myfelf at this very hour; for 
I have fent books of the judgments of God to the king 
of England, and the members of his government, his 
parliament, his bifhops, his judges, and all the foreign 
ambaffadors in Loudon, for, their refpeftive countries: 
but to accomplifli what is fo faithfully recorded by the 
prophet, where he fpeaks fpiritually as myfelf — Even 
among them there was no counfellor that, when I fent 
to them, could anfwer a word. 

29 Behold, they are all vanity; their works are 
nothing > their molten images &re wind and confufion. 

Other Parts of the Revelation to St. John which are to he 
fulfilled^ and which the Lord God commands me now to 


l And I flood upon the fand of the fea, and faw a 
bead rife up out of the fea, having feven heads and ten 
horns; and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his 
heads the name of Blafphemy. 

This beaft means the Englifh Monarchy; and it is by 
(hips and commerce that it has rofe from the fea to fuch 
aftoivfhing grandeur and magnitude. The heads, horns, 
find crowns, allude to the many departments of Govern- 
ment, and their fplendid diftinftions. The Blafphemy 
means thfc titles given to> and alfumed by the King of 
England ; fuch as, Our Mod Gracious Sovereign Lord, 
Sacred Perfon, Maj (ty, Defender of the Faith, and Su- 
preme Head of the Church ; all which names belong to 

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[ 7» J 

God, he only can be what they exprefs, and when they 
applied to any other, the fin is Blafphemy in his fight. 

2 And the beaft which I faw was like unto a leopard, 
3nd his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as 
the mouth of a lion; arid the dragon gave him his power, 
3nd his feat, and great authority. 

The Englifh Monarchy, for being Supreme Head of 
the Church, and over the many religious fe£ls tolerated 
in the country, is the reafon that it is, for their great 
number, compared to a leopard full of fpots. 

As a bear is very ftrong on his feet, fo is the Englifh 
Monarchy: and as a lion roars with his mouth the loudeft 
of any beaft, fo does the Englifh Monarchy proclaim 
its greatnefs more than any other. 

3 And I faw one of his heads as it were wounded to 
death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the 
world wondered after the beaft. - 

The beginning of this verfe means the death of Charles 
the Firft, king of E ngland : and the deadly wound being 
healed, means the recovery of the Monarchy by the 
reftoration of Charles the Second. During the interval 
of time between the death and fuCceflion, all the world 
wondered if the Englilh Monarchy would ever be reltor- 
ed ?,gain. v 

9 If any man have an ear let him hear. He that leads 
into captivity, fhall go into captivity: he that kills with 
the fword riiuft be killed with the fword. Here is the 
patience and the faith of the faints. 

The leading into captivity means imprifonment and 
flavery ; and killing with the fword, means violence and 
war. The patience of the faints is, to bear quietly with 
thofe evils, and to refift the temptations of wealth to do 
them : All that have faith in God will not do fuch things, 
from a belief that they are offenfive, becaufe he com- 
mands them not. 

11 And 1 beheld another beaft coming up out of the 
earth ; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he fpake 
as a dragon. 

This verfe means the Eleftor of Hanover. Coming 
up out of the earth, is to fignify that his country or go- 
vernment is fituated inland. The horns of a lamb, and 
the voice of a dragon, means, that although he is weal*. 

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[ 7§ 3 

in power like a lamb, yet by his voice he can threateri 
in great and mighty words like a dragon. 

12 And he exercifeth all the power of the firft beaft 
before him, &c. » 

It means the Eleftor of Hanover's facceflion to the 
crown, place, and power of the former King of England. 
To fulfil this part of the prophecy given by Revelation 
to St. John, the utter expulfion of the Stuart family muft 
againft all human oppofition have taken place to achnit 
the Ele&or of Hanover. 

A great part of this chapter is taken up in defcribing 
the king and parliament. I am cqmmanded to inform 
both of the recorded judgments of God, the dangers 
which threaten them, and their certainty of taking place, 
unlefs they implore him for mercy, and obtain it. 

They have individually promifed, by their godfathers 
and godmothers, in the facred covenant of baptifm, and 
acknowledge a confirmation of it by receiving the facra- 
ment (for both were inftituted by the Lord jelus Chrift) 
to believe in him and obey his commands : yet, notwith- 
standing this heavieft of all obligations which a human 
being can enter into (for it' is with his God) and on the 
performance of which his falvation depends, the laws 
they make, a part of the Thirty-nine Articles, and fome 
of the forms of prayer, ufed in public werlhip, goes mbrfe 
to break the covenant of baptifm, to difhonour God, and 
oppofe an obedience to his bleffed Gofpel, than was ever 
authorifed in any other nation. 

Without fubmitting to the forms of law prefcribed by* 
aft of parliament, which are in direft oppofition to the 
commands of Chrift, and very finful to do, no man can 
hold any place or profit of truft, enjoy the privilege of 
freedom, and comparatively to buy or fell. 

17 And that no man might buy or fell, fave he that 
had the mark, or the name of the beaft, or the number of 
his name. 

18 Here is wifdom. Let him that hath under {landing 
count the number of the beaft ; for it is the number of & 
man; and his number is fix hundred threefcore and fix. 

This verfe means the Englifh parliament; and although 
ft exceeds the number mentioned here, yet, notwith- 

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• r so j 

ftanding, it is the real and very affembly of men alluded 
to in the Revelation, by the number of 666. 

JBecaufe the Parliament acknowledge and addrefs the 
king by the divine names which belong only to God; 
fuch as, OurMoft Gracious Sovereign Lord, Sire, Ma- 
jefty, and honour him with equal humility in fupplica- 
tion, when they require any thing, as if he really was the 
Lord of heaven and earth ; fuch as, Humbly praying 
that your Majefty would be moft gracioufly pleafed > 
&c. Therefore God, in his great anger, being jealous 
of his name and honour, ca<ls the king a beaft, and the 
parliament his image and number. 


i Arid I looked, and lo; a lamb flood on the mount 
Sion, and with him a hundred and forty-four thouland, 
having his father's name written in their foreheads. 

The lamb, mentioned here, means myfelf as Prince 
of the Hebrews ; and mount Sion, Jerufalem : The hun- 
dred and forty-four thoufand with me, having the name 
of my father wrote in their foreheads, means not only 
the vifible ]ews of the twelvfe tribes, but likewife the in- 
vifible : — it comprehends all of the Hebrew extraction 
that will believe in the teftimony of God by me. 

6 And I faw another angel fly in the midft of heaven, 
having the everlajtting Gofpel, to preach to them that 
dwell on the earth, and to every paiion, and kindred, 
and tongue, and people; faying, with a loud voice, Fear 
God, and give glory to him, for the hour of his judg- 
ment is come , and worftiip him that made heaven and 
earth, and the Tea, and the fountains of waters. 

8 And there followed another angel, faying, Babylon 
is fallen, is fallen ; that great city ! becaufe (lie made all 
nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornica-* 

9 And the third angel followed them, faying, with a 
loud voice, If any man worfhip the beaft, and hisimage^ 
and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the 
fame (hall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which 
is poured out without mixture- into the cup of his indigo 

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f 8i ] 

hation ; and he fhall be tormented with fire and brim- 
ftone, in the prefence of the holy angels, and in the pre- 
fence of the lamb : and the fmoke of their torment aifcends 
up for ever and ever; and they have n6 reft day nor 
night, who worftiip the bead and his image, and whofo-, 
fever receives the mark of his name." 

12 Here is the patience of the faints : here are they 
that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of 


1 And I heard a great voice out of the temple, faying 
to the feven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the 
vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. 

2 And the firft went, and poured out his vial upon 
the earth; and there fell a noifome and grievous fore on 
the men which had the mark of the beatt, and on them, 
which worfhipped his image. And the fecond angel 
ooured out his vial upon the fea, and it became as the 
jlood of a dead man ; and every .living foul died in the 

4 And the third angel poured out his vial upon the 
rivers and fountains of waters ; and they became blood. 
And I heard the angel of the waters fay,. Thou art righ- 
teous, O Lord, which art, and was, and fhalt be ; becaufe 
thou haft judged thus. For they have (bed the blood 
of faints and prophets, and thou haft given them blood 
to drink; for they are worthy* 

10 And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the 
feat of the beaft, and his'kingdom was full of darknefs, 
and they gnawed their tongues for pain ; and blafphemed 
the God of heaven, becaufe of their pains and their fores, 
and repented not of their deeds* 


6 And he faid to me, It is done, I am Alpha and 
Omega, the beginhing and the end: I will give to him 
that is a-thirft of the fountain of the water of life freely. 
He that overcometh {hail inherit all things; and I will 
bt his God, and he fhall be my fon. 

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8 But the fearful and unbelieving, and the abominable 
and murderers, and whoremongers, and forcerers, an(i 
idolaters, and all liars, {hall have their part in the lake 
which burns with fire and brimftone; which is the fe T 
cond death. 

The Lord God commands me to fay to you, George 
the Third, king of England, that immediately on my 
"being revealed^ in London, to the Hebrews *s their 
Prince, and to all nations as their Governor, your crown 
mud be delivered up to me, that all your power and 
aqthority may inftantly ceafe. On my being revealed, 
the inviuble power of the angel of God, which guard* 
me now, will then become vifible as a flame of fire ; the 
very fame that accompanied Mofes and the children of 
Ifrael out of Egypt. I muft not acknowledge any fupe- 
rior but the Lord (Thrift, who is the Lord God : and as 
a man raifed up, like David, by him to be a Prince, he 
commands me to allow no equal, but inftantly to burn 
out of his kingdom the rebellious and difobedient. Rea4 
the xli. chap, and verfe 25, of Ifaiah. 

Be advifed by. this, for evil is going to be let loofe ; 
when it is, the king of England will no more beheye the 
figns qf God by me than the King of Egypt would by 
Mofes ; therefore, defire your fervants to deliver direftly 
- to you all letters and meffages from me ; for, it is for 
your contempt to me that your country is ordered to be 
invaded, and your power to be deftroyed. The tall oak, 
with all its branches cut off, mentioned in one of the 
vifions of God, in the preceding part of this book^ mean§ 
yo.urfelf and family. 

.l lit I ord God commands me to fay to you, Nathaniel^ 
Brafley Halhed, that as you are revile d at.d confidered, 
by your former acquaintances, as ruined and loft, for 
fpeaking the truth as he manifested it to you, for publifh- 
ing your teftimony of me, his fervant, you fhall, by the 
expiration of three months, from this day, have your 
choice of being either Governor General of India, or 
Prefident of the Board of Controul in England; that all 
men may be convinced, that be that rules in heaven is. 
able to exalt or to abafe ; that he is ftill able, even at this 
late hour of a wicked world, to reward the obedient to 

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C 8 3 ] 

his blefled Spirit, and give the molt eminent places on 
earth to whomfoever he pleafes. 

The Lord God commands me to inform all men, as a 
prevention, in future, to their afking unneceffary ques- 
tions,, that all that is proper and' allowable for me to 
relate, (torn him, is publifhed in this book. 

The Copy of a Letter to William Pitt, Chancellor 
of the Exchequer > which the Lord God commands me now 
to publijli. 

IN obedience to the facred command of the Lord 
God, whofe fervant and prophet I am, I inform the 
chancellor of the Exchequer, that the prifoners now in 
confinement, and on trial, charged with the crime of 
High Treafon againft the King's Life, are innocent. 

I am lilewife commanded to inform you, becaufe God 
is very merciful and companionate, that the feventh 
chapter of the prophecy of Daniel, and laft part of the fixth 
v chapter in the Revelation to St. John, will be fulfilled 
before the expiration of feven months from this day. 
And alfo my revelation to the Hebrews, as their Prince 
and Leader, according to the twelfth chapter of the 
prophecy of Daniel ; to the king and people of England, 
and the people of all nations, as their Ruler — for — and 
immediately under God, according to the twenty-fecond 
chapter of the Second Book of Samuel ; to all nations, 
as the promifed Signet of Peace, according to the fecond 
chapter of Haggai ; and as Elijah, to the wicked, the 
revilers, and blafphemers againlt God, according to the 
fourth chapter of Malachi. 


No. 57, Paddington Street, 
9th of the month called November. 

The King, and duke of Portland, as fecretary of ftate, 
yere wrote to at the fame time. 

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C 84 ] 



15 And the feventh angel founded, and there were: 
great voices in heaven, laying, The kingdoms of this 
world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his 
Chrift ; and he fliall reign for ever and ever. 


The man that will be revealed to the Hebrews as their Prince ; to all nations 
f as their Governor - 7 according to the covenant to King David^ immediately 
under God. 

• London-, No. 57, Paddingtoii Street, 
^otb of the month called February, 179$. 

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